Monday, December 22, 2008


Seasons Greetings!!

This will probably be the last post of the year as I will be on long leave after this. The girls are back after being away in Melaka - I have lined up a list of things to be done.

Dont really know what we will be up to for Christmas, but we are looking out for that great turkey dinner. We may have some friends over for the weekend, if plans work out. Other than that we need to get all these done before the stroke of midnight 2008:

  • Confirm Harvynna's seat in the chosen govt school of our choice. Well, there's always private school, but we need to secure this seat fast as it is a popular school. Plus, who knows what will happen to the economy in 2011

  • Confirm Rowena's place in her enrichment classes for next year. As we are confirmed a 5 day week employment now, I can happily take her for saturday classes. Have identifed 2. We wont be sending her to school next year.

  • Pay up Harvynna's school fees for next year. - she will remain in the same school. Fees are steep but we dont have a choice.

  • Settle my house repayment with EPF

  • Return all outstanding books to the library

  • Settle all credit card bills (which have piled up like crazy. Think i can get a Bangsar Village VIP card now, looking at the amount i spent at all their outlets). After that, cut up the credit cards. hehe

  • Buy Harvynna's school bag and school shoes

  • Trim both the girls hair

Am happy to have the girls back. So I can start squeezing them again, talking to them and screaming at them.

Merry christmas everyone!!!