Friday, June 30, 2006

Smarty pants Harvynna

Harvynna is becoming a real smarty pants.

When I am driving both the girls every morning, she will tell me
Harvynna: Mummy, drive slowly, Rowena is crying ok
And sometimes:
Mummy, drive properly. Why driving fast?
The best part is I am crawling in the traffic jam. She probably feels my stress.

While in Melaka, my dad checked her as she started saying ‘lah’ like a typical Malaysian.
Now whenever, anyone uses the word ‘lah’, she will quickly check us and say, ‘cannot say lah’ - Not good.

I explained to her that her cousins Saskia and Jackie have gone back to Australia in the big aeroplane. She replied ‘I also want to go Austalia’

When she reached home, she told her daddy,
’Daddy, I want go Austalia with Daddy’.’Go in the big aeroplane’
Me: What about mummy and Rowena
Harvynna: Go in the small aeroplane

This morning, as part of our morning routine, she came to our room in the morning and when we were ready to leave, Daddy gave her some cuddles.
Harvynna: I don’t want daddy sayang.
Harvynna: Daddy go bathroom and wash your bum
Harvynna: Daddy go wash your smelly bum!

And of course, she accused poor mummy of teaching her silly things like that.

Then she attacks little Rowena.

Harvynna: I liiiikkke Rowena with her grip on Rowena’s head getting stronger and harder.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rowena is 2 months old

Rowena turned 2 months last Sunday (25 June 2006). She is growing day by day and before I realize, she will be a toddler. Just like Harvynna, I can still remember when she was a little baby and now, she is an adorable 2 year old.

Unfortunately, Rowena caught the flu virus at 7 weeks as everyone in the house was down with the flu. Luckily, she got over it very fast (must be the breastfeeding that helped). Poor girl

Some of Rowena’s milestones at 2 months.
Length (at 5 weeks) – 57 cm
Weight (at 7 weeks) - 5 kg

First actual smile at 6 weeks ( 14 June 2006), most heartwarming milestone
Started cooing at 6 weeks (14 June 2006)
Tries to reach for her mobile in her cot.
Turns her head towards noises
Can follow an object in an arc
Gets excited when she sees her sister. (Probably recognizes her voice)
Her head is getting steadier and can hold her head up when lying on her stomach.

She sleeps for 4-6 hours at a stretch. Last night, she slept from 9 pm to 6 am and I got worried and kept going to her room to check on her.

Drinks 4-6ozs of milk every 3-4 hours. (Looks like she has an appetite as huge as her sister!)

Harvynna and Rowena meet their cousins

Pic 1: My brother Jay and Rowena
Pic 2: daddy, Harvynna, Jackie and saskia at the pool
Pic 3: Saskia, Rowena, Jackie and Harvynna
Pic 4: Jackie and saskia
Pic 5: Family pic

Went back to Melaka during the last week of my confinement as my brother came down with his 2 kids from Australia. I have not seen my brother since 2000 and it was good catching up with him and the kids. Saskia is now almost 9 and has grown to be a mature, pretty and responsible girl. Jackson is 4 and is a lot of fun, although I think Harvynna is a little jealous of him since he gets a lot of attention from my parents.

Harvynna got along well with her cousins and they enjoyed playing together, bringing the house down. After spending a week with them, she graduated from calling ‘diddy’ to ‘daddy’ by imitating them. She seems to like Saskia. She said, ‘I like Saskia only. I don’t like Jackie, Jackie naughty girl!’

Poor Rowena was oblivious to what was going on as the 3 older kids stole the show. While taking pictures of the grandchildren, Rowena was left out and the pictures had to be retaken as they forgot about her!!

We spent a day at Mahkota Parade shopping. Harvyyna wanted a shiny shoe as Saskia had a nice one. Bought loads of clothes for Harvynna and Rowena. Luckily Rowena slept through the trip. She slept a lot during the trip to Melaka.

We also went swimming at the Melaka Club Rotunda. Saskia swims very well and Harvynna loves the water. She kept saying,’I love to bath’!! The water was really cold and she was really shivering.

Guess we will have to make a trip to Melbourne next year to visit them. This time Rowena will be able to enjoy her cousins as well!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back to work!

Went back to work yesterday after 2 months of maternity leave. I feel that 2 months are just too short as the baby is just settling herself in this world. After being in Melaka for 5 weeks, I came back to KL (supposed to get somethings done), but ended up just staying at home. Felt bad about leaving Rowena during the 2 months. So I spend every single minute with her, feeding her, playing with her and just holding her. As I know, once I return to work, I go straight into the peak period and might be busy. I planned to leave the office at 5 sharp but ended up leaving at 6.45 as I had something to finish up. I couldnt wait to go pick up my 2 princesses.

This morning, Rowena was wide awake in her cot, looking at her mobile. She gave me the biggest smile when I came in the room.

Even with Harvynna, I had her with me throughout the 2 months maternity leave.

Now, I take both of them in my car every morning and pick them up. Have their car seats at the left and right of the back seat. Had to put Rowena at the back as well because of the air bag and I cant really see whats going on. So have to ask Harvynna to look and report back to me. Like this morning, poor Rowena started to cry in the car and Harvynna said, 'I think Wowena wants to go Aunty Philo and dink susu' . She even tried singing her a lullaby:

Hush little baby dont cry
Mummy' going to buy you a diamond ring
If that diamond ring don shine
Nana's going to buy you a diamond ring

Harvynna is becoming a really good big sister and is interested in helping out. She wets the cotton, brings Rowena's clothes and rocks her in her rocking chair.

Every morning is such a rush. I have to get ready, feed Rowena, sterlise the Breast pump and get them to the car. This morning, I was in such a hurry that I splilt the bottle of expressed milk. Harvynna kept asking, 'Why spilling? Why the susu spilling?'. Plus Rowena started crying and the traffic was really bad.

This is the first week after all. I am sure things will get better as I get used to this new routine.