Monday, August 29, 2011

Term Break & updates on the girls

Its the short term break in conjunction with Hari Raya. Was so looking forward to this break.... i look forward to any break as I dont have to wake up at unearthly hours to get Harvynna ready. Its' such a blessing that we live 5 minutes from her school, or we would have to wake up much earlier. That's why, as much as the school has not lived up to my expectations, she is still there!!

I can't believe that its almost September. 3 more months and its the holidays. Harvynna will be in Primary 2 and Rowena will be a senior at her kindergarten!

Let's see...... what has been happenning so far?
 - Harvynna completed her mid term exams and did fairly well. She scored high 90s for all her papers (including Mandarin!)But, the competition at her school is so great. Everyone did well - almost everyone goes for private tuition, some of them were even asked to change their answers during the exam, but not Harvynna. - no private tuition (I am her tutor), no help at all... so i think she did very well. It was a good eye opener for her - she was the best student in her kindergarten, so she became quite complacent. Now, she knows that this is the real world, so you have to work hard. There is no shortcut.

It was quite slow in terms of other activities at school. Since the school team emerged runner up at the State Action Song competition, they did not proceed to the National level. She has started practising again as they will be performing for the Hari Malaysia celebrations in September.

She did complete Semester 2 at KLPAC - the students put up 'musical magic' where the 7-9 year olds put up the nighmare before Christmas. I am sure Amy Chua would have shook her head as the performance took 3 hour practises on Sundays for 10 weeks, and she was one of the 20 performers!! Well, she enjoyed it, and does provide good exposure for her, besides making new friends.

She took part in her school sports day. Being the tallest, she was the flag bearer. However, her team did not do too well, but she enjoyed the experience. Her class was Team New zealand. Next year, we will win it :)

In terms of swimming, Harvynna has progressed very well. She is swimming quite confidently and is not afraid of going to the deep end. Rowena on the other hand, is still quite scared, and has only just started letting go of the ladder!!! I hope to stop their lessons by the end of this year. Its quite a costly affair for the 2 of them.

Taken in July at my birthday dinner

Completed Semester 2 at KLPAC

Flag bearer for School sports day

KLPAC performance

I feel kind of bad, that I am not able to provide the same support to Rowena. First, of all, I dont send her to school anymore, so I dont get to meet with her teachers that often. But I am very pleased, that she has improved tremendously in her reading. I think she is progressing well in this department. As for her Maths, she has started Enopi - she actually sits with the teacher,but I have yet to see much progress. The teacher says that she is good, but gets bored easily. She enjoys ballet, and she does show me from time to time, what she learns at ballet. Oh yes, she just passed her Taekwando exams and is now a yellow belt. She was so proud to have acomplished this and earned a certificate - she so wants to be like her sister; bagging prizes and awards.