Friday, August 21, 2009


Exhausted. Just drafted and sent out letters and emails cancelling / postponing all events because of the H1N1. Had to be as tactful as possible as am sure some people wont be happy about the cancellations. Since the no of cases was at an all high yesterday, we decided the best move is to cancel all immediate events and postpone all upcoming events.

Harvynna's school started giving hand sanitizers to their students. This is used about 3-4 times a day, even as they enter the school. Temperatures are taken using an infrared thermometer as they come in. Any children with fever with fever or flu like symptoms will be sent home. They also sanitize all door knobs every hour.Luckily, the school holidays start tomorrow. Hopefully, things will improve after that.

2 weekends ago, her school had Lifebouy over teaching the kids how to practice good hygiene and how to wash their hands effectively. Of course, their marketing was so good that she came back telling us how to wash your hands, but you MUST use Lifebouy soap!!

I have a few hand sanitizer myself - seemed to have received them as gifts in some goodie bags before. Must remind myself to keep it in the car or in my bag. I taught the girls how to use them, but Rowena ended up cleaning her face with it. She thinks it some sort of moisturiser. I got Harvynna to explain to her why we use the sanitize and i think Harvynna has been taught well by her school. She told Rowena that there are a lot of germs now causing H1N1 and it is very dangerous. So the sanitizer is used to clean your hands to kill the germs. But Rowena was not bothered. All she wanted was to play with the sanitizer and squeeze it all over the place.

Harvynna at her Lifebouy demonstration in school

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rowena attack

Rowena is getting naughtier day by day. Sometimes I really give up on her naughtiness that I just tell her ' I dont want to know or I am not interested' which ends up in her 'you dont care about me' drama.

Just the other day, she put the house phone into the fridge before we left for work. And when we questioned her about it later, she just gave us the 'I dont care' look.

This morning she insisted on having chocolate cake for breakfast. After she had finished 2 whole slices, she asked for more and I said no. Then she says' I finished all the cake and ask for more, and you dont want to give me'. Then she pinches me and says 'mm, then you know!'

She just refuses to put on her seat belt in the car so I will brake on purpose (emergency break). She gives me the angry look and says'can you stop doing that'. I tell her 'put on your seat belt and I will stop doing that' and she says 'stop doing that and I will put on my seatbelt'. Aagh.

When we were in Bangsar Village a couple of weeks ago, as we were coming down the escalator, suddently, the escalator came to a halt. I looked around and the lady behind us told us that 'she' pushed the stop button. I glared at Rowena and she pretended to look somewhere else. Later she told me, 'Very good, I pressed the button'

I just enrolled her for Musikgarten. A bit late, as she is the oldest in the class. I stopped her Vital years, as it was just too much of a hassle to drive all the way there on a saturday morning. Have been feeling really exhausted, that I dont have the energy to do anything. This musikgarten class is just around the corner, so it is really convenient. I would love to send her for more activities as she is in clear need of something to occupy her time, but am just too tired. Cant wait till she starts proper kindy next year. Hopefully, that will tire her out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hit by the bug

The bug has visited our home. I was sick last week - lost my voice and a bad cough. Then Rowena felt sick (still is), with fever and a persistent cough, now Harvynna is getting it.

When I sent Harvynna to school, I noticed that the school was quite empty - many children have been absent. Poor Harvynna actually slept through her Taekwando class yesterday as she felt very tired. Today, she hardly touched her breakfast. (something very rare with her). With all the virus and health issues going around, it's quite worrying.

On a brighter note, Harvynna passed her Taekwando exam and now has a Yellow belt. She is quite upset as we told her that Rowena has a black belt! We told her that Rowena goes for Taekwando class everyday while Harvynna is at school, so she progressed really fast. And when we asked Rowena to show us what she 'learnt', she actually showed us some Taekwando moves!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sending Rowena Back

Have posted countless times on how michievous Rowena is. She really keeps everyone on their toes and loves it. If you scold her, she just sticks out her tougue at you or show you an angry face. Sometimes, she tries a different tactic by smiling sweetly at you after doing somthing wrong - and normally, I would smile back but if she has annoyed me, I just glare at her.

Just yesterday, I said, maybe we took the wrong baby home at the hospital as she looks really different now from when she was born. Plus, she does not look like either of us. Many people have commented that Rowena looks Malay. So we just carried on talking infront of her, and said maybe we should return her to her real parents. Her real parents must be having our daughter who is probably very well behaved. And Rowena's face just turned so sad, that tears started rolling down.

I asked her why she was crying and she said 'because you want to send me back'. Then I said, but you always scold us and never listen to mummy. Then she sweetly says 'i love daddy, mummy, and harvynna'. Poor thing. Deep down, she is still a sensitive lil girl, although she seems to show that nothing can affect her.