Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy 5 months Rowena

taken 20 Sept

Rowena will be 5 months on Monday (25 Sept).Since I wont be around, I thought I will blog it now. It feels like I just blogged about her turning 4 months. Have been so busy with work the past month as we had a big event last weekend and everyone has been working day and night for it. Now that it is over, things are slowly getting back to normal.

Harvynna has been really naughty lately – her terrible 2s syndrome at her peak. She does things like running across the road in front of the babysitters house, lying down on the ground wherever she is, hitting people, hitting Rowena’s head and calling her ‘Ding dong’!!, throwing food on the floor (she pushed my bowl of cereal on the floor the other day), taking off Rowena’s clothes. When I scold her, she will say, I tell my daddy to beat you very hard’. If daddy scolds her, She will say, ‘ I tell my mummy to beat you’ or ‘ Go away, I don’t like you’. It must be a mix of terrible 2s and sibling rivalry.

Back to lil Rowena. She has not rolled over yet – she can turn to her side, though.

She is a smiling baby. She smiles all the time except when we take her photos. She will stare at the camera. By the time the camera goes, ‘Click’, the smile has disappeared.

She squeals a lot now (like a rat) and makes lots of noises. She tries to have ‘conversations’ with us and loves it when we talk to her.Rowena has not started solids as yet as we were told to start her at 6 months due to her allergies. Her allergies seem to be getting better and she does not get nappy rash anymore. Thank God for that. Her case of nappy rash used to be really really bad. It was very very red.

She is still quite bald as her hair fell off due to her cradle cap.

She loves to pull things especially Harvynna’s and mummy’s hair and drools a lot.

She stares at my mouth intently when I am eating and sticks her tongue out and moves her mouth trying to imitate me. Then she gets irritated and starts to fuss – probably because she was not offered anything!!

She seems to love sitting upright (with support, of course) and keeps looking everywhere. Looks like she will turn out to be a ‘kaki jalan’ just like her sister.

She knows her name now. When we call ‘Rowena’ she will turn to look at us.

She keeps pushing herself backwards, so we have to be very careful that she does not end up falling off the bed or from her rocking chair.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My 2 girls

Taken on 9 sept
taken on 20 Aug
taken 23 Aug

Besides asking Rowena to jump into the crocodiles mouth, Harvynna is getting used to having Rowena around. Sometimes, she still gets very jealous especially when all attention is focused on Rowena. More so now, since Rowena is such a smiling baby and loves to squeal and 'talk' that we tend to focus attention on her and Harvynna feels it. Her faces goes all funny like she has been hurt.
Of course, when we cuddle Rowena, Harvynna tries to join in but ends up squashing her!! Whenever I give Rowena anything e.g. a toy, book or doll, Harvynna will immediately come to grab it and claim it is hers. After persuading her, she will give it to Rowena.
That's why I dont take Rowena for Harvynna Musikgarten classes as its Harvynna and mummy time. Everytime before the class, Harvynna will tell Rowena, 'next time when you are tall, you can come for my music class'. I think I will bring Rowena along once she can sit up as I found the Musikgarten classes really benefited Harvynna. The instructor says that the earlier you expose the child the better, so lets see!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Laughing Rowena

Rowena is laughing and squealing in delight. She loves it when we kiss her cheeks, or kiss her foot and looks forward to her favourite rhymes. She seems to be ‘singing’ now and talks to her self a lot.

We took her for her first swim yesterday and she absolutely loved it. She was laughing and smiling all the time. I was feeling so cold as it was already past 6 pm and there was a strong breeze. Looks like she will be a water baby just like Harvynna. Harvynna was being a big bully and tried to pull Rowena’s float down all the time.

Harvynna has a new song for her sister:

Row Row Rowena
Gently down the stream
If u see a crocodile
Don’t forget to scream!!!

Talk about sisterly love .