Friday, February 23, 2007

10 months already????????

Rowena will be 10 months this coming Monday. She is really changing from an infant to a toddler and is just 2 months away from her 1st birthday. Time has really, really gone by and I will definitely miss her ‘babyness’. When I look at Harvynna, I can’t believe that she is once a baby too. Just looking at Harvynna now – how she talks, acts, answers backs, fights with us and I know, Rowena will be there soon!

At 10 months, Rowena

Has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. ( I noticed that there is a gap between her 2 top teeth – it looks cute anyway!)

Can stand-alone without holding anything for a while

Is cruising along well (keeping fingers crossed she will walk on her 1st birthday so she will look pretty in the dress her Aunty Selvy (or rather Grandma Selvy!!! bought her)

Is NOT sleeping through the night – hopefully that will be achieved once she is fully weaned after her 1st birthday. I have done the ignoring bit for a while now and she actually goes back to sleep on her own.

Still says, Wawa, baba, dada, awa etc (something like that). I have not heard any actual words so far – but she seems to understand quite a lot. If I tell her ‘NO’, she will look at me and shake her head profusely, if I ask her ‘where’s the elephant?’, she will look for the elephant picture on the wall. And she knows, what is forbidden as she will go towards the wire for the aircon and will turn to smile at me before touching it!

Since introducing other normal food to her, she is slowly losing interest in her baby food.

Loves to scream for no reason just to attract attention

Likes to dance when listening to music by rocking her body to and fro. Her current favourite is the Chinese New year song!

Likes to look at books, then start chewing at them – hmm, she has destroyed quite a number of Harvynna’s books.

She adores her sister and is always happy to see her or join her play despite getting whacked all the time by her.

The best part is the way she reacts when I go pick her up at the babysitters – she will flap her arms and shout so happily and then crawl as fast as she can to the door lifting her arms up!

And of course, I must proudly say, her favourite person is still Me! Me! Me!

Happy 10 months Rowena – mummy needs to get cracking on your birthday party!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My 2 girls - month by month

My girls are really growing - this is a comparison of my 2 princesses as infants (birth to 10 months). Can u tell which one is Harvynna and which Rowena?
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Here’s a dozen roses to you!

We wont be going out to celebrate as everything is like 10 times the price amidst the traffic jams. We will be having a simple dinner at home. Will head to BSC Cold Storage after work to buy the pre-marinated meat (good for lazy mamas like me), some vegetables and potatoes and Walla – its as good as a night out. Plus, we’ll have the girls to entertain us. Hmm – was planning to leave the office at 5 sharp but they had to arrange a meeting at Jalan Ledang at 4.00pm. Don’t even know where that is - somewhere near Jalan Duta.

Looking forward to the looong CNY break this weekend.

Friday, February 09, 2007

That’s what my lil heart stealer, Rowena does now. Whenever, she needs my attention, she will say, ‘ma……ma’ and reach out her arms. Haiyo, how to resist her like that. I think she knows that I love it when she does that as whenever I carry her, she will start her, ‘ma… again. Yey, so Rowena started calling me first instead of Daddy. Rowena’s actually quite independent as she can play and entertain herself AS LONG as I am still in sight! Then, when Harvynna whacks her, she will cry and crawl to me. That’s basically what happens everyday.

Harvynna is becoming a lil gangster and can defend herself quite well. We took her to the Bukit Jalil playground a couple of weeks back and as she was climbing up the slide, this boy (probably about 5 years old) pushed her. She got angry and shouted at him, ‘I have a big rotan at home. I am going to ask my mother to beat you very hard’. The boy ran to the other side and she followed him, ‘you watch out forever’. Hehe. – I think the boy was intimidated by her.

On Monday, I had an accident. This stupid guy knocked my car from behind. I was so pissed off and I got down to see what happened. The noise was so loud that I thought the back of my car was a gone case. Luckily, it was just the bumper, but it still cost about RM1000 plus to fix. Anyway, I told Harvynna to stay in the car and look after Rowena as Rowena started to cry when she heard the loud noise. I told her that the stupid man knocked mummy’s car. After it was settled, she asked me, ‘the stupid man knocked your car. I must beat him or he will knock your car again’ Up till today, she will ask me, if she needs to beat the man.

I Can really notice the differences between my 2 girls – Rowena is gentle and fragile. She will cry even at the slightest fall or knock. Harvynna, on the other hand is a real tough one and will stand up for her own right. Way to go, Girl!