Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas and A happy 2007

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year!! This year has certainly been a blessed year as Harvynna has grown up and blossomed to a chatty little toddler plus the birth of our little princess - Rowena on April 25th. Looking forward to more milestones, more adventures and more blessings in 2007.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Avillion - PD

We were off to Avillion for my company trip and annual dinner last weekend. PD is really, really hot as its humid and makes you feel really sticky. We had a good outing as it was a short break, plus the staff had a meeting on our direction for 2007 and a training on do’s and don’t’s of photography!

Our room was the last row of water chalets and it was really a long walk especially when you have to carry at 10kg baby with you. The last time we went to Avillion was BH (before Harvynna), so it was quite nice as we have our whole family there with us this time. The girls were really excited - Harvynna was screaming and shouting and jumping on the bed. Even Rowena was laughing and squealing and crawling all over the bed. She must have sensed that we were on holiday. Harvynna and daddy went swimming a lot. She loves to dive in the water (with her floats on, of course) and go down the water slide As for me, I used Rowena as an excuse to stay in the room . Hehe.

The dinner was at PD Admiral Marina Club where we had a barbecue and again it was hot hot hot! We went by bus to the club and Harvynna was really excited, as it was her first bus ride.

The dinner was fun despite the humidity. The theme was colourful beach wear. Most of the guys came dressed accordingly, but the girls wore what they liked. Harvynna dressed according to the theme on my behalf.

We played ‘duckie duckie’ where we have to blindfold someone and the person has to go towards somebody and guess who they are based on their response of ‘quack quack’. Rowena was a big giveaway, as she was either making noise or crying. So whoever, came near me, guessed right away!

As for the lucky draw, I normally don’t win anything during lucky draws. If not everyone wins a prize, I don’t win ANYTHING. If everyone wins a prize, I will get the worse prize like the umbrella or a pathetic hamper. But for this, since I brought my 2 lucky charms – I won a DVD plus karaoke player and hubby won a RM100 Jusco voucher. Yippee!!!

Our team

With Aunty Hannah

Duckie Duckie

Rowena and daddy

Friday, December 15, 2006

We are back!

Am finally back after a loong break. It wasnt a break - just too much work. Listening to all the Xmas music everywhere, I feel like everyone is on holiday or in holiday mood except for me!! Had some big events back to back since November and finally its all over as of yesterday! What a relief!!! Now I can enjoy the rest of the year in peace!

Didnt manage to update Rowena's 7 month update and she will be turning 8 months on Christmas day!

Better put it down or I may forget :(

  • Rolled over at 6 1/4 months
  • Attempted to crawl at 6 1/2 months
  • Now she is a cockroach crawling all over the place
  • Says dada, baba and screams like trying to get her point accross since 6 1/4 months
  • can sit on her own but not for long, however, we put her in a high chair and she seems ok with that
  • Has a bad case of stranger anxiety - its ok if no one gives her attention, but when all the new faces come and talk to her, she starts to wail
  • Recognizes faces very well and of course her faviourite face is, Mummy dearest
  • Rolled off the bed more than once (thanks to daddy!!)
  • Is a wonderful smiley baby
  • Fussy with food. We have to sing to her during mealtimes or she wont open her mouth.

So many things have happenned since my last post. HEre are some fo them:

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on 11 Dec. Since I was busy with work, we had a dinner on 10 December at Outback steak house in Bangsar Village. Rowena was so well behaved and stayed quietly in her pram. Harvynna was very excited about the big Xmas tree withb the train going round and roound. She is into trains right now. Everytime, she sees the LRT passing, she will scream, 'Look mummy, at the train. Its going to KLCC. I want to go in the train!' So thats our next activity - to bring her on a train ride.

Harvynna's almost fully potty trained. She only wears a diaper to sleep at night. She's quite fussy though about public toilets. If the toilet is err not so clean, she will refuse to use it and say'my pee pee not coming out!" and if the toilet was not flushed by the previous person, she will say loudly,'why that aunty did not flush the toilet? so dirty!!!' haha, that should educate these uncivic minded public toilet users.

Harvynna has become my good buddy now as I can take her everywhere. The other day , a friend of minen had a dinner at her house in some god forsaken Putra heights, so I took Harvynna to accompany me, while Rowena stayed at home with daddy! She was really excited as it was a Mummy and Harvynna outing. I promised her more of that as she does not get much of my time at home as Rowena needs a lot of attention, plus I have been coming home pretty late the last few weeks.

Anyway, we are all off to Avillion, PD for my company trip / family day/ annual dinner today. Hope to win the grand prize for the lucky draw!!