Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On a blog break.....

So many things to do and am on leave from tomorrow - Deepavali is coming up, going on a short holiday, then off to KK for my SIL's wedding.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Updates on Rowena

Its just one of those days that I dont feel like working and its Friday anyway, so I thought will update on Rowena since I did not do her 18 month milestone. For starters, the cute little quiet girl is now one mischievous brat. I think she is observing her sister and trying to imitate her.

Her favourite word is 'NO' or 'EMMMMM, NO!' and her favourite sentence is 'tawa tawa... bak bak bak'. Dont ask me what it means, but it sounds cute.

What Rowena eats?

Anything and everything.

She refers to everything she eats as 'spicy'


She is 2 feet 7 inches


Playing on her own

Biting people

dancing (bobbing up and down) to music or turning round and round

Jumping on the bed

Bringing a book to me and says'mummy, book'

Takes time to warm up to someone, but ones she does , she is your friend for life

Orders to sit on the dining room chair' mummy, chair or mummy sit'

Very determined with what she wants or the tantrum routine starts

Likes singing (her own songs)

Says 'eye' and pokes your eye really hard

Loves mothering her doll

Imitates everything Harvynna does and Harvynna encourages it by doing silly things

Eating by herself

Language development

Rowena is catching up really fast and can say lots of words. She learns most words from Harvynna. Her pronounciation is not so clear and we have to figure out what she means sometimes e.g.

ter ter for water

kout (for take out)

apen (for open)

tuputak (for ketupat)

peeease (for please)

kak (for cup)

pappers (for pampers)

weet (for sweet)

ko ker (for chocolate)

She now does this really sweet thing in the car by calling out 'mummy' and when i turn behind, she will say in the sweetest voice, 'Hellloooo mummy' and flash us her smile.

Harvynna on the other hand, has been quite a good sister. She reads to her, plays with her. The other day, I did not fix Rowena's car seat properly and it tilted when I turned the car. Immediately, Harvynna told me that Rowena's car seat fell and she held her seat all the way home. But there are days, when she gets fed up of Rowena and tells us, that she does not want her.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween! (belated)

It has been one hectic week and to top it all, I have been down with viral fever. Harvynna got it first, passed it to me, I passed it to Rowena and I still have it. Despite all that, we managed to squeeze a Halloween party at Kizsports Bangsar, attended Anil's 4th birthday party, scout around for Harvynna's school.

I really wanted to take Harvynna for a Halloween party as my SIL bought her a lovely witch costume from UK which she only wore once. So this year, I looked for the nearest decent party, and she was really really excited to wear the costume. It was a little tight but I squeezed her into it. hehe. It was well worth it - they had games, treasure hunt, story telling, and trick-or-treat which she enjoyed most. She came back with lots and lots of candies (which Rowena finished!!!) And to seal the deal, Harvynna won the best dressed costume (there were 3 winners), so it was worth the effort as I was so out of it. It is quite tiring for the accompanying adult.

Anil's party was good, but for the first time, they attended an all boys party. It was cars, trains, tracks, dinasours compared to princesses, barbie, pink and such!! So being the only 2 girls, they were a hit. But Harvynna started to get really naughty (acting like a boy)

Am still on a search for Harvynna's school. Have shortlisted a few. Its high time she goes to school. I think the boredom is making her naughtier. She told me she is fed up of going to Amama's (the babysitter's) house. And plus, we found out that in order for her to enter a private school in Standard One, she needs to sit for a test where she needs to be able to read, write in English and Bahasa Malaysia and do simple arithmetic. Gosh, I never heard of an entrace exam into primary school.

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