Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas and A happy 2007

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year!! This year has certainly been a blessed year as Harvynna has grown up and blossomed to a chatty little toddler plus the birth of our little princess - Rowena on April 25th. Looking forward to more milestones, more adventures and more blessings in 2007.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Avillion - PD

We were off to Avillion for my company trip and annual dinner last weekend. PD is really, really hot as its humid and makes you feel really sticky. We had a good outing as it was a short break, plus the staff had a meeting on our direction for 2007 and a training on do’s and don’t’s of photography!

Our room was the last row of water chalets and it was really a long walk especially when you have to carry at 10kg baby with you. The last time we went to Avillion was BH (before Harvynna), so it was quite nice as we have our whole family there with us this time. The girls were really excited - Harvynna was screaming and shouting and jumping on the bed. Even Rowena was laughing and squealing and crawling all over the bed. She must have sensed that we were on holiday. Harvynna and daddy went swimming a lot. She loves to dive in the water (with her floats on, of course) and go down the water slide As for me, I used Rowena as an excuse to stay in the room . Hehe.

The dinner was at PD Admiral Marina Club where we had a barbecue and again it was hot hot hot! We went by bus to the club and Harvynna was really excited, as it was her first bus ride.

The dinner was fun despite the humidity. The theme was colourful beach wear. Most of the guys came dressed accordingly, but the girls wore what they liked. Harvynna dressed according to the theme on my behalf.

We played ‘duckie duckie’ where we have to blindfold someone and the person has to go towards somebody and guess who they are based on their response of ‘quack quack’. Rowena was a big giveaway, as she was either making noise or crying. So whoever, came near me, guessed right away!

As for the lucky draw, I normally don’t win anything during lucky draws. If not everyone wins a prize, I don’t win ANYTHING. If everyone wins a prize, I will get the worse prize like the umbrella or a pathetic hamper. But for this, since I brought my 2 lucky charms – I won a DVD plus karaoke player and hubby won a RM100 Jusco voucher. Yippee!!!

Our team

With Aunty Hannah

Duckie Duckie

Rowena and daddy

Friday, December 15, 2006

We are back!

Am finally back after a loong break. It wasnt a break - just too much work. Listening to all the Xmas music everywhere, I feel like everyone is on holiday or in holiday mood except for me!! Had some big events back to back since November and finally its all over as of yesterday! What a relief!!! Now I can enjoy the rest of the year in peace!

Didnt manage to update Rowena's 7 month update and she will be turning 8 months on Christmas day!

Better put it down or I may forget :(

  • Rolled over at 6 1/4 months
  • Attempted to crawl at 6 1/2 months
  • Now she is a cockroach crawling all over the place
  • Says dada, baba and screams like trying to get her point accross since 6 1/4 months
  • can sit on her own but not for long, however, we put her in a high chair and she seems ok with that
  • Has a bad case of stranger anxiety - its ok if no one gives her attention, but when all the new faces come and talk to her, she starts to wail
  • Recognizes faces very well and of course her faviourite face is, Mummy dearest
  • Rolled off the bed more than once (thanks to daddy!!)
  • Is a wonderful smiley baby
  • Fussy with food. We have to sing to her during mealtimes or she wont open her mouth.

So many things have happenned since my last post. HEre are some fo them:

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on 11 Dec. Since I was busy with work, we had a dinner on 10 December at Outback steak house in Bangsar Village. Rowena was so well behaved and stayed quietly in her pram. Harvynna was very excited about the big Xmas tree withb the train going round and roound. She is into trains right now. Everytime, she sees the LRT passing, she will scream, 'Look mummy, at the train. Its going to KLCC. I want to go in the train!' So thats our next activity - to bring her on a train ride.

Harvynna's almost fully potty trained. She only wears a diaper to sleep at night. She's quite fussy though about public toilets. If the toilet is err not so clean, she will refuse to use it and say'my pee pee not coming out!" and if the toilet was not flushed by the previous person, she will say loudly,'why that aunty did not flush the toilet? so dirty!!!' haha, that should educate these uncivic minded public toilet users.

Harvynna has become my good buddy now as I can take her everywhere. The other day , a friend of minen had a dinner at her house in some god forsaken Putra heights, so I took Harvynna to accompany me, while Rowena stayed at home with daddy! She was really excited as it was a Mummy and Harvynna outing. I promised her more of that as she does not get much of my time at home as Rowena needs a lot of attention, plus I have been coming home pretty late the last few weeks.

Anyway, we are all off to Avillion, PD for my company trip / family day/ annual dinner today. Hope to win the grand prize for the lucky draw!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harvynna is back!

After 2 ½ weeks, little Ms Harvynna is back home. We left her in Melaka after the Deeparaya holidays. She requested to stay on. When we left, she said’ I not going to KL. I staying with Nana and Nanima’ and seemed very contented on staying on.

She also needed a break, I think after all the routined daily activities of going to the babysitter in the morning, coming home and rushing off to the babysitter again, going through the traffic jam and the stress of living in KL. In Melaka, she had it going for her with daily trips to the playground, zoo, pasar malam, dinners. She has a more happening life than me!

The house was sooooo quiet without Harvynna and tidy. No books, toys and clothes all over the floor. But it just did not seem normal. Even my drive to and from the babysitter was so quiet as she was not there to talk to me, or sing our songs. Even Rowena missed her sister and cried the whole journey. Normally, she would look at Harvynna, listening to her conversation with me.

Now that she is back, everything is back to normal and she seems so grown up. Even her hair seems longer!! She has got even better at answering back. The other day, when we were in the room, she asked me if I wanted the air conditioning and I said ‘No’. Then later, I switched it on and she looked at me, ‘Just now you said you don’t want!!’ Today, on the way to work, we saw a dirty looking lorry and she said,’Yuckity yucks!’ I asked her who is Yuckity Yucks? And she said ‘daddy because he does not bathe properly’ like the elephant in the zoo.

Harvynna has got this bad habit of having 2 sweets everyday. I am trying to kick this habit off. So when she asked me for it yesterday, I said ‘No’. There are no more sweets in the house and I have no money to buy. Then she says, ‘Let me see your purse’ and of course I was caught red handed.

She’s really grown up now as she can reason with us and justify things well. Sigh! My little girl is growing up or as she says, 'I am mummy’s princess. Rowena is mummy’s cutie'. She got that right!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oops, Rowena fell from the bed

Oh no, poor Rowena fell from the bed on Saturday. We were both having our afternoon nap on my bed with pillows all around. As she moves quite a bit now, she moved and rolled and turned till she ended on the floor. I heard a loud thud on the floor and I looked down and there she was. OMG! She looked at me and started to cry. I immediately picked her up feeling so guilty and started rubbing her head. Luckily she was alright. The loud thud was because the side table hit against the picture on the floor. The image of Rowena on the floor still comes to my mind and I feel so bad. My poor baby.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6 month old Rowena

A little late, but nevertheless….

Rowena turned 6 months on 25 Oct. Can’t believe my baby is already 6 months. Carrying her with one hand is no longer an easy task. I went to visit my cousins’ baby girl last week (yes, another baby girl. Seems like everyone we know had or is having a girl) and when I look at those little babies in the nursery, I cant help but feel how big my Rowena has become.

Will be taking her for her jab this weekend, so I am not sure of her weight. Rowena has slowly started taking solids – more like semi solids last Saturday (28 October). We just introduced her to rice cereals. Not really in a hurry to introduce other stuff just yet.

As for her other milestones:

She can roll over from her tummy to her front.

Still trying to roll over from her back, though! Tried to encourage her by putting some colourful toys. She tried a couple of times, then got fed up and decided to look at me and smile instead.

Still no sign of her tooth despite the teething symptoms!!

Sits upright with support. We tried putting her in a high chair in Kuantan, but she fell to the side!!!

Loves to put everything in her mouth.

Loves to chew her books

Loves putting her foot in her mouth.

Loves to play peek a boo

LOVES attention. Coos and smiles back when given attention.

Seems to be a morning person. Is most active and talks most in the morning.

Is having major seperation anxiety. The moment we put her down, she starts to wail. It also could be due to the fact that she has been carried during the last 2 weeks as we were on holiday.

I don’t really get much of a chance to do things with her e.g. read to her, play games etc as I did with Harvynna as Harvynna would grab the book or toy. Just hope she will pick up things just by being around us.

Family trip to Kuantan

We had our first family trip during the Deeparaya holidays. We took a short break to Kuantan and Harvynna was really excited about it as we have been gearing her up for it, telling her about the beach, and swimming pool, the whole day with daddy, mummy and Rowena. She told everyone that ‘ I going beach, swimming, then Melaka for Deepavali’

The drive to Kuantan through the East Coast highway is really nice and took about 2.5 hours.We left KL about 11 in the morning as it took time to get everyone ready and pack. As usual, I just love to do everything last minute.

Harvynna was so excited that she refused to sleep in the car. When we reached the hotel, we just lazed around and went for a deep in the evening. Harvynna was so knackered that she fell asleep at 7.00pm on the way to dinner and slept thoughout dinner.

The next day, she spent the whole day in the pool with daddy while lazy mummy and Rowena sat under the shade. Harvynna is afraid of the sea as she kept screaming whenever the waves come near her. She did not like the sand either, as she thought it was dirty! There is a kids club in the hotel and we went there for an hour. She got to play with some blocks, and did sand art. I find sand art more tiring for the parent as you have to remove the sticker part by part. Yawn!

Overall, it was a holiday in every sense of the word for Harvynna as she got to swim the whole day, eat junk food, sleep with her parents, forget afternoon naps and just have fun!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rowena's teething

I think Rowena is teething. Not sure about it but she sure has the symptoms like diarrhea, fever and very irritable. She also keeps rubbing her gums and drools a lot. I tried to feel her gums,but could not feel anything. If I recall with Harvynna, her first tooth came out without any fuss. It's different from child to child.So she has been very clingy over the weekend. Poor Gal! Does not help when Harvynna jumps on her and pinches her. Don’t know why, but Harvynna has been very naughty lately.

Was so annoyed with her over the weekend, I shouted at her,’Don’t irritate me early in the morning,’ and she replied, ‘you irritate me first! then she does this blink blink blink with her eyes like she is mad with me. Then she complains to daddy,’mummy is angry with me. She scolded me in her room and in Rowena’s room!

It must be that she has so much energy and if she does not release it, she goes crazy.

Anyway, despite the heavy downpour yesterday, Harvynna and I went to collect our cookies that we ordered. It was really yummy. We had planned to go the hair salon to trim her fringe, but due to the rain, we stayed in the car for a while and finished half of the peanut butter cookies, which was simply delicious!

Looking forward to more cookies the next 2 weeks. Also plan to start Rowena on solids. Hopefully her she would have cut her tooth by then, or I will have to postpone the introduction of solids.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harvynna is 30 months old.

I was looking (or kepoh) at my cousin Shamaine's photo album and came across this picture taken at her brother’s wedding (also my cousin!!!!), where nosy little Harvynna posed along with Shamaines group of friends and refused to budge. Harvynna was 20 months then, and looks so roly poly.

Today, she is 30 months, looks so different and so matured. How time flies!
Sorry Shamaine, but your niece is as vain as you. You were just like that at her age and still are!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A lazy day

Yawn! Am feeling so sleepy right now. It’s a public holiday in Selangor and we Klites have to work. Instead of having a quiet lunch with my colleagues, I have to meet our member for lunch, so its working through lunch and being fake and interested in what he does!

Been so sleep deprived. Rowena seems to be waking up a million times at night. She is getting used to being nursed to sleep. I have to kick this habit of hers. Harvynna did not overcome this till after Rowena was born. What makes it worse, is that Harvynna and Rowena sleep in their own room. So every night, I put both the girls to sleep in their room, when Rowena is asleep, I put her in her cot and when Harvynna is in dreamland, I go to my room.

If or rather, when Rowena wakes up and cries, I quickly go get her (don’t want her to wake up Harvynna) and bring her to my room. Then when she sleeps, I bring her back to her room, into her cot. If I don’t get Rowena fast enough, Harvynna will start to cry and want attention too. Then we have 2 girls sreaming their head off at 2 am. So that’s what I do every night – go in and out of the 2 rooms!!

Harvynna has not been too well, either. She has been having fever, on and off. Must be the haze. She told me yesterday, ‘you know, actually the haze is very bad!’

This morning, Rowena flipped over, from front to back. Only daddy saw it, as I was away in the kitchen. I will have to see it for myself. When she sees me, she has the look of,’Give me my susu, now’, so there’s no flipping over.

Looking forward to my looonnng break next week.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't tell me what to do!

pix taken 2 weeks ago

As Harvynna's vocabulary increases every day, she is learning to answer us back. It can be funny at times.

Lil Rowena - she really does look like a boy here!

I told her not to walk on the pavement near the road and she replied, 'I am just walking on sidelah, mummy' stressing on the word la and rolling her eyes.

If I remind her not to be rough with Rowena, she will reply, I am just touching my sister. I sayang her'.

And if she is wearing a dress and I ask her to pull her skirt down, she will reply, 'Skirt???? this is a dress!'

The other day, daddy asked her why are you scratching your bum, she replied, " I am just scratching my body la, daddy' and rolled her eyes again.

I cant imagine how she will answer us back when she turns 16!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Weekend

Now with Harvynna being very active and needs to be entertained all the time, we always have to crack our heads on where to bring her every weekend. We have been to practically all the malls, from Mid Valley, to Bangsar shopping Centre, Amcorp Mall and even Maju Junction as her favourite hobby is shopping .

The moment she wakes up, she will insist on having her bath and changing into her dress as she wants to go shopping.

Harvynna: Not buying anything, Just walking around.

She only wants to wear dresses now so I guess I have to pack away all her pants and tops and keep it for Rowena.

ON Saturday, we took her to Hartamas Shopping Centre. Quite a nice neigbourhood mall, reminds me of Bangsar Village. There are not many shops there but they have some nice booths at the Square room (a little bazaar place). Wanted to look around more, but Harvynna had a bad stomach ache and she stood in the middle of a stall groaning and showing the whole world she was constipated.

In the morning, we took Rowena for her 5 month jab. The paed confirmed that her skin condition has really improved (touch wood). She is not 8.25 kg (1.5 kg since her last visit) and we got some free rice cereals samples.

Then we went to Souled Out for Dinner as Ameeta and Brendan wanted to celebrate their Amniosintesis results as they had a scare earlier.

On Sunday, we went to Secret Recipe for lunch and Rowena burnt her finger (ouch!) As she was in a fussy mood, I was holding her when my piping hot lasagna arrived. I did not notice Rowena reaching out to dip her finger into the lasagna till I heard her scream and lasagna on her finger. Immediately, the waitresses brought some tissues and ice for her. Poor thing,

Harvynna was ok till she saw the White Chocolate cake and she insisted she wanted the yellow cake, but we told her ‘NO!’So she did her tantrum routine by running around trying to take off her dress and wailing all the way to the car.

I think Harvynna has been having dreams of Rowena as she will wake up suddenly, hit Rowena and go back to sleep!! Rowena, on the other hand hates to be alone now. The moment I leave the room, she will start fussing. Looks like having a shower is going to be a problem for me now!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy 5 months Rowena

taken 20 Sept

Rowena will be 5 months on Monday (25 Sept).Since I wont be around, I thought I will blog it now. It feels like I just blogged about her turning 4 months. Have been so busy with work the past month as we had a big event last weekend and everyone has been working day and night for it. Now that it is over, things are slowly getting back to normal.

Harvynna has been really naughty lately – her terrible 2s syndrome at her peak. She does things like running across the road in front of the babysitters house, lying down on the ground wherever she is, hitting people, hitting Rowena’s head and calling her ‘Ding dong’!!, throwing food on the floor (she pushed my bowl of cereal on the floor the other day), taking off Rowena’s clothes. When I scold her, she will say, I tell my daddy to beat you very hard’. If daddy scolds her, She will say, ‘ I tell my mummy to beat you’ or ‘ Go away, I don’t like you’. It must be a mix of terrible 2s and sibling rivalry.

Back to lil Rowena. She has not rolled over yet – she can turn to her side, though.

She is a smiling baby. She smiles all the time except when we take her photos. She will stare at the camera. By the time the camera goes, ‘Click’, the smile has disappeared.

She squeals a lot now (like a rat) and makes lots of noises. She tries to have ‘conversations’ with us and loves it when we talk to her.Rowena has not started solids as yet as we were told to start her at 6 months due to her allergies. Her allergies seem to be getting better and she does not get nappy rash anymore. Thank God for that. Her case of nappy rash used to be really really bad. It was very very red.

She is still quite bald as her hair fell off due to her cradle cap.

She loves to pull things especially Harvynna’s and mummy’s hair and drools a lot.

She stares at my mouth intently when I am eating and sticks her tongue out and moves her mouth trying to imitate me. Then she gets irritated and starts to fuss – probably because she was not offered anything!!

She seems to love sitting upright (with support, of course) and keeps looking everywhere. Looks like she will turn out to be a ‘kaki jalan’ just like her sister.

She knows her name now. When we call ‘Rowena’ she will turn to look at us.

She keeps pushing herself backwards, so we have to be very careful that she does not end up falling off the bed or from her rocking chair.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My 2 girls

Taken on 9 sept
taken on 20 Aug
taken 23 Aug

Besides asking Rowena to jump into the crocodiles mouth, Harvynna is getting used to having Rowena around. Sometimes, she still gets very jealous especially when all attention is focused on Rowena. More so now, since Rowena is such a smiling baby and loves to squeal and 'talk' that we tend to focus attention on her and Harvynna feels it. Her faces goes all funny like she has been hurt.
Of course, when we cuddle Rowena, Harvynna tries to join in but ends up squashing her!! Whenever I give Rowena anything e.g. a toy, book or doll, Harvynna will immediately come to grab it and claim it is hers. After persuading her, she will give it to Rowena.
That's why I dont take Rowena for Harvynna Musikgarten classes as its Harvynna and mummy time. Everytime before the class, Harvynna will tell Rowena, 'next time when you are tall, you can come for my music class'. I think I will bring Rowena along once she can sit up as I found the Musikgarten classes really benefited Harvynna. The instructor says that the earlier you expose the child the better, so lets see!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Laughing Rowena

Rowena is laughing and squealing in delight. She loves it when we kiss her cheeks, or kiss her foot and looks forward to her favourite rhymes. She seems to be ‘singing’ now and talks to her self a lot.

We took her for her first swim yesterday and she absolutely loved it. She was laughing and smiling all the time. I was feeling so cold as it was already past 6 pm and there was a strong breeze. Looks like she will be a water baby just like Harvynna. Harvynna was being a big bully and tried to pull Rowena’s float down all the time.

Harvynna has a new song for her sister:

Row Row Rowena
Gently down the stream
If u see a crocodile
Don’t forget to scream!!!

Talk about sisterly love .

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rowena is 4 months old today!

How time flies! Our little Rowena is now 4 months old. She’s getting bigger and bigger and quite heavy to carry. I ordered the baby sling to carry her around but have not really used it as havent mastered the art of it yet. It came with a demo CD and looks so simple, but I am not so good at following instructions.

Rowena takes 7 ozs of breast milk every 3-4 hours plus a bottle of 5 ozs formula everyday. For local clothes, she uses size 6-12months or 12-18 months and international brands she can get into 3-6 months (not for long) but more comfortable with 9-12 months. She’s going to be just like Harvynna. Bought Harvynna a t-shirt from mothercare for 3-4 years and it was too tight!!
I am into dressing them alike – buying them similar clothings. I thought they would look cute but my friends who have sisters say that they hated it when their parents did that to them!!

Some of Rowena’s milestones:

Able to sit up straight if propped

Raise head 90 degrees when placed on stomach

Be able to roll from back to one side (and stays there – too heavy to roll back I think!!)

Try to reach objects with hands (may commonly overshoot)

Play with rattle when it's placed in the hands and keeps hitting her head with it!

Be able to place objects in mouth and chews on it like its super delicious

Have beginning eye-hand coordination

She seems to be laughing (by her facial expression) but without sound. Hmm strange!

Begin to show memory - gets extremely excited when she sees me or hears her favourite rhyme. For now it is 'Round and round the garden' and 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'

Demands attention by fussing - pulling everything around her e.g. the cot bumper, pillow and bolster over her head, then starts whimpering and whining

Easily distracted – when feeding, she will stop to look around at whats happening around her

Loves to play with her feet – holds on to her feet and finds it amusing

Monday, August 14, 2006

Rowena's jab

Rowena went for her 3 month immunization. (triple antigen)

It was such a hot day that she was feeling out of sorts. She wailed when the jab was given and was squirming around after that. The dr confirmed that she has exzema. Poor gal! No wonder, she gets irritable when she is hot and gets heat rash. We have to be careful when introducing solids to her as she may be allergic to certain food. Now, she has to bathe with water only (no soap allowed! So much for the Eubos soap which cost me RM55). She is on a one week mild steroid treatment.

On Saturday night, she scratched her head till it bled, probably due to the cradle cap.

Other than that, she is perfectly healthy. She has been putting on weight steadily - 1 kg every month and is now a whopping 6.85 kg. She’s going to catch up with her sister soon!

Harvynna, on the other hand enjoyed the visit to the dr. She loves seeing the dr and keeps requesting, ‘I want to see dr’ or ‘Monday, we go see dr ok.’

She entertained herself while the dr was explaining Rowena’s skin condition by doing some acrobats. She was waiting for the dr to give her a sweet.

Last night, Rowena was feeling a little uncomfortable and I mentioned that we need to give her some medicine. Harvynna overheard me and asked, “the medicine for me ah?’. I said, no, its for Rowena. She then followed me to the fridge and started coughing, then said, ‘Mummy, I coughing – I must take medicine’. She kept repeating it a few times, so I let her lick the spoon. What a crook!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Children's Zoo

Have been so stressed lately. The babysitter that my girls go to now have a total of 12 kids!!!!!! Its more like a day care center now. When Harvynna first started 2 years ago, it was just the 2 of them and subsequently there were 4 which was not too bad as its like a playgroup. Then one of the mummies had another baby, and the sitter took another 2 kids. This year, with the addition of Rowena and another baby, I thought that was ok. Before I realized, she took in another 3 kids including a 6 month old baby. Actually, one of the additions was recommended by my dear husband. Could have strangled him for opening his big mouth.

I am not so worried about Harvynna as she is bigger and more independent. But little Rowena is only 3 months and needs to be taken care off. What more with her sensitive skin condition.. Lately, the girls have been coming home with some other clothes (not hers) that are too small and I get so irritated. Here I am buying the girls nice clothings all the time and they end up with rubbish.

Also, Harvynna’s nails are really long and she’ s been scratching everyone. Rowena’s is also long and has been scratching her face. Her face looks so red and blotchy.

Really don’t know what to do. On one hand, Harvynna absolutely adores the babysitter and is very comfortable there as she has friends, on the other hand I worry about Rowena.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Harvynna the little grandmother!

Some articles on toddlers showed that around age 2, children love to do play acting and like to mimic adults behaviour and its so true.

Harvynna now, likes to play cooking and cleaning (a good housewife!) She will play with her cooking set and come and ask me:
Harvynna: Mummy, you want rice?
Mummy: Ok
She will go pretend to make some rice and bring it on a plate for me.
Harvynna: Mummy, you want some water?
Mummy: Yes, mummy is thirsty.
Harvynna: what else?
Mummy: Mummy wants ice-cream (and I get up to go do something)
Harvynna: Mummy! Your ice cream getting cold!!!

She loves to clean the house with a broom.
Harvynna: The house so dirty. Must clean properly.

And just like a little girl, she loves to dress up and put make up on. The other day, I gave her my old bottle of nail polish and she was so excited.
Harvynna: Mummy: put nail polish for me (putting her feet on my lap)
(and I put some for her)
Harvynna: for my fingers
Harvynna: I want put nail polish for you (she paints my toe nails and my toes!)
Harvynna: So pretty mummy!

Mummy: Tomorrow you show your friends your nail polish ok.
Harvynna: I show Saranya. Don’t show Hansini (her rival at the baby sitters). Don’t let Hansini touch.

The next day, she actually remembered to bring the nail polish to the babysitters to show her friends and was so excited telling me in the car about it.

As the mega sale is here, I went crazy at my favourite shop, ‘Kids Oasis’ at Bangsar Shopping center where I bought lots and lots of stuff for the girls. When I brought it home, Harvynna was so excited at all her new clothes and tried on all her clothes.
When she saw Rowena’s dresses, she asked

Harvynna: Is this Harvynna’s?
Mummy: No, that’s for Rowena.
Harvynna: Is this Harvynna’s skirt? (taking out the skirt from the bag)
Mummy: Yes, it is and she immediately put it on.
Harvynna: I want to show my friends. (and again) – Don’t show Hansini. Hansini naughty girl.

This morning as we were driving to the babysitters, she claimed that her finger was caught in the seat belt.
Harvynna: My finger stuck. Mummy! Mummy
At the traffic lights, I turned behind to console her.

She grabbed my hand tightly and said, ‘Mummy, drive the car. Don’t disturb me’.

With 2 kids at the back seat now, sometimes it gets uncontrollable with Harvynna singing at the top of her voice and Rowena Crying. Whenever Rowena cries, Harvynna either says:

Don’t cry Rowena – we almost there. Little while more


Rowena – Hold your horses!!!

Rowena is 3 months old

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rowena turns 3 months!

Princess Rowena turned 3 months, yesterday on 25 July 2006. How time flies – which means I have been back to work for a month now!

Have not taken her for her 3 months check up and jab, so I don’t really know her weight at this point but she feels much heavier. She can fill out her 3-6 month clothes now. This morning I saw her holding her ‘beanie kid’ which was given to her by her cousins Saskia and Jackson, looking very contented. She tends to hold things now like her shirt, her seat belt and also my hair!!

Tried putting her on her tummy a few times, but she seems to hate it and whimpers, turning her head from left to right, pressing her face on the floor. I put her on a play mat and tried dangling a toy in front of her but she just got angrier.

She recognizes faces well now especially mummy, daddy’s and Harvynna’s. Still a smiley baby and coos even more now. Hubby says because she craves for the attention, so whenever anyone talks to her, she gets very excited. She also talks to herself a lot. Hmmm, he’s probably right. It’s hard to give Rowena 100% attention when Harvynna demands for a lot of attention now.

In bringing up Rowena, I adopted the ‘Cry it out’ policy. After the one month confinement, once she has been fed and changed, I left her in the cot to put herself to sleep. She cried for ½ hour the first day, 15 minutes the next day, and from then on, she cried a little and went to sleep on her own. This method is cruel, but it works. I guess sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind. Now, she is quite independent.
For Harvynna, I used to pick her up at the slightest noise, and until today, she needs to be soothed to sleep.

She loves to look around esp when we take her to new places. Due to her sensitive skin, she prefers to be in air conditioned and is very happy then. Just a little bit of heat sends her skin into rashes – at her neck and armpits.

Poor Rowena is losing a lot of hair on the top of her head due to her cradle cap.

Rowena still drinks 5 ozs of milk every 3-4 hours.

Happy 3 months Rowena!

Mummy bought me a new hat but it is way toooo big!!

Mummy's birthday

We celebrated my birthday (belated) on 9 July at Souled Out café. Actual birthday was on the 5th but being a working day, we decided to celebrate with the girl over the weekend. It was just a small gathering with Uncle Brendan and Aunty Ameta. As a bday gift, Ameta offered 2 free Personal Training Sessions at her gym! That will come in useful once I return to the gym in November.

The place was so crowded as they did not allow us to make reservations due to the World Cup finals on that day. Luckily there was a table available for us. Harvynna, as usual had her favourite macaroni and cheese (which turned out to be a big mistake) and of course a glass or Pepsi, which was her request.

Rowena, on the other hand slept through the whole gathering. So we could not take pictures with her. She woke up as we ready to leave, but was crying. That explains the picture!

On the way back, Harvynna started coughing and coughing. And then she started vomiting continuously all over herself, the car seat and the seat. When macaroni and cheese comes out as vomit, you can imagine the smell. And she started crying because there was puke all over her, which ruined her pretty dress. Luckily we were almost home and all the vomiting stress caused her to wheeze and breath rapidly the whole night. I was afraid that this was the start of Asthma. Luckily, the next day, the dr confirmed that it was the vomiting that caused everything.

As we had to wash the car seat, Harvynna is now using her old car seat. For a few days, Harvynna tells people, ‘I vomited on my black car seat’. ‘The car so smelly’. As I had an important meeting at work the next day, I couldn’t get the car washed. Had to endure the smell all the way to work.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Smiley baby

Rowena has become a real smiley baby. The moment you give her any attention or talk to her, she smiles happily. The funny thing is she seems to find my face amusing. Whenever, she looks at me, she will smile continuosly which looks more like she is laughing. Hmmm.

We took her to the Paed the other day as Harvynna was down with the flu (again) and Rowena had a bit of the sniffles. She found the whole adventure funny and was smiling throughout the visit to the dr.

The poor girl has a bad case of cradle cap. Have been putting olive oil to remove it but has not really improved. The worse part is, her hair seems to fall off when removing the cradle cap. Poor gal! Harvynna keeps telling everyone, ‘Rowena got dry skin’ and points to her cradle cap.

I don’t know why but Rowena has extra sensitive skin – prone to heat rash, nappy rash and the cradle cap. Must have been the junk I ate while I was pregnant with her.

On another note, Harvynna turned 27 months yesterday. She has really matured since Rowena’s birth. She has moved to her own room but of late keeps coming back to our room with the excuse, ‘I am coughing’, ‘ I sick’.

She tries to mimic me by reading to Rowena and showing her bright coloured objects. She will sit by Rowena’s side and tell her ’Look Rowena’. She is still very possessive when strangers try to carry Rowena. ‘ This one my Rowena’ and screams.

It’s easy to forget that Harvynna is still a baby and needs to be pampered ever since Rowena came along. We expect her to be more matured and behave more grown up, when in fact she is still our little baby.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Accident

Last Saturday, Harvynna was being extra whiny. She gets that way when she is at home and Rowena gets lots of attention. What happened was we were all in my room and I was feeding Rowena while lying down. We were trying to coax Harvynna to nap as well. Then she started her ‘monkey’ routine and jumping on the bed. In a split second, she fell and banged her head on Rowena’s head. It was REALLY loud . Sounds like when you bang your head on the wall. And Rowena really, really, really cried. I have never heard her cry like that before. It must have really hurt. All the scariest thoughts came to my mind as she is so tiny. I was so angry with Harvynna but at the same time it was an accident on her part. She could not understand why we were so angry with her.

Fortunately, there was no vomiting and Rowena was as active as normal. No more putting Rowena and Harvynna together on the bed.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Smarty pants Harvynna

Harvynna is becoming a real smarty pants.

When I am driving both the girls every morning, she will tell me
Harvynna: Mummy, drive slowly, Rowena is crying ok
And sometimes:
Mummy, drive properly. Why driving fast?
The best part is I am crawling in the traffic jam. She probably feels my stress.

While in Melaka, my dad checked her as she started saying ‘lah’ like a typical Malaysian.
Now whenever, anyone uses the word ‘lah’, she will quickly check us and say, ‘cannot say lah’ - Not good.

I explained to her that her cousins Saskia and Jackie have gone back to Australia in the big aeroplane. She replied ‘I also want to go Austalia’

When she reached home, she told her daddy,
’Daddy, I want go Austalia with Daddy’.’Go in the big aeroplane’
Me: What about mummy and Rowena
Harvynna: Go in the small aeroplane

This morning, as part of our morning routine, she came to our room in the morning and when we were ready to leave, Daddy gave her some cuddles.
Harvynna: I don’t want daddy sayang.
Harvynna: Daddy go bathroom and wash your bum
Harvynna: Daddy go wash your smelly bum!

And of course, she accused poor mummy of teaching her silly things like that.

Then she attacks little Rowena.

Harvynna: I liiiikkke Rowena with her grip on Rowena’s head getting stronger and harder.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rowena is 2 months old

Rowena turned 2 months last Sunday (25 June 2006). She is growing day by day and before I realize, she will be a toddler. Just like Harvynna, I can still remember when she was a little baby and now, she is an adorable 2 year old.

Unfortunately, Rowena caught the flu virus at 7 weeks as everyone in the house was down with the flu. Luckily, she got over it very fast (must be the breastfeeding that helped). Poor girl

Some of Rowena’s milestones at 2 months.
Length (at 5 weeks) – 57 cm
Weight (at 7 weeks) - 5 kg

First actual smile at 6 weeks ( 14 June 2006), most heartwarming milestone
Started cooing at 6 weeks (14 June 2006)
Tries to reach for her mobile in her cot.
Turns her head towards noises
Can follow an object in an arc
Gets excited when she sees her sister. (Probably recognizes her voice)
Her head is getting steadier and can hold her head up when lying on her stomach.

She sleeps for 4-6 hours at a stretch. Last night, she slept from 9 pm to 6 am and I got worried and kept going to her room to check on her.

Drinks 4-6ozs of milk every 3-4 hours. (Looks like she has an appetite as huge as her sister!)

Harvynna and Rowena meet their cousins

Pic 1: My brother Jay and Rowena
Pic 2: daddy, Harvynna, Jackie and saskia at the pool
Pic 3: Saskia, Rowena, Jackie and Harvynna
Pic 4: Jackie and saskia
Pic 5: Family pic

Went back to Melaka during the last week of my confinement as my brother came down with his 2 kids from Australia. I have not seen my brother since 2000 and it was good catching up with him and the kids. Saskia is now almost 9 and has grown to be a mature, pretty and responsible girl. Jackson is 4 and is a lot of fun, although I think Harvynna is a little jealous of him since he gets a lot of attention from my parents.

Harvynna got along well with her cousins and they enjoyed playing together, bringing the house down. After spending a week with them, she graduated from calling ‘diddy’ to ‘daddy’ by imitating them. She seems to like Saskia. She said, ‘I like Saskia only. I don’t like Jackie, Jackie naughty girl!’

Poor Rowena was oblivious to what was going on as the 3 older kids stole the show. While taking pictures of the grandchildren, Rowena was left out and the pictures had to be retaken as they forgot about her!!

We spent a day at Mahkota Parade shopping. Harvyyna wanted a shiny shoe as Saskia had a nice one. Bought loads of clothes for Harvynna and Rowena. Luckily Rowena slept through the trip. She slept a lot during the trip to Melaka.

We also went swimming at the Melaka Club Rotunda. Saskia swims very well and Harvynna loves the water. She kept saying,’I love to bath’!! The water was really cold and she was really shivering.

Guess we will have to make a trip to Melbourne next year to visit them. This time Rowena will be able to enjoy her cousins as well!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back to work!

Went back to work yesterday after 2 months of maternity leave. I feel that 2 months are just too short as the baby is just settling herself in this world. After being in Melaka for 5 weeks, I came back to KL (supposed to get somethings done), but ended up just staying at home. Felt bad about leaving Rowena during the 2 months. So I spend every single minute with her, feeding her, playing with her and just holding her. As I know, once I return to work, I go straight into the peak period and might be busy. I planned to leave the office at 5 sharp but ended up leaving at 6.45 as I had something to finish up. I couldnt wait to go pick up my 2 princesses.

This morning, Rowena was wide awake in her cot, looking at her mobile. She gave me the biggest smile when I came in the room.

Even with Harvynna, I had her with me throughout the 2 months maternity leave.

Now, I take both of them in my car every morning and pick them up. Have their car seats at the left and right of the back seat. Had to put Rowena at the back as well because of the air bag and I cant really see whats going on. So have to ask Harvynna to look and report back to me. Like this morning, poor Rowena started to cry in the car and Harvynna said, 'I think Wowena wants to go Aunty Philo and dink susu' . She even tried singing her a lullaby:

Hush little baby dont cry
Mummy' going to buy you a diamond ring
If that diamond ring don shine
Nana's going to buy you a diamond ring

Harvynna is becoming a really good big sister and is interested in helping out. She wets the cotton, brings Rowena's clothes and rocks her in her rocking chair.

Every morning is such a rush. I have to get ready, feed Rowena, sterlise the Breast pump and get them to the car. This morning, I was in such a hurry that I splilt the bottle of expressed milk. Harvynna kept asking, 'Why spilling? Why the susu spilling?'. Plus Rowena started crying and the traffic was really bad.

This is the first week after all. I am sure things will get better as I get used to this new routine.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy one month, Rowena Kaur Kler!

Rowena is one month old today. Actually, she was born on the 25th of April, but the Hindu priest did some calculation and we had to do her I month rituals today - which means 1 day less of confinement. Clap clap!

We had some prayers at home, just among the family. Even daddy could not make it as he had to work. Basically, this ceremony is to bless the baby and to chase away any evil that may surround her. Everyone had to whisper Rowena's name into her ear 3 times and feed her with some honey. Harvynna had some honey too. Harvynna was very interested in the whole ceremony. She sat next to me and was asking, 'Why uncle xxxxx' and even demanded a banana from the priest. Harvynna - whispering Rowena's name

After the ceremony, we went to the Hindu temple to present Rowena to the Goddess. It was Rowena's first outing(other than the visit to the dr).

Rowena will have another ceremony(the Sikh baptism ceremony), whereby she will be baptised as a Sikh. We will probably do that at the end of the year when we go to Kota Kinabalu (daddy's hometown) in the Sikh temple. We decided not to travel now as it would be quite tough travelling with Harvynna and the baby. The last time we went back to Sabah in November last year, Harvynna was running all over the plane and screaming that I felt like jumping off the plane!

So fast, 1 month has gone by. Before we know it, Rowena will be crawling, walking, running and talking. Time really flew by since Harvynna was born and now she is an active little toddler. It will be exciting to see the 2 girls growing up and playing together.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A new baby and a toddler

Rowena turned 3 weeks old on Tuesday. How time flies. That also means only 1 week more of confinement for me. Finally, get to go out. I have been pretty good and following the confinement stuff. Its only 1 week more, anyway. Time really flew by this time, probably because Harvynna was around as well.

Rowena has been more wakeful now. She hardly sleeps in the day, and needs more attention compared to the earlier weeks. Am trying to be a smarter parent this time e.g. not picking her up as soon as she cries, so that she will not get used to the body warmth. Also, tend to leave her on her own more. That seems to backfire now, as she demands more attention and I am so exhausted and my back is killing me. Now I remember why many mothers abandon breastfeeding at this time as it is quite tiring. But I also remember that the hardest time is now and they will soon pass this phase. (keeping my fingers crossed) I think she is also going through a growth spurt now.

This morning, Rowena refused to sleep and was fussing the whole morning. I was so exhausted and really wanted her to take her afternoon nap. The thing with the pacifier is that it keeps popping out from her mouth and then she starts crying again. I could have sworn that I woke up about 1000 times last night just to push the pacifier in. Seems like I am hooked on the pacifier now as it helps to put her to sleep. I gave Rowena one big yell and immediately she closed her eyes and slept. Felt guilty after that!

Harvynna on the other hand is slowly showing her jealousy again. Sometimes, She will hug and kiss the sister,’I sayang Rowena’ or ‘Don’t cry Rowena’. At other times, she will smack Rowena’s head or squeeze her foot or pinch her. Today she told Rowena, ‘Why you bully mummy, Rowena?’ ‘Don’t cry,sleep’

Harvynna has really grown into a little girl since Rowena’s birth. She speaks very well now and behaves in a more grown up way. She craves for my attention at times but its hard dividing the attention especially when Rowena needs a lot of attention now.