Monday, April 19, 2010

Harvynna's 6th birthday Spa-rty

Ever since, I started working in this job in 2008, April is a crazy month ......with 3 birthdays and 1 Open Day to manage, you can imagine the stress.

So this year, Harvynna wanted to have a small party with her close friends besides the cake cutting at school. So I told her, since she is 6, she can invite 6 friends - but they must be independant to stay without their parents, as the place mentioned that they cannot really accomodate parents and kids due the the limited space.

So she made the list, I approved and added one or 2 of my good friends children of the same age. Everything was done really at the last minute!

We had the party at Feffy's Kids Spa in Mont Kiara. They had a 2 hour package, where the girls get a spa pedicure, make up and hair done, while they run around and go crazy with the array for costumes and wigs.
Harvynna prepared the sandwiches, helped me fry the nuggets and do the party packs which was a set of fairy wings and a wand. Basically, I made her do everything as I was too zonked out from the Open Day.
A fun day out for the girls, overall!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Harvynna turned 6 on April 12th. Cant believe she has grown and is so matured now. Next year, she will be in Primary One and she is really excited to start a new Chapter in her life. She keeps telling Rowena that she wont be there to look after her as she will be going to a Big school.

She celebrated her birthday in school on the 12th with all her friends. It was an extremely exhausting day for her as she had a TVC shoot over the weekend in the hot sun - which made her quite moody. (will blog about that later)
Poor gal. Anyway, we are having a party for her this weekend at the SPA with only her closest friends.