Thursday, February 26, 2009

EOE Online

Since the girls were born, I have taken thousands of photos through my digital camera and camera phone. They are stored in some CD somewhere or online albums and I never really took the time to print them. Mostly, because I am too lazy to go the shop, upload the pictures and collect them later. However, I still feel printed photos are the best as it is a treasured memory.

Now, printing these digital pictures are so much easier through this site.

All you need to do is upload your pictures online at their site and they will print it and send it to your doorstep. It's really affordable too! A 4R print costs only RM0.30 (current promotion) and free delivery* for orders above RM35.00.

Its a good, fast, way to print all those precious pictures.

Friday, February 06, 2009

How do you solve a problem like Ro-we-na?

How do you solve a problem like Rowena? She is really mischievous, full of energy and does not sit still for even 1 minute. At home, she is constantly jumping, running, climbing, touching things and cannot sit still. Even if she is standing, she will jump on the spot or shrug her shoulders.

She loves to throw things out of the toybox, climb up the table and pull things down from the shelf. Her teacher also told me that she has a very short attention span. When I pick her up from her school, she will be waiting by the door with her backpack on. (that is at least 15 minutes before her class is over) She will quote her favourite line 'I really love it here' followed by 'Come, lets go'. On the way to school, she will start her 'i dont want to go to school. Yucky school'.

I think she really dislikes being in a controlled environment.

Even when she sleeps, she keeps rolling and singing and turning till i have to scream at her. The moment she wakes up, she will look for Harvynna and hit her or pull her hair.

We have this mini play kitchen set at home and Rowena loves to push it down, open the cupboard door and climb inside knowing that it may break. Or she will open up her Dora's dollhouse and sit on the roof, looks at me, waiting to be scolded.

If i take her out, she will run all over the place till i have to scream at her. Dont care if people are looking.

If I scold her, she will come up close to me and say ' Mummy, why you angry with me? What I did?' I loooooove my mummy' and immediately I will forgive her and within 2 seconds, she is back to mischief again.

So, I have cancelled my plan of sending her for speech and drama as she will get bored, also cancelled the plan of sending her to tae-kwan-do or she might beat someone up.

I wonder how this innocent lil baby can turn out to be like this!!