Friday, March 23, 2007

I am almost 1 - 11 months to be exact!

  • P/s – this post was written by Rowena

    Woo hoo – I turn 11 months old on Monday. Just 1 more month and I will be a toddler. I wonder if that will be better or worse. I can see mummy and daddy scolding Harvynna if she does not do something right, while I can get away doing the same thing when I give them the Puss n’ Boots (Schrek 2) look.

    At 11 months, I can take 4-5 steps on my own, though I prefer to walk on my knees.
    I am 11 kg – yup that’s overweight but everyone seems to think that chubby babies are cute
    I babble a lot but mummy seems to understand what I want. I also love talking to myself.
    I can point to mummy’s nose if prompted.
    I am an eating machine – I eat anything and everything and demand that everyone shares their food with me or I will SCREAM and bring the house down.
    My hair has grown so I am starting to look like a girl.
    I adore my sister to bits – everything she does seems funny and smart
    I can say bye bye
    I have a skin problem - but what the heck – I still look cute anyway. Mummy keeps trying all sorts of soaps and creams like Eubos, Oilatheum, Acqueous bla bla bla. Some smell good and some smell really bad.
    I have a bad case of seperation anxiety but that’s my way of telling mummy, I love her.
    I love to dance and have grown a liking to that big fat ugly purple dinasour on tv. And hurray - mummy is signing me up for Musikgarten with Aunty Pearly.
    I would rather chew books than sit down and read them
    I am slowly able to play with shape sorters but have to be guided
    All in all, I think I am doing well and am really looking forward to my birthday party and receiving more presents. I am tired of getting Harvynna’s second hand stuff.

Bye bye

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Babies can show signs of separation anxiety as early as 6 or 7 months, but the crisis age for most babies is between 12 to 18 months. - Yikes!!

Rowena is really going through this stage with me and absolutely can't let me out of her sight! THis morning, she cried her lungs out when I dropped her off at the babysitters and I felt so heartless as I just walked off as I had to rush off to work. Her eyes were filled with tears and looked so pityful.

Even at home, she cries the moment she cant see me like when i go to the toilet, to another room, the kitchen. She will crawl all over the house, crying 'mama, mama' looking for me. Its getting really bad in the mornings as she does not want anyone else. She never says 'mama' unless she is looking for me.

I recall Harvynna being like that but I cant remember when she grew out of that stage. Harvynna, on the other hand, is quite the independant toddler now, and can entertain herself by watching tv, playing with her toys. Sometimes, she tries to console Rowena, by asking her'What's wrong? - you want mama?' but thats no help.

Looking at the bright side - Rowena's crying when I am not seen means that I am the most important person to her...... So I should just enjoy that even though it can be very difficult. I met someone yesterday, who told me that when a child is between 0-2 years plus, they need you more than ever, when they are about 3-7, they want you to participate in their activities, from 7-10, they want you around selectively, once they turn 13, they dont wnat you around anymore and would rather be with their friends - so I should just seize the moment while I can.

As impossible as it must seem, my baby has experienced almost an entire year of life. So many changes have sprung up at every turn, all leading to even more fun and fulfillment. Only yesterday, Rowena just fit into the crook of my arm; today, she is already taking few steps on her own. Soon, she will be running around with Harvynna and I will miss her clingy baby days!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Harvynna or Rowena?

I used to think that both my girls look totally different, but as I look back at Harvynna's baby picture, I can actually see the resemblance. Many people have also commented that Rowena is starting to look like Harvynna now. Only the hair is a dead giveaway!

Harvynna's wishlist

After extensive research and shopping, I have come up with the girls wish list for their upcoming birthdays next month - hehe, its more like my wishlist for them. Harvynna has told me what she wants, but its a guessing game for Rowena. I remember, Harvynna getting many duplicate gifts for her 1st birthday party, there are still a couple of gifts still stacked up in her cupboard. (actually, I had forgotten about them till I opened the cupboard the other day) - so now, they will be Rowena's presents!

This is specially for their daddy so he knows what to get them! hint hint!
So no more excuses of'dont know what to buy, dont know what girls like, dont know if the clothes are nice, dont know if they already have them!!'

I have also trained Harvynna well, that if you ask her, who buys her xxxxx, she will calmly reply,'Mummy! - from Bangsar Village'. And if you ask her 'what daddy buys for her?' she will say 'NOTHING!!!!' But its a different story, if she's cross with me, - then everything is by daddy!

Harvynna's wish list

I got Harvynna's birthday present at the Times Warehouse sale - the Barbie laptop (can't remember which version it was, but it was for 3 years and above)

Coming soon....Rowena's wish list

Monday, March 05, 2007

Baby Asha is born

We went to visit baby Asha over the weekend. Baby Asha Elizabeth Bergin is the bundle of joy of our good friends Brendan and Ammetta. Finally, after being overdue, baby Asha was born on 3 March 07. Harvynna was really excited to visit Asha and has been talking about her for a while. She was so disappointed when she woke up and it was raining. She asked me - 'Its raining, so how? '

I asked her ' so how what?' and she replied 'how to see Asha'?

After we came back from the hospital, Harvynna asked me,' Why Aunty Ameeta does not want to wake up? and I had to explain to her that she the dr just took baby Asha out so Aunty Ameta is tired. Then she asked, 'Why aunty Ameeta got button on her hand?' - she was referring to the thing for the drip.

Rowena just stared at Asha with her usual stoned look! So now, at least my girls will have a friend whenever we go out with Uncle Brendan and Aunty Ammetta.