Thursday, June 28, 2007

Global Sports Warehouse

The Martial Arts craze is really catching on in this part of this world. I am personally interested in Kick Boxing as it not only present a good way of staying fit, but also serves as a good self defense education, which is very important in this day of age.

Global Sports Warehouse offers quality martial arts products at a really affordable price. You can be rest assured of your purchase as the company has an excellent track record.

Some of the high quality items offered include jumprope ,hand wraps, kungfuslippers and even gym training bags. Global Sports Warehouse carries most major brands and you will be spoilt for choice.

Orders can be made online and all major credit cards are accepted. There is a 10% discount for selected items now. It's an opportunity not to be missed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Packing Station

Packing and packaging has always been a nightmare for me. Unfortunately, in my line of work, we have to pack items almost everyday as we have to send things to our external stakeholders on an urgent basis. What makes it more difficult is that most of the items are fragile.

I recently used the packaging services of The Packing Station - the one stop packaging centre. It's high quality, fast and efficient service made the whole process a breeze. They provide everything - from packaging materials, mailing and despatch services, storage and removals and also gift and retail packaging. My clients were impressed with the high standards and quality of the services despatched to them.

I am so glad to find my packaging solution all under one roof.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Fitness Pal

Losing weight and staying slim has always been something I have to work extra hard at. I always envy people that can keep slim without much effort. Now, after 2 children, I have to constantly watch my diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. This can be quite tedious and difficult to follow. Not to mention, the high costs of slimming products and gym memberships.

I was recently introduced to MyFitnessPal. What I love about MyFitnessPal is that it helps you keep track of what you eat and is compatible with any diet out there. The best part is it’s absoloutely FREE – no cost at all.

How MyFitnessPal works is it makes us log our meals in a fast, easy way. The more we track out meals, the easier it becomes. This free calorie counter teaches us the nutritional contents of the food we eat, which helps us make better and healthier choices of our food.
This in turns makes us stay the course and helps us achieve our weight loss goals more confidently.

I am so happy to discover MyFitnessPal. Its easy, free and achievable.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My girls - 14 months and 38 months

Yay! Rowena is 14 months. She is really developing a personality which is very different from her sister.

Physical Development

Weight – about 12 kg (she looks thinner, though)
(not sure about her height!!)

Hair : has grown quite a bit

Her legs are kind of bow legged. Is quite obvious – some people commented that it was because she started walking early. Some people commented that it is just a phase and will be ok. I recall Harvynna having the same problem at the age and its ok now.

Teeth – still has only 4 teeth (with the gap in between)

Eating Habits – eats anything and everything under the sun. Has tasted curry and does not seem to mind it. She must eat everything that we eat. If she had enough, she will stick her tongue out, with the food on it and let it fall out!


Rowena does not babble much, only when she is trying to say something. The things that she can say is:

Mama – for me, of course – but lately she has been calling daddy that too

Dada – occasionally now for daddy

Kar – for car

There – for there

Baba – for baby & Barney

Wowo – dog and all other animals!!

Cup – for cup

Yeah, she is not as vocal as Harvynna was at that age – so it’s really irritating when people say, ‘Rowena is so quiet. Harvynna could say much more when she was that age’.

Ya, so??

Things she does:

· Every morning, when I tell the girls ’ Lets go’ (going to the babysitter), she will shout ‘Car’.

· When its time to go out, she will go to the shoe cabinet, and start fussing to put on her shoes. Normally I will just carry her, but now she insists her shoes are on and will walk out

· Once we leave the house, she will lift up one hand and say ‘eh eh’ indicating for me to hold her hand

· Uses the remote and points at the tv. Then she hits the remote a few times (we have a lousy remote) and points it at the tv again

· She still loves to dance – everytime there is music, she will bounce up and down and clap her hands and sing ‘ah ah ah’

· She can march to music as she learnt ‘the ants go marching’ the other day

· When I tell her come, go bathe, she will start lifting up her clothes and walk to the bathroom

· If you tell her to kiss, she will come to you, place her face on your cheek and say ‘emm ahh’

· She takes my hairbrush and brushes her hair

· She hides and then appears saying ‘there’

· She likes wearing my shoes and parade around the house with it

· She can point to’bellybutton’, ‘nose’ and ‘eyes’

· She protest if you take something away from her

· She is a busy body, she stops whatever she is doing to see what is happening – noise, if somebody goes out etc

· She drink from a straw well

Some of her naughty traits (grrr)

· Does not sit on any high chair. When we go out to eat, she will start to stand on the chair and sit on the side bar or just stand - she ends up on my lap

· When she does not want to sleep, she will disturb Harvynna by pinching her, or pulling her hair, then laughing , then they both end up playing and laughing and not sleeping.
· She empties the dustbins, the laundry basket

· If she does not want to be carried, she will Wriggle, arch her back and do all kinds of things

· She picks up the house phone, starts dialing and places the phone to her ear but does not say a word. After she is done, she will throw the phone on the floor

Harvynna, on the other hand is getting naughtier and a real smart alec. She answers back at every opportunity. Examples:

Me: Harvynna, pick up your toys or the black dog will come and bite you
Harvynna: Where? I don’t see him. Don’t bluff. Liar liar, pants on fire

Me: If you are naughty, I wont buy you a present. I will buy for Rowena
Harvynna: then, I will pull it from her

Harvynna: Send Rowena to the playground and let the black dog eat her

Harvynna: I am not going to buy YOU anything. You are the naughtiest girl in the world (referring to me)

Harvynna: Can you please take Rowena away, she is disturbing my work

Harvynna: Remember, we went to xxxxx. Rowena was not there, she was not born yet

She is also quite observant:

She will ask me:

What are you smiling about or What are you thinking about?

She is also the fashion diva in the house

Don’t tie up your hair - its not nice
Why are you wearing that – its not matching
Why you not wearing your jacket to the office
I don’t want to wear that - its not even matching

You look fat in that dress!!! - (you can get the truth from a 3 year old)
Look at me ! I look so fashion

Gosh! I wonder if Rowena will be like that in a years time. Then I will really have my hands full.

Monday, June 18, 2007


We have been using ‘scare’ tactics to get Harvynna to behave e.g.

You cannot stay in the playground till late or the black dog will come out to eat little girls or
Don’t’ come out of your room as the black dog / dragon is waiting outside
And the latest addition is Chewbacca

- Chewbacca is waiting for you with a knife etc – yeah, we are crazy but sometimes scare tactics are the only thing that will get Harvynna to behave.

But now, it looks like poor Rowena is the one who is scared of Chewbacca. I just have to call out ‘Chew --- ba----cca ‘ and Rowena will quickly run to me and bury her face in my lap.

Poor gal! Wrong target!!

Thanks for all your kind wishes - Rowena is doing well now and her cheeks are filling up again!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Rowie is sick

My poor Rowena is sick.

We went to Genting over the weekend as I had something on there. I was working most of the time – so the girls had to make do with daddy. I have been sick since last Wednesday and was really bad on Saturday. So eventually, Rowena got it. This is the first time, she really felt sick as she was so sad, just lied down and cried the whole time. It’s so hard seeing her this way, as she is normally such a happy child.

ON Sunday, we went up to the top, and she got worse. Her temperature shot up. She got tired being carried for long and wanted to sit down. But once we place in in the stroller, she is happier, then falls asleep.

At night, her temperature was high and she was shivering. Luckily, the Avent milk storage ice packs came in handy and I placed that on her forehead. She was in and out of sleep and just wanted her mummy! I was also so exhausted as my event in Genting involved abseiling. So I was sick, exhausted and lack of sleep!

The next morning the paed confirmed that Rowena had a bad throat infection and it was very red and was started on a dose of antibiotics (Augmentin). I stayed in with her while Harvynna was sent to the babysitters. After half a day with mummy, Rowena was a lot better and was almost like her usual self,. Now she is kind of skeptical with anything I feed her due to the chocolate trick. I offered her a biscuit and she shook her head profusely, saying ‘Gaje gaje gaje gaje’ and walked off.

She has lost so much of weight and her face looked so small. Her eyes were also swollen due to the excessive amount of crying.
Feel so sorry looking at her. She is much better today. The antibiotics have kicked in and she is more up and about. She gave me the usual greeting of excitement when I picked her up last night.

During the whole time she was sick, Rowena kept calling out for ‘Mama, mama’ - emm ma’ and comes to cuddle up with me.

Harvynna, on the other hand was really sweet. When we went to pick her up on Monday, she was so excited to see Rowena in the car. She said’Ooh Rowena you are here also. Are you feeling better? You poor baby!’ and gave her few big hugs!