Friday, May 23, 2008

Last day of School

Today is the last day of school for the term. Harvynna's school normally has a class party on the last day. All the children get to wear their favourite dress and there will be games, activities and dances going on the whole day. She has been looking forward to this party, planning what to wear and what to bring. She was the one to wake me up this morning telling me that its her party day.
She wore her current favourite dress as she says it is a princess dress since it twirls round when she turns with her sparkling princess shoe.

She wanted to bring marshmallows for the party so I managed to get some jelly filled marshmallows. She does not want her classmates to eat them claiming that then, she wont have any to eat. Hmmm, she still has not mastered the art of sharing. I told her that you have to share, as it is a party. There is no point of having a party if you are going to eat all by yourself. So she actually counted the marshmallows to ensure she gets some for herself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Parent teacher meeting

Today was Harvynna's Parent teacher meeting at Beaconhouse. Its done twice a year before the end of the term. I went as early as possible so I could be the first......and I was. Talk about being kiasu. But there were more kiasu parents than me. They were practically running to the office to get a better number. How I wished they fell down the stairs or something.

The meeting with the teacher was good and she received a very good report. I am actually very happy with the school as within one month, Harvynna was able to write words in both CAPITAL letters and small letter, write 1-100, do simple math and picked up some proper B. Malaysia words. The teachers commented that she picks up things very fast and is more advance than some of her classmates that came in in January. I guess it helped that I taught her at home. She was able to write her alphabets only in Capital letters, as she did not want to listen to me teaching her the small letters.

She also got quite good reviews on her Mandarin and was said to have good interest in learning new languages. She is also very independant and sociable,and always asks questions and contributes well. Am so proud of her.

She does not tell me on a daily basis what she learns at school and only gives me selective information. I also saw some pictures of their activities and saw her making monkey faces or showing the peace sign while everyone else was posing nicely.

I was a little apprehensive about Beaconhouse as they do a lot of learning through play - which is not a bad thing, and is in fact encouraged in the west. But looking at the KBSR syllabus, it is no surprise that many students find it difficult to cope especially with Bahasa Malaysia if they do not speak the languague at home.

I did mention this to the teacher and apparently many parents have commented on this, hence they have more worksheets and workbooks used now. I mentioned the skills tested during entrance exams to private schools and they are aware that they need to cater their syllabus for this as well. Ha, it pays to work with a private school so I get all the insights of the Malaysian education system.

I look at the students in my school and they are really exceptional. You just pick any one of them and talk to them and they are all so confident. Just yesterday, we had an event, and 2 students were selected to emcee the function. They were given 3 hours notice amidst attending classes. They came to my room in the morning, I ran through the script with them and they did an excellent job, putting many adults to shame. I guess all the Structured Performing Arts and interactive learning model really paid off.

I am glad to have put Harvynna in Beaconhouse. She really, really enjoys school too and in fact a big punishment to her will be not to send her to school. I use that to threaten her if she misbehaves which is all the time.

Now, I only feel for poor Rowena. She never really did get all the teaching and preparation for school as whenever I try to do anything with her, Harvynna will just push her aside and take over. So there was no proper introduction to alphabets etc. All she gets is 'secondary' information when I do things with Harvynna. But then again, looking at how fast Harvynna picks up things in school, I am sure Rowena will catch up as well once she goes to school.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrific 2 speaks

Now that Rowena is so much more vocal, I really wonder if that is a blessing or otherwise.

Since she got it properly for pulling the toilet paper out, now, whenever she goes to the toilet, she will look at the toilet paper, pause for a few seconds then say,

Rowena: That day daddy beat me
Me: Why did daddy beat you?
Rowena: Because pull tisu, then daddy sco (scold) me
Me: Why did you pull the tissue
Rowena: Because daddy beat me (????!!!)

Me: Do you want to pull the tissue now
Rowena:No, then daddy beat me

On another occasion:

Me: Mummy is angry with you
Rowena: Why you don want sayang me
Me: Because you are naughty
Rowena: Then I dont want be your friend
Me: Good

If daddy is back late

Rowena: Why daddy dog dog aways come late?
Me: Dont know
Rowena: He go awopane ah? Flyyyyyy away

Yesterday, she was so cute

Everyone was sitting on the bed, and suddenly, Rowena goes pppooooooooot!

Everyone: ROWENA!!!!
Rowena: Acus me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The terrific 2s

Rowena is simply getting naughtier by the day. Blame it on the Terrible 2s or I call them the 'Terrific 2s', I guess. She gets up to her mischief in a sweet way that its quite hard to get angry with her. Some of the things that can drive me up the wall:

- loves to go into the bathroom and pull down the toilet paper till it all comes off the roll
-loves to follow anyone to the bathroom and offer 'tissue tissue' with her sweetest smile and then the disaster happens
- loves to wash her hands repeatedly, while getting her clothes wet
-refuses to get down from the car when we reach our destination. Instead, she will run to the front seat, go back again, then front again till she gets stuck somewhere
-refuses to come when you call her - will stand far away or run off somewhere else while giggling
- runs off when you least expect it
- goes into the rooms and locks herself in
- insists on changing her clothes when Harvynna is changing. If I say no, she will remove everything including her diaper and throw her clothes far away
-pull her sisters hair if she does not get what she wants
- switches off the tv if she is not getting any attention
- lies down on the floor in public just to get attention

If I show her that I am angry, she will smile and say in her cutest voice 'sorry mummy' and then do it all over again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tender moments

Whenever I am running late, I will drop Harvynna off first at school, with Rowena in tow and then drop Rowena off at the babysitters.

Just yesterday, we were a little late, plus Rowena told me in the house that 'I want go Awa school, ok?' and mentioned a couple of times in the car 'going awa school, right?' (she loves to end her sentence with 'right?')So I thought why not - although its quite a hassle as parking at Beaconhouse Bangsar is a nightmare, as you have to go through a lane and its quite difficult to turn and come out.

When we reached Harvynna's class, Harvynna gave Rowena a big hug and said 'Bye Rowie, I see you later ok - you be a good girl!" and kissed her a few times. Rowena also gave her a few flying kisses, and said 'Bye awa, see you'. All her classmates and teacher were watching them and said 'Ooh, so loving' not knowing what she said earlier in the car "I dont want Rowie to come to my school. She is a smelly girl. She did not shower'

The principal met Rowena outside and asked her if she was having a sneak preview. haha.

I am quite happy with the school as Harvynna is very happy to go to school everyday. She seems to enjoy it, although I am not too sure what they really do in class. They are having a Parent Teacher meeting at the end of the term and perhaps, I will find out then. I can see that she is good with her mathematics. She told me that she and another girl got a stamp on her hand the other day as she had done well in her math. Thats good to know as i hear they are raising the standard of readiness test in certain private schools.