Monday, January 18, 2010

Rowena's fractured arm

Poor Rowena Fractured her left hand (radius bone) yesterday. After lunch, the girls were playing in the room and as per Harvynna's report, Rowena said, 'you want me to show you how to climb without holding?" and that's what she did but felt down immediately. She must have tried to use her hand to soften her fall, and that would have caused the fracture.

She came out crying but I thought it was one of her usual falls. However, she was quite clingy and kept on clinging to me, and every few seconds, told me it was painful.Then she said, she wanted to sleep and I took her to my room to sleep. She was really holding on like a koala bear. She woke up after an hour and kept calling for me and complaining of the pain. So I knew something was definitely wrong, as she normally does not cry for long if she falls. So we thought its best to bring her to a hospital. Harvynna was being very sweet, and brought her pants for her as she was quite concerned for her sister.

In the hospital, she was really so tired and in pain, and looked so weak - so unlike the Rowena we all know. The doctor on call sent her for an x-ray and she yelled in pain during the x-ray. Harvnna and I waited outside and we could hear her screaming asking to go home. She could not place her hand flat as instructed due to the fracture.

Then we went back to the paed on call and he said that he could see a slight fracture on her radius and he called for the orthopaedic dr who had a look and immediately confirmed the fracture. He put a cast for her, but he said as she is very young, it should heal very fast. Rowena was quite traumatised after the xray, and was not keen to see another doctor. She was sniffling during the visit and kept requesting to go home. Somehow, after the cast, she felt a bit better but the pain comes back every now and then. Since she came home, she has been a real baby asking for sweets, drinks and me to be by her side all the time. She keeps asking me to remove the cast.

Poor gal, she is off school, but may send her back on Thursday, if she is better. Of course, Harvynna cant wait to tell everyone at school what happenned to her sister.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

True colours Revealed

Just as I guessed, Rowena is now pretty comfortable in school and her true colours are slowly but surely, being revealed!!

Was talking to her principal this morning, and the moment she saw Rowena, she started laughing and told me this is what happenned .

All students were given the insurance forms to bring back for parents to fill. Harvynna brought hers back, but I noticed that Rowena did not have hers. So I asked Rowena, where hers was and she replied ' Dont knowla that Teacher Shanti - she did not give me'. I told her to request for a new one (coz I knew she had lost hers)

Then yesterday, she asked the office administrator for a new one. And when they asked her where her form was, and this was how the conversation went:

Rowena: 'I was playing with it, and I dont know where it went'
Administrator: 'I will give you a new one but will you pass it to your mummy?'
Rowena:'No, I will play with it and throw it in the dustbin'
Administrator: 'In that case, I will pass it to Harvynna then'
Rowena: 'Ok, Fine. Do whatever you want"

???????? Now, that is the Rowena we all know - not the sweet, cute, smiley faced, tongue tied image she tried to potray earlier at school.

And apparently, after I leave every morning, she is very chatty to everyone. She is really one motor mouth.

Just last night, I told her to pack an extra set of clothes in her school bag and she replied: 'Wait, cant you see I am doing something. Are you blind? Huh?'

The other day, when we were back in Melaka and there was no place for her to sit, she asked us ' Where do you expect me to sit? On the roof?"

It may sound funny but when we are caught in the daily stresses, it comes to a point that far surpasses annoyance, like the other day, on the way home, she was messing with my CDs that was in the back pocket of the front seat. So of course, she got a good yelling to which she calmly answered ' the CDs are at my side, so I can do whatever I want' only to receive more yelling from me.
So she got fed up and told me' Ok. Fine- I am not going to tell you what I did in school because you are very rude!!!!!'
Aargh, I am sure she is going have lots of meeting with the Principal and discipline teachers once she goes to Primary school. Luckily, she still has 3 years more to change!!
When did this sweet lil girl turn into .......

this little monster?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After one week......

...........of school, the girls have adapted themselves very well. The school already started 'lessons' last week, but will start the actual schedules this week. All the outsourced teachers will also start this week.

Am pleased to note that Rowena's teacher mentioned that Rowena picks up things very fast and is quite attentive in class and also follows instructions well. I am relieved coz, unlike Harvynna, who started kindy knowing how to read and write, Rowena went in - zero and untamed!! As she was not interested, I did not push her and let her be as I knew eventually she would be interested. I did notice that when it is someone else giving her instructions, she would follow happily - just like her Musikgarten classes. The only thing is she cannot wait for her turn. I know what it is like - if she wants something, she can not wait and screams and whines till she gets it.

Speaking of Musikgarten, will probably stop those classes in April (once she turns 4) as she already does music in school and I could do with the break!!

Harvynna goes down to check on her sister - most of the time, if she sees Rowena busy with her work, she would leave and go back to her class. Now, its quite funny to hear them comparing what they learnt in school. Rowena gets really irritated when Harvynna sings the songs Rowena learnt.

Its quite funny to see Rowena transform into an angel once she reaches school. She will be the typical monster at home and in the car, but the moment we reach school, she becomes so innocent and sweet.haha

Her new best friend is a girl called Kyra. She does not like the boys and does not mix with them!!

The other thing is the moment she started school, she is totally off diapers. She was diaper free in the day but wears them at night to sleep. Somehow, she decided to grow up when she started school and does not wear diapers at all now. Yay to her. She sleeps in her own room the whole night, unlike Harvynna who still ends up in our room.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New year, new routine

The school holidays flew by so quickly and its back to a new school year. This time, Rowena starts kindy as well and she was so excited as she gets to don a new uniform like her sister and act all grown up. The good thing is that Harvynna goes to the school, so I dont really have to worry about Rowena feeling lost. She looked really cute in her oversized uniform (am hoping she can wear them for the next 3 years!!) and her 2 ponytails.

When I woke them up this morning, they immediately jumped out of bed in excitement, despite the rain.

I had brought them to school on Saturday, to pay their fees (left a big hole in our pockets) and for Rowena to familiarise herself with the teachers and school. The good thing about their kindy is it is very warm and everyone knows everyone. So even, all the other teachers teachers gave Rowena a warm welcome as they had all known that Harvynna's lil sister would be joining the school.

When I dropped them off this morning, Rowena immediately went to her class, put her bag in the allocated shelve and sat down with her teacher quietly. I waved goodbye to her and she waved back smiling. No tears, no wailing....she just sat down. I went upstairs to check on Harvynna, and of course the school being HER territory, she was very comfortable and had reserved seats for her friends from the previous class. Harvynna got her wish as the teacher she got was the one she requested for and Rowena got the strict teacher!!

I just called the school to check if Rowena was ok, and they said that she was fine and did not cry one bit. Well done, Rowena. I am so proud of you. I actually felt a bit bad as all the other parents stayed back with their child, while I went in, saw that they were ok, and left immediately, but at the same time, I felt proud that I have 2 independant kids.

Cant wait to hear her version of what happenned in school.

With Rowena in school, my mornings are going to be more hectic, having to get them both ready, prepare their breakfast, get myself ready and send them to school, and head off to work. Harvynna was more independant and used to shower and dress herself for school. Now, she ensures Rowena has her breakfast while I shower. Its helps that they do everything together.