Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes

As an early birthday present, my parents got Harvynna a ticket for the show which was held over the weekend at Stadium Putra. Right until yesterday, I was still debating if I should bring Rowena along (her ticket would be free, anyway), but I dont think she would have stayed for 90 minutes. Not wanting to spoil Harvynna's show, I decided not to bring her. She did not seem interested anyway, and was happy for Harvynna to go. Of course, Harvynna kept showing off and boasting to her about it the last 2 weeks as I told her that we got front row, rinkside tickets which is just infront of the stage. That made her really excited and big headed at the same time. We were really lucky as by the time I went to purchase the tickets, there were only 2 front row seats left.She was looking around the stadium and commenting that everyone else was sitting so far away and probably cant see so well!! Show off!
There were many girls dressed up in their best princess costume, so of course, I got a good telling off from her as I told her that the princess costume would not keep her warm as the place is cold.
The show was really nice, with the props, lighting and music and of course - the beautiful costumes. Harvynna knew all the princesses and was really excited. I bought her a box of popcorn which she happily stuffed her face with throughout the show and refused to share even one with me :( There were many stalls selling all kinds of DOI merchandise at ridiculous prices. I bought the girls a penchant each and a colouring book. I think Harvynna didnt expect everything so colourful and exciting that she was very quiet when we first arrived. She totally enjoyed the show and requested to go again.
I promised Rowena that I would definitely take her if Barney comes to town. So every 5 minutes, she will ask, 'Is Barney here?' Hopefully, by the time the next show comes to town, she will be able to sit still.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Harvynna's Primary school

Registrations for children born in 2011 into Primary schools started in March. I called up the school we intend to send her to at the end of Feb, and they mentioned that the instruction had already been sent out to the schools. So, I quickly got all the documents needed and wanted to register her as early as possible since the school is one of the few good surviving government schools left, as the teachers are very dedicated since the PTA consists of influential and aggresive parents that are very demanding!!

So, she has now been officially registered and they stamped the back of her birth certificate with the name of the school and she is the 10th student to register. After all the rushing, they told us that the forms are only submitted to the Ministry next year and the acceptance letter will only be sent in July next year!!

I still dont know if sending her to a government school is the right choice with all the complaints and grouses of parents that send their children to government schools. But it is much easier to pull your child out of a government school to a private school than the other way around. I am not so worried with Harvynna as she is quite an independant learner and will survive anywhere. I dont think the large class size and undedicated teachers will work well with Rowena, though. At least, we still have time to consider Rowena's options.

I spoke to Harvynna's class teacher today and she mentioned that I dont have to worry about Harvynna as she is a fast learner and has no problem with all her subjects. she now sings a lot of Mandarin songs as well and tries to teach Rowena how to pronounce some Mandarin words with the different intonations. The only problem is she does not complete her homework. By the time, we get home each day, it is 8 plus, and the last thing she wants to do is her homework. So, on weekends, she has to make up for the whole week's work. She gives all kinds of excuses not to complete them at the babysitter's house like she has to eat, bathe, sleep, play and anything she can think of.