Monday, October 16, 2006

Rowena's teething

I think Rowena is teething. Not sure about it but she sure has the symptoms like diarrhea, fever and very irritable. She also keeps rubbing her gums and drools a lot. I tried to feel her gums,but could not feel anything. If I recall with Harvynna, her first tooth came out without any fuss. It's different from child to child.So she has been very clingy over the weekend. Poor Gal! Does not help when Harvynna jumps on her and pinches her. Don’t know why, but Harvynna has been very naughty lately.

Was so annoyed with her over the weekend, I shouted at her,’Don’t irritate me early in the morning,’ and she replied, ‘you irritate me first! then she does this blink blink blink with her eyes like she is mad with me. Then she complains to daddy,’mummy is angry with me. She scolded me in her room and in Rowena’s room!

It must be that she has so much energy and if she does not release it, she goes crazy.

Anyway, despite the heavy downpour yesterday, Harvynna and I went to collect our cookies that we ordered. It was really yummy. We had planned to go the hair salon to trim her fringe, but due to the rain, we stayed in the car for a while and finished half of the peanut butter cookies, which was simply delicious!

Looking forward to more cookies the next 2 weeks. Also plan to start Rowena on solids. Hopefully her she would have cut her tooth by then, or I will have to postpone the introduction of solids.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harvynna is 30 months old.

I was looking (or kepoh) at my cousin Shamaine's photo album and came across this picture taken at her brother’s wedding (also my cousin!!!!), where nosy little Harvynna posed along with Shamaines group of friends and refused to budge. Harvynna was 20 months then, and looks so roly poly.

Today, she is 30 months, looks so different and so matured. How time flies!
Sorry Shamaine, but your niece is as vain as you. You were just like that at her age and still are!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A lazy day

Yawn! Am feeling so sleepy right now. It’s a public holiday in Selangor and we Klites have to work. Instead of having a quiet lunch with my colleagues, I have to meet our member for lunch, so its working through lunch and being fake and interested in what he does!

Been so sleep deprived. Rowena seems to be waking up a million times at night. She is getting used to being nursed to sleep. I have to kick this habit of hers. Harvynna did not overcome this till after Rowena was born. What makes it worse, is that Harvynna and Rowena sleep in their own room. So every night, I put both the girls to sleep in their room, when Rowena is asleep, I put her in her cot and when Harvynna is in dreamland, I go to my room.

If or rather, when Rowena wakes up and cries, I quickly go get her (don’t want her to wake up Harvynna) and bring her to my room. Then when she sleeps, I bring her back to her room, into her cot. If I don’t get Rowena fast enough, Harvynna will start to cry and want attention too. Then we have 2 girls sreaming their head off at 2 am. So that’s what I do every night – go in and out of the 2 rooms!!

Harvynna has not been too well, either. She has been having fever, on and off. Must be the haze. She told me yesterday, ‘you know, actually the haze is very bad!’

This morning, Rowena flipped over, from front to back. Only daddy saw it, as I was away in the kitchen. I will have to see it for myself. When she sees me, she has the look of,’Give me my susu, now’, so there’s no flipping over.

Looking forward to my looonnng break next week.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't tell me what to do!

pix taken 2 weeks ago

As Harvynna's vocabulary increases every day, she is learning to answer us back. It can be funny at times.

Lil Rowena - she really does look like a boy here!

I told her not to walk on the pavement near the road and she replied, 'I am just walking on sidelah, mummy' stressing on the word la and rolling her eyes.

If I remind her not to be rough with Rowena, she will reply, I am just touching my sister. I sayang her'.

And if she is wearing a dress and I ask her to pull her skirt down, she will reply, 'Skirt???? this is a dress!'

The other day, daddy asked her why are you scratching your bum, she replied, " I am just scratching my body la, daddy' and rolled her eyes again.

I cant imagine how she will answer us back when she turns 16!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Weekend

Now with Harvynna being very active and needs to be entertained all the time, we always have to crack our heads on where to bring her every weekend. We have been to practically all the malls, from Mid Valley, to Bangsar shopping Centre, Amcorp Mall and even Maju Junction as her favourite hobby is shopping .

The moment she wakes up, she will insist on having her bath and changing into her dress as she wants to go shopping.

Harvynna: Not buying anything, Just walking around.

She only wants to wear dresses now so I guess I have to pack away all her pants and tops and keep it for Rowena.

ON Saturday, we took her to Hartamas Shopping Centre. Quite a nice neigbourhood mall, reminds me of Bangsar Village. There are not many shops there but they have some nice booths at the Square room (a little bazaar place). Wanted to look around more, but Harvynna had a bad stomach ache and she stood in the middle of a stall groaning and showing the whole world she was constipated.

In the morning, we took Rowena for her 5 month jab. The paed confirmed that her skin condition has really improved (touch wood). She is not 8.25 kg (1.5 kg since her last visit) and we got some free rice cereals samples.

Then we went to Souled Out for Dinner as Ameeta and Brendan wanted to celebrate their Amniosintesis results as they had a scare earlier.

On Sunday, we went to Secret Recipe for lunch and Rowena burnt her finger (ouch!) As she was in a fussy mood, I was holding her when my piping hot lasagna arrived. I did not notice Rowena reaching out to dip her finger into the lasagna till I heard her scream and lasagna on her finger. Immediately, the waitresses brought some tissues and ice for her. Poor thing,

Harvynna was ok till she saw the White Chocolate cake and she insisted she wanted the yellow cake, but we told her ‘NO!’So she did her tantrum routine by running around trying to take off her dress and wailing all the way to the car.

I think Harvynna has been having dreams of Rowena as she will wake up suddenly, hit Rowena and go back to sleep!! Rowena, on the other hand hates to be alone now. The moment I leave the room, she will start fussing. Looks like having a shower is going to be a problem for me now!!