Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All night long

I wonder why many parents are so eager for their child to start talking. Coz once they start, they dont stop.....ever.... even if its all night long.

2 nights ago, Rowena woke up at 3am. she probably thought it was morning already. So she insisted on

Rowena: I want brush teeth
Me: NO
Rowena: I want manni (mandi - bathe)
Me: No
Rowena:I want cake
Me: NO

Then, she starts singing all kinds of songs and talks to herself. then she decides she wants to have a conversation with me.

Rowena: mummy, mummy, you know yesterday the foggy came (fogging)
Rowena: the foggy shooot like that
Rowena: then we go room and quickly close the door
Rowena: the foggy bau bau like that (very smelly)
Rowena: mummy, listen ,listen (while slapping my face).... then starts the same story again and again and again.

After a while, she got fed up and said, 'why dont want to sayang me, so bad then!' - well guess where she learnt that from.

Since no one pays attention to her, she starts kicking Harvynna, then tells the baby in the cake ladies house story....

Rowena: the baby in cake lady's house sooooo good - never drink mummy's susu - only drink from bottle and a whole lot of other stories...... all this at 3 in the morning on a week day!!