Monday, March 01, 2010

Parent teacher meet

Last Thursday, was the girl's parent teacher meet at their kindergarten. Since it was the first meeting, it was more to discuss the child's adjustment to the new level and what to discuss if the expectations of parents are met.

I was very confident of Harvynna's report as she usually gets loads of praises, but I was quite interested to see what the teachers would say about Rowena.

So for Harvynna - it was all good. The same report about her excelling academically and being the top of her class. She now shares the position with another boy who joined the school this year.She was quite upset to hear that!! But, the teacher mentioned that she is quite reserved. She has her own group of friends and does not really mix with the rest. She focuses on her work most of the time.

Harvynna has grown to be exactly like ME! She is really my mini.The teacher would like her to be more vocal. Dont know if that is a good thing but I supposed in today's world, it is. The funny thing was Harvynna's teacher immediately made the comparison to Rowena, saying she is very friendly and vocal and is friends with everyone and went on and on about Rowena's colourfulness!! I was like' eh, i thought we were discussing Harvynna here'!

Apparently, Rowena has made a name for herself at school - not academically but by just being herself. She is friends with the kids in all the other classes and loves entertaining the teachers. Her class teacher was actually describing incidents of Rowena and other teachers as the other teachers had told her about them!! Funny ones!

Work wise, she just does it for the sake of doing it, then she does other things like clean the tables after meal time, send the register to the office. Well, Rowena did say that she wants to be a 'kakak' when she grows up.

The teacher did say that she is very brave and participates in all the activities e.g. singing, dancing, speaking. Although, her motor skills are good, she still needs a lot of practice writing. Again, Rowena's class teacher said that Rowena is the total opposite of Harvynna, who has always put her academic work as priority. For Rowena, its all about having fun.