Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Diddy!!

Posted by PicasaDaddy celebrated his birthday on Sunday (9 April). We celebrated at Souled Out CafĂ©. As mentioned in my earlier post, we like the place as it is kid-friendly. We went to Bangsar Village earlier to purchase Daddy’s cake.

I asked Harvynna:

Mummy: After this we go buy cake for Daddy’s Happy Birthday ok.
Harvynna: No diddy Happy Birthday. Harvynna Happy Birthday.
Mummy: No, today is Daddy’s birthday, Wednesday is Harvynna’s birthday. We buy daddy a cake ok.
Harvynna: Buy daddy cake
Mummy: Harvynna got money?
Harvynna: Harvynna no have money.
Mummy: Then how to pay for the cake?
Harvynna: Diddy pay!

We got a little heart shaped cake, that said Happy Birthday daddy.

Harvynna’s favourite Uncle Brendan (Uncle Bendan) and Aunty Ameta (Aunty Aita) joined us. Harvynna seemes to like uncle Brendan. Whenever, she sees Simon Cowell of American Idol on tv, she will get so excited and say, ‘there uncle bendan’. They do have a resemblance (I think).

When you ask her, ‘Where Uncle Brendan?
She will reply, ‘In the tv’
I ask her, ‘what does Uncle Brendan do”
She will say, ‘Uncle Brendan white man!!’

Souled out was fun but can get pretty noisy. Harvynna was not happy and felt left out as we were all busy talking and started her tantrums. So we had to let her our from her chair and run around till she came back to our table to do her poo poo!

It was only, when we were on our way home in the car that she acknowledged it was Diddys birthday and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Happy birthday Diddy!!
Hugs and kisses from Harvynna and mummy!

Happy 2nd birthday Princess!

Posted by Picasa Happy 2nd birthday our little princess!

Yesterday, Harvynna turned 2! On Tuesday (being a public holiday), we went to Mid Valley to get Daddy’s belated birthday present and also Harvynna’s present from Toysrus. I thought that that might cause labour to start since the dr said that walking might help. Wouldn’t it be nice for Harvynna to share her bday with her baby, or maybe not. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

Anyway, yesterday, we had a small party at the babysitter’s house. I brought the cake over at about 5 pm together with some snacks and party packs for the other kids. It rained cats and dogs when I arrived and all the kids had just woken up from their afternoon nap. Some of the other mummies arrived and waited it out due to the rain, so we had a bigger crowd at her party. Harvynna was very excited as she kept telling the mummies, ‘today, harvynna’s happy birthday’. There were 7 children including Harvynna.

One of the older kids, Natasha dressed Harvynna up, while I just snapped photos.
She sang her bday song……Happy bday Havina
Happy bday Havina
Happy bday Havina
Happy bday Havina

Harvynna was very happy and had 2 servings of cake. The cake tasted really good and looked pretty good too. The lady that made the cake is really talented. I saw some of her other cakes and was really impressed. She seems to specialize in 3D cakes. Next year, we will order the cake from her.

Once we got home, we opened her presents and she was too engrossed in them. All our family called to wish her, but she was a little ‘stuck up’. She just told everyone, ‘Ok, bye, see you’

Overall, it was just a simple celebration, nevertheless –still a celebration as our baby girl is now 2 years old.

Monday, April 10, 2006

10 things I like to do!

Painting / drawing/colouring


Bath (splash) time

Cooking (stirs things in little cups and pretends to cook)

Go shopping

put cream and make up

admire herself in the mirror


Attend Musikgarten classes and practice the dancing at home

Car rides

Under the weather!

Haven’t been on the blogging scene for a while. Havent fully recovered. Still suffering from a bad cough. Not taking any medication for it, so depending on my own immunities to get better. Harvynna was also sick last week. Her throat infection spread to her ear but she’s fine now, though she still has runny nose occasionally. Poor thing!

I was on mc last Wednesday, so daddy had to send her to work. On the way, she started crying and complaining about the sun in her eyes. Daddy’s car is not V-Kooled unlike Mummy’s!! Then she started vomiting and said, ‘I want to go home’. Once she reached home, she told me:

Harvynna: Harvynna coughing, all wet. Harvynna crying.
Mummy: Mummy will take you to the doctor and everything will be alright.

Then she kept asking, I wan see doctor. I want see Dr now! I want take medicine!

She looked so lifeless in the car from exhaustion.

I too have been feeling extremely tired and out of breath. No mood to go shopping even. I got most of the essentials already. Bag is packed. Just waiting for the day!