Friday, July 11, 2008

Does Harvynna have HFM?

When we went out for birthday dinner last weekend, Harvynna felt down and hurt her lip, but it was just a bruise and it turned red. A couple of days later, the bruise turned into a blister and hurts her. Yesterday, when I took the girls out for dinner, she told me that she cant eat because her tongue hurts. Apparently, the maid at the babysitters house told her that there are 'bengkak' on her tongue.

I checked her tongue and saw about 3 sores on it and she finds it difficult to eat. In the meantime, she had fever for 2-3 days especially at night and a cough, which I thought she had caught from Rowena. She was also tired and wanted to sleep early all the time which is really unusual with her.

I checked her hands and feet and her whole body but there was nothing there. So I am wondering if it is HFM as she does have the symptoms. Or is it from the fall?

I took this except from the ever famous Dr Greene and this is what he says:

(I highlighted in green what I can see in her)

Introduction:A miserable child who has lost interest in eating solids? Perhaps the child has hand-foot-mouth disease.

What is it?

Hand-foot-mouth disease is a common childhood illness featuring mouth sores,
fever, and a rash. Similar-sounding “foot-and-mouth disease” is a disease of cattle and is not related to this condition.Hand-foot-mouth disease is usually caused by a virus called coxsackievirus A16. However, many children with coxsackievirus A16 infections do not have all of the features of hand-foot-mouth disease. Some have no rash, some have no mouth sores, and some even have no fever. A variety of other viruses in the Enterovirus family can also cause hand-foot-mouth disease (the coxsackieviruses are enteroviruses).

Who gets it?

This disease is most common among young children but is seen with some frequency up until puberty. Adults can get it, but this is much less common. Once people have had coxsackievirus A16 they are generally immune, but they could get another case of hand-foot-mouth disease from one of the other, less common viruses. Most infections occur in the summer or early fall, with the peak between August and October in the northern hemisphere.

What are the symptoms?

Children with hand-foot-mouth disease usually start to feel crummy 3 to 7 days after they were exposed. Often, the first thing parents notice is their children’s decreased appetite for solids. Children may also have a fever and a sore throat. A day or two later, many children develop sores in the mouth. They begin as small red spots on the tongue, gums, or mucous membranes. They may blister or form ulcers.A skin rash may also develop over a day or two, with flat or raised red spots. Unlike with many rashes, the spots are often found on the palms and soles. Also, it is common to have the rash on the buttocks. Often, the red spots will form tender blisters (although not on the buttocks). Unlike with chickenpox, the rash does not itch.Usually the rash disappears and the child feels better within about 1 week.

How is it diagnosed?Usually the diagnosis is made based on the history and physical exam. Lab tests are available for the coxsackieviruses and other enteroviruses, but they are not usually necessary. Hand-foot-mouth disease is sometimes confused with strep throat, which can also begin with a fever and sore throat. It is sometimes mistaken for chickenpox because they both have blisters. It might be confused with any of the childhood exanthems. Also, many children with hand-foot-mouth disease are diagnosed with ear infections because the eardrums may appear red.

How is it treated?

Antibiotics do not help with hand-foot-mouth disease. The important issues are pain relief and plenty of fluids. Cold liquids and popsicles can be soothing for a child’s sore throat.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

As different as night and day

Here's Rowena who is not afraid of anyone or anything, dares everyone, scolds everyone and if I scold her, she says 'You better watch out'........

and here is Harvynna, who is a little princess that always wants to look pretty and needs lots of attention...... (check out the overload of accessories)

Friday, July 04, 2008

More on the girls

Seem to blogging about Rowena - her antics, her misfortunes etc and I realise that I havent said much about poor Harvynna. Sigh!

She is now 50 months but behaves like she is 500 months . She is very very sensitive now, a real fighter cock and likes to argue about everything. Really gets to me sometimes as she seems to have an answer for everything. All the previous threats carried out to scare her does not work anymore as she knows its just an attempt to scare her. This morning as she was getting ready for school, Rowena disturbed her and she told her very sternly, 'I am getting really fed up of you. I am going to leave the house soon'.

The other day, I told her that if she is naughty, I wont pick her back from the babysitters house, and she replied 'never mind, when you come and pick Rowena, I will quickly come in the car'.' and she argues with what ever i say, but its quite funny sometimes.

Rowena is also another one. I hoped the lift incident would scare her a little but obviously it did not. When she was monkeying around, I told her remember what happenned in the lift?, you want to jam your hand again' and she said, 'yes, come lets go'!!!!'

Yesterday, we went out to eat, and she knocked down daddy's drink and got a good yelling from him. She just glared at him, and said ' I dont want you anymore, your shirt very dirty. I want mummy'. After a few more glares, she said 'I going to Melaka ever ever ever - I dont want you'

Gosh, what brats!! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I asked the girls what they were getting me, and Rowena said, she will get me a durian cake (as they hate durians) and Harvynna says she will get me shoes from Giant!!!! Well - its the thought that counts

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Everything's going up

Eversince the announcement of the fuel hike, everyone has taken the opportunity to increase their prices as well. Nothing comes cheap anymore. Eating out is overpriced - one miserable piece of chicken at a mamak stall cost RM3. Huh?

Yesterday, Harvynna's kindergarten informed us that they will be increasing their rates by 30%. That;s a serious increase and with minimal notice. I asked them why the increase, and their lame reason was ,'oh, we have not raised our prices in 4 years, and with everything going up, so we also have to increase'. Not just the fees have gone up, the meals, uniforms, everything has gone up too.

So, how does a single income or low income family in the Klang valley survive? No wonder the crime rate is going up.

And to think,I was faulted for choosing this job that pays higher (significantly higher), just because I have to work on alternate saturdays. Well, I actually like working on saturdays, as I get to do all my reports, and planning with minimal interruptions. I even go to the school library to borrow books for Harvynna on saturdays as weekdays are just crazy. I even brought Harvynna to my office once and she loved it. I have chosen this job, and I love it, my boss is great, my staff are great and the environment is good.

I was faulted for choosing money over my family. Excuse me - with less money, and the rising cost of everything, I think I would have sacrified my family by taking the other job. At least now, I can buy them whatever they want without taking twice. The other job, actually meant taking a pay cut from my previous job!! So tell me, is that the dumbest move or what!! eeesh, I really hate people that try to meddle in your life without knowing the facts.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Its been a bad week

The week has barely started and it has been hassle after hassle. Hmm - they say, that sometimes, you have to get it all out of your system - a cleansing of the negativity.

As I was getting ready to leave for work yesterday, I woke Rowena up, and she just could not wake up. She could hardly open her eyes and was very weak. Then I carried her to the front door, and she sat on the floor, and cried asking me to carry her. So there I was, with my handbag, my gym bag, my lunch pack, Harvynna's bag, Harvynna and I had to carry Rowena all the way to the car. I was annoyed as she was being so dependant. Now I feel bad for feeling that way.

Once we were in the car, Rowena slept off almost immediately. Once we reached the babysitters house, I carried her to the house, and she threw up twice. Then sat there so helplessly. My babysitter knew something was wrong, and gave her some water. She told me she would call me if she got worse.

Just before lunch, I called and she said Rowena had been sleeping since I dropped her - so unlike her, where she does not sit still for one minute. I decided that I have to bring her to a doctor. Of course, both the paeditricians at Damansara Specialist were on leave. (I only trust Dr Musa and Dr Vasantha - the others dont come recommended) What great timing. The paed near my place was on leave a lot lately, so I did not want to go all the way back.

Finally took her to Dr Azam at Pantai Hospital. Again, recommended, for Pantai, see Dr Azam. Since it was almost 1, most of the private clinics would be closed. When we reached there, we had to wait for over an hour, as he was out for lunch. By then, Rowena was back to her usual self. Anyway, the dr mentioned that she had some krepitations in her lungs due to some infection and a very bad, red throat. He was quite surprised that she was still active as most children with the same condition, would be very ill and worn out. He says it would take about 5 days to heal and gave a whole range of medicines. I am quite impressed with Dr Azam - he is really good with kids and explains very well. Dr Musa is very good, but he always seems to be rushing, which can be quite irritating sometimes. Just that, he has a very good hand with kids and can cure any child.

After everything was settled (about 3 hours), I was only too happy to leave. While in the lift, Rowena got really active again, and was pressing the buttons on the lift when............. the door opened and slid right through her hand. My God, her whole hand was stuck between the door and she was screaming. I tried to pull it out but it was stuck. What a child unfriendly lift for a hospital!

Immediately, the nurses came, called security, and everyone came rushing, slowly they got her hand out, there were bruises and cuts, and without asking me, said to rush her to the emergency department to check her hand. The dr and nurses cleaned her wound and said that an xray should be done to check that nothing was broken. Rowena was in shock and kept calling for daddy. Thank God, the xray came out fine but the swelling was still there. What an ordeal for everyone.

This morning, I had a flat tyre. Was wondering why everyone was honking at me. I knew the car felt funny when I took it out this morning. My hubby used my car last night and got a nail in it. So pissed off as I had the girls with me, so I just cant stop anywhere for their safety. Finally slowly made my way to a petrol station in Bangsar and they changed it for me, while the girls sat in the car. Luckily, they were in a good mood. There were some police cars at the petrol station and they came standing around my car making stupid jokes. How annoying!

Harvynna said, 'Ask daddy to use his own car next time'. Yes, well said!!