Monday, February 27, 2006

My Baby Banz!

The sunglasses I ordered finally arrived about 2 weeks ago. It has been more like a toy around the house as Harvynna puts them on, admires herself in the mirror and takes them off. Sigh! Even the instructions on the cover mentioned that we should let the child put on the glasses from as young as possible to get them used to it. Shall leave it in my car now, so I will make it a point to put it on for her whenever we get into the car.

Saranya's 5th birthday party!

We attended Saranya’s 5th birthday party last Thursday at the Bangsar McDonalds. When you have a party there, all you need to do is invite the guests and McDonalds take care of EVERYTHING – from the games, food, mascot, activities and the kids looked like they really had a good time. As compared to when I planned Harvynna’s 1st birthday party, I had to start the planning 5 months ahead to book everyone and everything needed to have a good party.

Saranya is considered Harvynna’s first
friend as when Harvynna started going to

the babysitters place at 3 ½ months, Saranya was there and used to play with her like an older sister although they fight at times now. In a way, Harvynna had a companion right from the start.

When I arrived at the party at 7.30 (Harvynna was there since 6.30), she was like a grown up sitting with the other older kids at the table and eating. The moment she saw me, her eyes lit up, and she screamed, ‘Mummy!’ Poor thing, most of the other mummies were already there. This lazy mummy went home to sleep first. Made the most of the opportunity since Saranya’s mum was picking up the kids from the babysitters.

Looks like Harvynna enjoys birthday parties more now as she can understand whats going on and can participate in some of the activities.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bribery begins at home!

Me and everyone around me has the habit of bribing Harvynna with food. It always works! When she does not want to get into the car seat, I will offer her bread, or a lollipop or a biscuit and she will immediately jump onto her seat. Now it has become a habit and she keeps asking for food in the car seat. Its either, ‘Mummy, I want bikit’, or ‘Mummy, I want lollipop’ or ‘Mummy, I want bed (bread)’. If I don’t have any with me, She will say,’ mummy go buy sweet’ or ‘Mummy, put petol in the car’ because she knows whenever I stop to put petrol, she gets a ‘reward’ from the petrol mart for being a good girl and sitting quietly in the car.

This weekend, she woke up from her afternoon nap with a fright as there was really bad thunder and lightning. She wanted ‘Diddy’ but he had gone out. So there again, I bribed her, ‘Harvynna, do you want cake?’ and immediately her eyes lit up saying,’ cake, cake, cake!’’ On Sunday, she was bribed with bananas, of which she gobbled the whole thing up by herself. There I was hoping to have half of it! No wonder she weighs 16 kgs at 22 months!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Pic taken on Feb 11
Before going to our Residents Association CNY party

Bought this outfit for CNY as I found it quite contemporary

Monday, February 13, 2006

Little Beautician!

Miss Harvynna is becoming a real little girl now. She loves to play hair stylist by combing and tying mummy's hair. She will say, 'Harvynna want to comb mummy hair' and she will insist on standing behind me and playing with my hair. Another thing she loves to do is rub lotion on my leg. Unfortunately, she has finished 2 bottles of lotion in a week, but my legs are now silky soft.

She will rub the lotion and proudly say, 'Harvynna put lotion mummy leg'. Sometimes, if daddy is lucky he will get a leg massage too.

The worst is when she puts powder on our legs and the powder flies all over the place and blocks my nose! Oh no!

It's nice to be pampered by her since I have been feeling really sick lately. The nausea, body ache and tiredness of the third trimester has really kicked in and have been feeling really lousy! By the time evening comes, I am ready to collapse.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I Need shades!

Ordered a pair of sunglasses and wide brim hat for Harvynna today through this Baby Banz from Australia and a UV treated hat from this website. The weather has been extremely hot and can see her squinting sometimes due to the glare. The sun actually penetrates though my car tinting and I thought tinting the car would eliminate this problem.

Hope she will keep the shades on as she does not like anything on her face or head. Should receive it on Tuesday!


Since everyone has put in the excitement of the first time their little ones called them ‘Mummy’, I think I have to put it down as well before I forget.

Harvynna first called me Mummy on 24 July 2005 (she was already 15 .5 months) She could call everyone else before that e.g.

Nana ( grandfather)
Nani (grandmother)
Uncle Aunty

That was also after I left her in Melaka for a week as I was quite ill and had lost my voice, so could not manage her!

When you ask her, who is so and so, she will happily tell you, but when you point at Mummy and ask’ Who is that’ she will just mumble something.

Now, it’s Mummy, Mummy all day long in various tones and pitches.

Monday, February 06, 2006

No more holidays!

Back to the grind today after 9 days of holidays. The week went by so fast. :( As the weather was extremely hot, we did not go anywhere, but still managed to get a few major things done:

Finally purchased the new car seat for Harvynna. Got her the booster seat from GRACO after much shopping around. There aren’t many choices around for booster seats. Only Chicco, Maxi Cosi and Graco have it and with limited choices. Unfortunately, Harvynna does not seem to like the seat. It could be the seat is not as comfy as her previous seat as it is meant for a 3 year old or maybe she has been too used to not seating in her seat for the past one week and got used to her freedom. The poor gal cries all the way to her babysitters place - had to bribe her with food this morning to get her to sit in it.

Bought a new fridge. Looks good. Need a really good freezer to store the breast milk for the new baby and can freeze some food for Harvynna so I won’t have to cook for her every weekend.

Went for my 28th week prenatal check – up. Almost forgot about the appointment till the hospital called the house!! Luckily Harvynna was all ready as she had her bath early. Got her dressed up in her new sam-fu.(from Bangsar Village) Looks really cute but she kept trying to pull out the buttons. Since it was Chinese New Year Eve, we managed to reach DHS in 15 minutes. Baby is doing well has turned to the head down position. The dr said it may still turn over the next few weeks. Next visit is in 3 weeks time.

Some new developments on Harvynna

· Can finally say her name in full instead of Aina or Ana!

· Can insists on what she wants e.g. ‘ I want jelly now!. She says ‘I want…. for what she wants’

· Can say umbella instead of aluwar!!

· Loves playing with simple jigsaw puzzles (the big type) and can piece them together

· Have trained her to be my spokesperson, hehe – if daddy comes home late, she says. ’daddy – so LATE!!!!’……….., if daddy drives too fast, she says ‘ Daddy, dive poperly’ and if daddy talks nonsense, she says ‘ Daddy, no talk wubbish’.
Hehe, smart mummy!!

· Speaking of wubbish, Harvynna speaks her own nonsense now, she will purposely use nonsense words when we ask her things and she will give that cheeky look and laugh. I guess she gets irritated when we keep asking her questions.

· She has become mummy’s little helper. After washing clothes, she will take all the clothes into a pail, give mummy the hangers, and hang them on the clothes line. After that she puts the pail back in the room. Since it is harder for me to bend down, she will pick the clothes from the laundry basket and give them to me one by one. Ha, the joy of having a girl!

Sent her to the babysitters this morning and she cried and cried. After 9 whole days of ‘mummy time’, she has to get back to routine again. Poor thing. Broke my heart to drive off, but as usual, I was running late to work.