Monday, April 30, 2007

The Birthday Bash!

The girls had their birthday bash last Saturday (28th April 07) at Rumahku Café and gallery in PJ. It was a lot of work, tiring, a lot of fun and well worth it. Harvynna really enjoyed herself and Rowena was just toddling around playing with all the balloons. It was a butterfly theme and I was pleasantly surprised that many kids actually followed the theme and came with butterfly wings. Even the presents were wrapped in butterfly wrapping paper.

We stuck pink and lavender butterflies all over the wall, and also stuck little butterflies to the helium balloons. Most of the kids pulled down the balloons from the ceiling and tied it to themselves. At the end of the party, the kids released the balloons in the air.

This time, we invited close friends and family so it was a nice gathering. My MIL and niece came down all the way from Kota Kinabalu to join the celebration. My parents came from Melaka too.

The kids were well taken care of as I got Cha Cha Magical Clown dressed as a King to entertain the kids with some magic show and games. I used him for Harvynna’s first party and he was such a hit, so I decided to use him again. He doubles up as the emcee and arranged the cake cutting etc.

We got a face painter to paint butterlies on the kids faces. I must say that she did a really great job with such intricate designs. The boys had batman painted on them. Defintely well worth the money.

This time, we assigned my cousins as the photographers. We made the mistake of taking the photos ourselves during Harvynna’s first birthday, and ended up not taking many pics as we were too busy talking to people or running around. My cousins, Shamila and Shamaine took really good pictures including some excellent close ups of the girls. My cousin, Shamaine, is one artistic, drama queen, so her photos also turned out like her. She even had a close up of Harvynna picking her nose!!

The cakes were fantastic. Rowena had a butterfly cake (which Harvynna referred to as the ugly cake with no taste) and Harvynna had the princess cake.

Have to thank my other cousins, Roshan and Yudi for collecting the cakes.

Harvynna threw a tantrum during the cake cutting that we did not manage to get a good family picture. She pulled out the candles from Rowena's cake and placed it on hers and started breaking the princess skirt. I saw her face change when everyone sang Rowena's birthday song.
The girls dresses were gorgeous and it was easy to spot them from a far!! Have to thank their grand Aunty Selvy for that!

There were so many presents as everyone came with 2 presents. We had to bring them back in 2 cars.

All in all, it was a great party. Thanks to everyone who came and brought such nice presents.
Luckily, we had the long holiday break to recover!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday our precious princess

Happy Birthday Rowena!!!

You are 1 today - time just flew by before our eyes, now you are walking all over, trying to talk and still as lovable and huggable as the day you were born. You are such an easy going baby and we love u very very much!!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

My baby is almost a toddler

My baby is almost a year old.

I met Baby Asha yesterday and while carrying her, I realized that Rowena has really grown and in 5 days time – wont be a baby anymore. Asha is so tiny and I can carry her with one hand. She just lies there and kicks around and Rowena was once like that. Now, Rowena is happily toddling around, emptying the contents of the dustbin, walking around and taking whatever she wants.(which reminds me, I need to change her carseat to the toddler one as she is pretty squashed up in the old one!!

As Rowena turns one, she can now

‘talk’ on the phone – she puts the telephone to the ear and says ‘uh, uh.uh’ and smiles .

She loves music and is into ‘Fun Song Factory’ (Harvynna’s influence). When she hears the songs, she will bounce up and down and wave her hands. Not sure if this was coincidence but at the part ‘stand up sit down, keep moving’ she will bend down for a few seconds and come up again.

She opens and closes her hands to Twinkle Twinkle Little star

Can clap her hands

Gets upset if you take away something from her

Can understand very simple instructions like ‘bring the ball to mummy’ and she will give it to me and take it back again!

Hates to be confined to her high chair – she will stand up, and climb onto the tray

Loves to disturb the tv and remote control

Put toys into a container

LOVES to BITE!! Her 4 teeth are very sharp and her bites are very painful. She enjoys doing that and gives a big grin if you yell in pain. Need to buy some sandpaper to smoothen her teeth

She takes my hairbrush and combs her hair.

She enjoys banging toys together and picks up things quite fast by watching others.

Its’ getting extremely hard to change or dress her as she will stand and try to climb everywhere. Normally, it’s a real battle and she will end up crying.

Rowena is very independent when I am not around, but if I am around, she wants her’ma-ma’ all the time. Well, I should enjoy it before she goes though her oedipal phase!!

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today is my dad's birthday!

Happy Birthday Nana!

Hugs & kisses from your 2 lil angels
Harvynna & Rowena

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Harvynna's Oedipal phase

It's very normal for a young child to express preference for one parent or primary caretaker. There is a normal developmental stage called the oedipal phase, which usually occurs between the ages of three and five, when children exhibit a dramatic preference and attachment to the opposite sex parent and show considerable hostility to the same sex parent.

That's whats happenning to Harvynna now. She clearly shows a preference to her daddy and is constantly fighting with me and can drive me up the wall at times. She is very smart and knows how to get a way and when to be nice to me, as I am normally the one to buy her stuff and take her places. That's when she will give me that million dollar smile and say, 'Mummy - I like you'

However, the moment daddy comes home, she starts this war against me. She blames me if anything goes wrong and gives all credit to daddy.

Me: who bought you your Dora's dollhouse?

harvynna: Daddy! (ya, right)

Me: Who buys you all your nice clothes?

Harvynna: daddy

Me: What does mummy buy you?

Harvynna: Nothing!

Harvynna: daddy - you bought me my dora dollhouse, right (with that grin on her face)

At night, when I bring her to her room - after reading her her books, she will start whining: I want to go to daddy. I want daddy.

Me: Why ?

Harvynna: I love daddy

Me: What about mummy?

Harvyyna: mm

Me: Mummy?

Harvyyna: mm

Then she runs out of the room to join daddy.

The other day, I hit her because she threw this toy plastic elephant and it hit my head, missing Rowena by inches. She wailed and ran to complain to daddy - 'mummy beat me! Accidently hit only'

Sometimes, if she is in the mood, she will ask me to leave the room. 'Only daddy, Rowena and Harvynna can sleep here - mummy you go to the other room! 'Then she starts kicking me.

Gosh - sometimes, I just scream at her like there's no tomorrow!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A hectic weekend and more birthdays

Harvynna turned 3 yesterday. It was a quiet but memorable occasion as we will be having a party on 28 April together with Rowena. I took her to Megakidz, Mid Valley and she had a great time. I think I was more tired than her.

As we are having an OD of cake this month, we just had a cupcake as a symbol of blowing the candle and she got to open her Dora talking Dollhouse birthday present yesterday, which got her really excited. So we will open the rest of the presents during the weekend.

The weekend was really hectic as Daddy’s birthday was on the 9th but I had to attend a company function on that day, so we celebrated it on Sunday. We invited Aunty Ametta Uncle Brendan, and baby Asha for dinner to the house since Asha is still brand new - so no outside germs (which is quite an irony since she spends the whole day in the gym with sweaty people!!) Daddy cooked dinner (hehe, cooked for his own birthday) and it was fun. Harvynna was so excited that Asha was coming over. She even agreed to sleep in the afternoon so she will be fresh when they arrive.

It was quite interesting to see Rowena jealous of Asha. She was ok until I carried Asha. Then she started hitting Asha’s head and started to cry holding out her arms for me to carry her. I see she has picked up the hitting habit from her sister.

On Saturday, we attended Mary Anne’s 2nd birthday party at Kidsports Bangsar. We were really late as there was a bad jam, plus Harvynna threw up in the car all over her clothes. Don’t know what happened to her, but I was quite annoyed (terrible me- was in a bad mood due to the traffic jam). Luckily I brought a spare top for her, but she was very upset as she had worn a pretty top and had to change to the other one.

She really enjoyed herself at the party as she had been looking forward to it for 2 weeks. As usual, she insisted on standing right next to Mary Anne while cutting the cake. She does not really know Mary Anne as Mary Anne is my friend’s daughter, which we meet only once a year at birthday parties! Harvynna does this at all birthday parties, even adult birthday parties. There’s just something about blowing the candles on a birthday cake.

Can’t wait to see her in action at her own party.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Harvynna

Happy Birthday princess!!

You are a special daughter

who means so much to me.

The day you were born,

there wasn't a lovelier sight to see.

I am glad God gave you to me.

Your love and devotion

has been my reason,

to get through many tough times,

and through many seasons.

As you are growing up,

your beauty shines through,

with a wonderful smile

that shows the real you.

You have a heart

that is made of gold

and I know it will stay that way,

as you grow old.

You make me proud

that you are who you are.

The bond that we have

will keep us close,

and no matter where you are,

you won't seem far.

The closeness we have

will never depart,

cause there is so much love

that connects you to my heart.

I am glad my daughter,

that you are mine,

because having you in my life

makes my sun shine.
Lots of love, kisses and hugs
Mummy & daddy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Birthday plans

Sometimes I forget that Harvynna has grown up and has a mind of her own. I have been busy planning for the upcoming birthday celebrations and unlike Harvynna’s 1st birthday bash, I planned everything from A-Z without consulting anyone. After all a 1 year old’s party, is more for the parents.

So this year, I am planning a joint party since their birthdays are close together and have chosen a butterfly theme – easy, sweet and suitable for 2 girls. Earlier Harvynna was ok with it, but now, after I had printed the cards, got the decorations, ordered the cake, she has changed her mind.

I ordered a butterfly cake for her and when I asked her, she said ‘I don’t want – so ugly. I want a princess and snow white and cinderella’ Big oooppps there. She asked me to give the ugly cake to Rowena. As I was planning to order the cakes from 2 different places, I now have to give Rowena the butterfly cake and order the princess cake from the other place. They sent me like 20 different pictures and my eyes have popped out trying to choose them – my colleagues have given me different opinions on which is the nicest.

What a headache just choosing the cake. And now Harvynna is annoyed with me and said ‘I don’t want you to come to my party!’

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April is here and rowena is walking!

It’s April and it rains and rains. April is always a really hectic month for me as everyone around me is celebrating their birthday - first there is my hubby on April 9th, Harvynna on April 12th, my dad on April 20th, and Rowena on April 25th. Wow, 4 birthdays, so I will just be broke this month and next month and the month after that!!

Plus, my organization has revamped the review year and our reviews are now in April – so just had an appraisal and a slight increment, Yeah!

So its present hunting time – went to the Mattel Warehouse sale last week and it was really, really great. I think I spent the least among everyone there. People were buying like boxes and boxes of things, some bought a few of each. Everything was so cheap. You can tell how much profit Mattel must be making with the mark –up of prices on normal days. Luckily I went on the first day (during working hours) as there was still a lot of stuff. I bought the Dora talking dollhouse for Harvynna, the Little People Zoo for Rowena and a few Barbie items to give as gifts. I did not buy much as I went alone and could not carry everything, as the dollhouse was so big and heavy. The place was so congested that there was no parking, had to go a few rounds and finally found a spot. Then it started to rain!! Gosh, had to rush with all the things back to my car. There was actually this sweet guy, who appeared from nowhere and said,’Hujan dek’, and actually held the umbrella over my head while I loaded my car. I think I must have this ‘damsel in distress’ look as I experienced things like this many times before.

I took 2 days off last week to run some errands and prepare for the girls upcoming party. Managed to sort out the venue and run through the menu, bought the gifts for the games, booked and confirmed details with the entertainer and ordered the balloons. The only outstanding thing is the cakes. Have 2 options and have not decided.

Since we have to celebrate birthdays after the actual date, we have chosen the 28th of April to celebrate the party. Harvynna is really excited about the party. This year, she can really appreciate it and enjoy the programme and participate in the activities. She tells everyone that ‘her birthday is on April 12 and she will be 3’ and ‘Rowena’s birthday is on April 25’ and will be one’. I asked her if she was willing to share a cake with Rowena and of course, she said ‘NO!’

Anyway, lil Rowena is walking now and she walks and walks and walks. Hubby says she looks like a chimpanzee when she walks – like BJ and the Bear!

So my wish of her walking on her 1st birthday has come true.