Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My social butterflies

We took the girls out to ‘The Social’, Bangsar last Saturday. We have to take the girls especially Harvynna out or she will go wild with all her contained energy. So we met up with Brendan and Ameeta, who is now 36 weeks pregnant. The waiters at Social always seem to give a lot of attention to the girls. They kept coming over and playing with Rowena and she loved it!

Whenever, we meet up with Brendan and Ameeta, we always end up talking and Harvynna feels left out. She left us and sat with another group of people, just as a sign of protest. Plus, she insisted on going to the toilet at least 3 times that night.

I must say that Rowena was very well behaved. She sat happily in her high chair. As long as she has something to hold and put in her mouth, she can be quite contented. When the band started to play (the music was really loud – even I felt my ear drums bursting), she just drank her milk and dozed off to sleep. That’s when harvynna got jealous and practically tried to break Rowena’s neck. Gosh, that was scary – I had to get Ameeta to carry Rowena while I held Harvynna. Hmm – I think Ameeta’s baby did not like Rowena and started kicking away the moment Ameeta carried Rowena, or maybe it was the loud music.

Harvynna was very interested in the band especially the guitars. She sat on my lap with her legs on the table.

We left about 11 plus with both the girls fast asleep. ZZZZZZZZZ and had to be carried to the car.

I guess since we don’t have anyone to look after the girls, we tend to bring them wherever we go, which in turn, makes them more sociable and used to being out.

It's just a matter of weeks, before Brendan and Ameeta have their baby girl, and my girls will have another friend. Harvynna has already ear marked some of Rowena's shoes to pass to them.' This one must give to Aunty Ameeta's baby - too small for Rowena'. Unfortunately, Uncle Brendan recommends that a baby does not need shoes till they start walking so the feet will be free and not constrained. That sounds like a typical Australian thing or it might be his professional advise, after all he is a podiatrist.

taken - Xmas 06

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ooops - Rowena is 9 months old today

Hehe - i realised that I made a mistake in my previous post. Rowena is 9 months today and not 10. Sigh! - signs of old age! As Rowena gets older, I get older too and more forgetful! Bad mummy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy 10 months Rowena!

Rowena will be 10 months tomorrow. My little baby has grown, grown and grown. When I look at her now, I cant believe how big she has become. She now is able to play independantly by crawling to her toys and taking them out and putting them in her mouth! (as long as I am in sight), otherwise, she will start wailing wuaaaaagh and crawling to look for me!

Rowena is cruising now and can stand momentarily on her own without holding anything. So I guess, she should start walking soon. Gosh, once they start walking - they are no longer little babies and start to be more independant.

The hair on top of her head has grown very well (the hair that fell off due the cradle cap), but the hair at the back of her head is still like that (not much hair and sticks out everywhere). Everyone still thinks she is a boy that I really have to dress her in real girlie clothes. Dont wnat her becoming a tomboy later. She looks a lot like her dad (sigh!) but has the kind, pleasant personality like her mummy. Ceh!

I still have not ventured far where her feeding is concerned due to her allergy problem but she has tasted chocolates, ice cream, chocolate cake (all my favourite food) and seems to LOVE it.

Looking at her development now, I can safely say that Rowena enjoys shopping and going out. The moment we head towards the door, she starts flapping her arms and grinning away and whenever we take her out shopping, she seems so excited - laughing. Now, she does not like to sit still in her pram as she will try to stand up, climb out of the pram which is quite dangerous.

She indulges in baby talk now with wawa, adada, baba, aagh etc. I could have sworn she said mama, but then again.... you never know.

She recognizes her favourite songs, like Twinkle Twinkle little star, where she tries to imitate my hand movement but ends up clasping her hands together, moving it up and down and then FINALLY, it goes in her mouth!

Her other favourite songs are Itsy Bitsy spider and Baa Baa Black Sheep. I now play Harvynna's Musikgarten CD in the car and Rowena tries to follow the tune - just aa aa aa!

Oh yes, the spots she had was actually a bad case of exzema - still trying to figure out what was the cause, but she is really scratching especially behind her ear till it bleeds. Her face looks like she has an acne problem.

Now that Rowena is 10 months, and bigger I have actually taken the 2 girls out shopping on my own a few times but only as far as Bangsar village! Since its small and safe (i Hope) and the parking lot is small and well lit. Besides, I must say that the staff at Bangsar Village are really helpful. They always unlock the disabled toilet for me when I go with the girls as its much bigger and easier and the cleaner actually comes and asks if I need any help and even brings extra toilet paper for me.

Even the staff at the parking lots are really helpful. The other day, I was pushing the pram, Harvynna in one hand and Rowena in the other, the guy actually helped by pushing the pram and told me to hang on to the girsl properly as sometimes cars tend to speed. I felt quite bad, as Harvynna was running around wildly earlier and I told her, to be careful or the 'naughty man will catch her. Just to make my story real, I pointed to the car park staff (from a far la) and told her that was the 'naughty man'. She was actually quite scared when he came to help us. Later, in the car, Harvynna asked me 'Why the naughtly man helped us? I thought you said he was naughty???'

Errr? Never lie to your children!

p/s" Thanks Aunty Selvy for the photos

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rowena waves bye bye

That’s right – Rowena can now wave bye bye. If you say ‘Bye’ to her automatically, she will start waving her hand and smiles.

Seperately, Rowena has been having some spots - first on her arms, then some on her right cheek and one or 2 on her legs and it spread a little. At first I thought it was her allergy but now I am not too sure.

I brought her brought her to see the doctor and he said it might be chicken pox. She had a mild fever as well but was not confirmed. So there was I, with a hyperactive toddler in one hand, a possible chicken pox infected infant in another.

So that was that. I myself have not got chicken pox before and am not really sure how it looks like or what it entails. Anyway, Harvynna and I have got the vaccination.

Anyway, the dr says, that if Rowena does have it, it will be very mild as she is still small, plus she receives some of the immunity from the breast milk.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bye Bye Musikgarten

Harvynna’s Musikgarten teacher informed us that after January, the classes will stop for a while till they find more students. The reason is some of the other children have moved to the next level as they will be 4 this year. So that leaves only Harvynna and another boy. 2 to a class is quite boring.

Harvynna has been attending Musikgarten for almost a year and a half now and she really enjoys it. But I guess maybe it’s a blessing in disguise as we can now look at other options. But then again, I was planning on bringing Rowena along once she turned one since the location in Bangsar is really convenient and the class is specially for working mothers.

Have checked out a few more classes:

There’s another musikgarten in Jalan Telawi at Musik Makers but the location is bad since parking will be a big problem. And other places have their classes on weekends. All these activities have to suit my shedule as well – kind of lazy to have to attend all these on weekends as it’s a weekend and its time to rest. And location is VERY important to me as I am not willing to drive miles and miles just to have a 40 minute activity. Pe-lease – I drive enough on weekdays

Then, there’s Baby Ballet in Jalan Gasing. That’s on Saturdays too.

Then, of course there’s Gymboree at Bangsar Village and that’s also on weekends.

That’s not much options for Working mummies.

There’s this new cafĂ© in Hartamas called ‘Caterpillar’ which offers Orff Schulwerk, but no options for Working Mummies. Boo hoo. Nothing on weekends for the younger ones too.

Then there’s ‘Talented Kids’ in Jalan Maarof which sounds ok. Will be taking Harvynna there for a trial class next week. This place is good as it is just a few doors down her Musikgarten place.

Maybe we will take a break for a while till we find something good.
Personally, I would like to enroll her for some dance classes but lets wait and see.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Shopping and Warehouse sales

Inspired by sasha’s posting on the upcoming warehouse sales – I feel so tempted to pay them a visit. Yay – and spend more money. The more u spend, the better it is!Retail therapy is the best.

There’s Osh Kosh, Baby Gap and the list goes on. My girls can never have enough clothes. After all, now if I buy for Harvynna, it’s a good return on investment as Rowena also can use.

I asked my colleague to go with me and he agreed. Hehe – who says men don’t shop. We missed the last Guess Warehouse sale and he told me that Baby Guess stuff were really nice and cheap. That was during my super crazy peak time in December.

But then, I heard rumours that this particular sale is normally not that good la, no choice la….bla bla bla. So there goes my plans. But Times Bookshop Warehouse sale is also on – so I might swing over there if there crowd is controllable. I went for the sale last year and got some really good bargains. After all, money spent on books is money well spent. Besides, its tax deductable.

I remember, while I was working with
Sharon, years ago – we used to frequent all the WHS during office hours and it was great. But I remember the mad rush – people pushing and it was hot. There’s also cases of people grabbing everything they can, then chucking if on the floor to see what they really want

Besides the Times WHS, I have not been to one in a long long time. Its nice to go with someone who enjoys shopping as well, then its really fun and you end up buying more things

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rowena Stands

Now that she stands, she refuses to sit!

Poor Rowena

Poor Rowena has really been Harvynna’s punching bag lately. Every now and then, Harvynna would slap her, kick her, bite her, hit her head, poke her face and grab her things. She seems to let our her frustrations on Rowena. At the same time, she can be such a loving sister at times. When she is tired, bored or does not get what she wants, then poor Rowena is the victim. She complains that’ Rowena is destroying all her things and crumpling her books’. Well err, Rowena does crumple her books.

Rowena’s seperation anxiety is getting worse now. She will crawl all the way while crying to me and reach out her arms for me to carry her. How can I resist that? Harvynna will scream ‘ the cockroach is coming’ when she does that.

Looking at their 2 characteristics, I think Rowena will be more of a follower but then again, you will never know.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 at a glance

8 months on Christmas day

Rowena turned 8 months on Christmas day. She has really, really grown. Just packed up half of her clothes as she has outgrown them

A quick note of what she does now:

Stands while holding on to something (at 7.5 months)

Now that she stands, she tries to stand ALL the time – in the stroller, in the bath, in the cot, on the bed. Have to be really really careful

Slowly starting to cruise

Grabs everything esp off her sister. Harvynna and Rowena are starting to fight now as they grab each others things. Rowena is showing signs of a temper as she clenches her fist and shouts when she does not get her way.

Speaking of shouting, she shouts all the time and has a pretty loud voice. Can be quite embarrassing while in public places expecially when we get annoying glances from passer bys who dont understand babies.

Dances to music. If both Harvyna and me sing to her she will bounce up and down happily.

Waves bye bye – hehe. I think it is more of a fluke shot. She seemed to wave back when someone says bye to her. Tried to get her to do it again later, but did not work. So must be a fluke shot.

Soon, she will turn one and if she beats Harvynna’s record, she might walk at 10 months!