Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to Kota Kinabalu

This is a long overdue post.

We went to KK last month in september to celebrate my father-in-laws 70th birthday. We actually purchased the tickets a long time ago, when Air Asia was offering their free flights. It was a real good deal. The only thing was one month after we had purchased our tickets, MAS announced their cheap flights as well. :( We were preparing the girls about the trip and they have been looking forward to it. the last time we went back was a year ago for my sister-in-laws wedding.

We arrived on the actual birthday, but it was quite late as we took the 7pm flight. We still managed to cut the cake, which of course Harvynna was happy to participate in. Rowena was a little shy at first but Harvynna was excited as there were other kids to play with. She likes being in KK as there is always lots of people in the house and kids to play with - its like there is always something happening. The girls dont have any cousins in KL, as they are in KK and Australia.

The actual party was on Saturday, in the meantime we had to give the girls their shopping fix and we headed to 1-Borneo. We had a day trip to Pulau Manukan as well, arranged by my sister in law and her husband and it was fun. The girls really had a good time playing in the sea and sand. It was the first time Harvynna played in the sea.

On the way to 1-Borneo,we stopped at the Aquarium at University
Malaysia sabah, where my SIL lectures. They had some really huge fish there which the girls were impressed with.Harvynna was sad to leave and we promised to send her there during the next holidays.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lil Miss Trouble

I am convinced that Rowena is related to Dennis the Menace. She is really naughty and she enjoys being naughty. Her eyes always light up after she has done something naughty, then she gives you the cutest smile, which makes it hard to get angry with her for long. I recall Harvynna going through the terrible 2's, but she was never as naughty as Rowena. If you scold her, she just glares at you, like its your fault!

Some of the things she does / did are:

I sent her bottle of Ventolin to the babysitter last week, which was supposed to help clear her lungs. she took the plastic bag, banged it on the floor a few times, till the bottle broke and passed the bag to me. I asked her why she broke the bottle and she calmly replied, 'because I am naughty'

She still pulls the toilet paper from its holder.

Whenever, we go to public toilets, she will open the lock or pull down the toilet paper or flush the toilet while i am sitting on it.

She loves to pull Harvynna's hair, pinch her or poke her eyes.

She loves to open the dryer or change the settings when nobody is looking

She has broken half my make up and toiletries.

Switches on, and then off, and then on again - the air-cond in her room

She demands for water ' I want water, I so thirsty' in the most pitiful voice. Then when you give it to her, she pours it on the floor.

There are so many more, but I cant recall. All I know is that she is such an imp!