Thursday, July 27, 2006

Harvynna the little grandmother!

Some articles on toddlers showed that around age 2, children love to do play acting and like to mimic adults behaviour and its so true.

Harvynna now, likes to play cooking and cleaning (a good housewife!) She will play with her cooking set and come and ask me:
Harvynna: Mummy, you want rice?
Mummy: Ok
She will go pretend to make some rice and bring it on a plate for me.
Harvynna: Mummy, you want some water?
Mummy: Yes, mummy is thirsty.
Harvynna: what else?
Mummy: Mummy wants ice-cream (and I get up to go do something)
Harvynna: Mummy! Your ice cream getting cold!!!

She loves to clean the house with a broom.
Harvynna: The house so dirty. Must clean properly.

And just like a little girl, she loves to dress up and put make up on. The other day, I gave her my old bottle of nail polish and she was so excited.
Harvynna: Mummy: put nail polish for me (putting her feet on my lap)
(and I put some for her)
Harvynna: for my fingers
Harvynna: I want put nail polish for you (she paints my toe nails and my toes!)
Harvynna: So pretty mummy!

Mummy: Tomorrow you show your friends your nail polish ok.
Harvynna: I show Saranya. Don’t show Hansini (her rival at the baby sitters). Don’t let Hansini touch.

The next day, she actually remembered to bring the nail polish to the babysitters to show her friends and was so excited telling me in the car about it.

As the mega sale is here, I went crazy at my favourite shop, ‘Kids Oasis’ at Bangsar Shopping center where I bought lots and lots of stuff for the girls. When I brought it home, Harvynna was so excited at all her new clothes and tried on all her clothes.
When she saw Rowena’s dresses, she asked

Harvynna: Is this Harvynna’s?
Mummy: No, that’s for Rowena.
Harvynna: Is this Harvynna’s skirt? (taking out the skirt from the bag)
Mummy: Yes, it is and she immediately put it on.
Harvynna: I want to show my friends. (and again) – Don’t show Hansini. Hansini naughty girl.

This morning as we were driving to the babysitters, she claimed that her finger was caught in the seat belt.
Harvynna: My finger stuck. Mummy! Mummy
At the traffic lights, I turned behind to console her.

She grabbed my hand tightly and said, ‘Mummy, drive the car. Don’t disturb me’.

With 2 kids at the back seat now, sometimes it gets uncontrollable with Harvynna singing at the top of her voice and Rowena Crying. Whenever Rowena cries, Harvynna either says:

Don’t cry Rowena – we almost there. Little while more


Rowena – Hold your horses!!!

Rowena is 3 months old

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rowena turns 3 months!

Princess Rowena turned 3 months, yesterday on 25 July 2006. How time flies – which means I have been back to work for a month now!

Have not taken her for her 3 months check up and jab, so I don’t really know her weight at this point but she feels much heavier. She can fill out her 3-6 month clothes now. This morning I saw her holding her ‘beanie kid’ which was given to her by her cousins Saskia and Jackson, looking very contented. She tends to hold things now like her shirt, her seat belt and also my hair!!

Tried putting her on her tummy a few times, but she seems to hate it and whimpers, turning her head from left to right, pressing her face on the floor. I put her on a play mat and tried dangling a toy in front of her but she just got angrier.

She recognizes faces well now especially mummy, daddy’s and Harvynna’s. Still a smiley baby and coos even more now. Hubby says because she craves for the attention, so whenever anyone talks to her, she gets very excited. She also talks to herself a lot. Hmmm, he’s probably right. It’s hard to give Rowena 100% attention when Harvynna demands for a lot of attention now.

In bringing up Rowena, I adopted the ‘Cry it out’ policy. After the one month confinement, once she has been fed and changed, I left her in the cot to put herself to sleep. She cried for ½ hour the first day, 15 minutes the next day, and from then on, she cried a little and went to sleep on her own. This method is cruel, but it works. I guess sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind. Now, she is quite independent.
For Harvynna, I used to pick her up at the slightest noise, and until today, she needs to be soothed to sleep.

She loves to look around esp when we take her to new places. Due to her sensitive skin, she prefers to be in air conditioned and is very happy then. Just a little bit of heat sends her skin into rashes – at her neck and armpits.

Poor Rowena is losing a lot of hair on the top of her head due to her cradle cap.

Rowena still drinks 5 ozs of milk every 3-4 hours.

Happy 3 months Rowena!

Mummy bought me a new hat but it is way toooo big!!

Mummy's birthday

We celebrated my birthday (belated) on 9 July at Souled Out café. Actual birthday was on the 5th but being a working day, we decided to celebrate with the girl over the weekend. It was just a small gathering with Uncle Brendan and Aunty Ameta. As a bday gift, Ameta offered 2 free Personal Training Sessions at her gym! That will come in useful once I return to the gym in November.

The place was so crowded as they did not allow us to make reservations due to the World Cup finals on that day. Luckily there was a table available for us. Harvynna, as usual had her favourite macaroni and cheese (which turned out to be a big mistake) and of course a glass or Pepsi, which was her request.

Rowena, on the other hand slept through the whole gathering. So we could not take pictures with her. She woke up as we ready to leave, but was crying. That explains the picture!

On the way back, Harvynna started coughing and coughing. And then she started vomiting continuously all over herself, the car seat and the seat. When macaroni and cheese comes out as vomit, you can imagine the smell. And she started crying because there was puke all over her, which ruined her pretty dress. Luckily we were almost home and all the vomiting stress caused her to wheeze and breath rapidly the whole night. I was afraid that this was the start of Asthma. Luckily, the next day, the dr confirmed that it was the vomiting that caused everything.

As we had to wash the car seat, Harvynna is now using her old car seat. For a few days, Harvynna tells people, ‘I vomited on my black car seat’. ‘The car so smelly’. As I had an important meeting at work the next day, I couldn’t get the car washed. Had to endure the smell all the way to work.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Smiley baby

Rowena has become a real smiley baby. The moment you give her any attention or talk to her, she smiles happily. The funny thing is she seems to find my face amusing. Whenever, she looks at me, she will smile continuosly which looks more like she is laughing. Hmmm.

We took her to the Paed the other day as Harvynna was down with the flu (again) and Rowena had a bit of the sniffles. She found the whole adventure funny and was smiling throughout the visit to the dr.

The poor girl has a bad case of cradle cap. Have been putting olive oil to remove it but has not really improved. The worse part is, her hair seems to fall off when removing the cradle cap. Poor gal! Harvynna keeps telling everyone, ‘Rowena got dry skin’ and points to her cradle cap.

I don’t know why but Rowena has extra sensitive skin – prone to heat rash, nappy rash and the cradle cap. Must have been the junk I ate while I was pregnant with her.

On another note, Harvynna turned 27 months yesterday. She has really matured since Rowena’s birth. She has moved to her own room but of late keeps coming back to our room with the excuse, ‘I am coughing’, ‘ I sick’.

She tries to mimic me by reading to Rowena and showing her bright coloured objects. She will sit by Rowena’s side and tell her ’Look Rowena’. She is still very possessive when strangers try to carry Rowena. ‘ This one my Rowena’ and screams.

It’s easy to forget that Harvynna is still a baby and needs to be pampered ever since Rowena came along. We expect her to be more matured and behave more grown up, when in fact she is still our little baby.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Accident

Last Saturday, Harvynna was being extra whiny. She gets that way when she is at home and Rowena gets lots of attention. What happened was we were all in my room and I was feeding Rowena while lying down. We were trying to coax Harvynna to nap as well. Then she started her ‘monkey’ routine and jumping on the bed. In a split second, she fell and banged her head on Rowena’s head. It was REALLY loud . Sounds like when you bang your head on the wall. And Rowena really, really, really cried. I have never heard her cry like that before. It must have really hurt. All the scariest thoughts came to my mind as she is so tiny. I was so angry with Harvynna but at the same time it was an accident on her part. She could not understand why we were so angry with her.

Fortunately, there was no vomiting and Rowena was as active as normal. No more putting Rowena and Harvynna together on the bed.