Friday, January 25, 2008


Its been a while since I updated anything on the girls. As mentioned in my last post, I have resigned and am serving my 2 months notice with tons of things to do and clear up before I handover everything. Hence, have not had time to blog hop - managed to speed read a few but with no comments. Sorry - will catch up soon.

The girls are back in KL now (since early January) and are back to their daily routine. Will be starting Harvynna in kindergarten sometime in April (when she turns 4) - most probably it will be at Beaconhouse (if they take her in) or Words Bangsar. Gosh, that will be a real rush routine every morning, getting her ready, dropping Rowena off at the babysitters and Harvynna to her kindy. But I think she is getting bored silly making her really cranky and whiny, which in turn drives me up the wall too!! In the meantime, she can read (somewhat) and do basic counting. She can write her own name and other words, if prompted but her hands are not so steady and the writing still looks a little wriggly.

Rowena, on the other hand has turned 21 months today. She is really chatty and such a handful. She is showing signs of her Taurus sign. Bringing her to malls is really tough as she insists on her way, and folds her arms, sitting on the floor with a firm 'No'. She tries to pull of the price tags on the items in the shop and I have to quietly pick up the tag and item and put it back, hoping nobody will notice.

She can put 2 words together, but is quite lazy at pronouncing whole words e.g.

lollipop becomes pop
slippers becomes pers
butterfly becomes fly

Even for songs, she only sings the last 2 words of everyline.

She is very vain that after she puts on her clothes, she will turn round and say 'wahhhh' and go show her daddy 'look daddy - wah'!

Harvynna and Rowena can really fight now with each pulling each others hair, pinching each other, grabbing each others things. cant imagine what it would be like once Rowena starts talking in full sentences. But Harvynna can be a good babysitter too as she looks after Rowena while I do something around the house. They can both play quite independantly for a while, which is good

Friday, January 11, 2008

A new beginning

Happy New Year! I know its already 11 days into the new year, but nevertheless.....

Anyway, I have been pondering and dwelling into this for sometime, and finally I submitted my resignation in my current job today.Its really a mixed feeling, as I have been here for 5 1/2 years, and it has been comfortable. But after 5 years, I looked at career progression etc etc etc and decided that I need a change. Its amazing how once I made up my mind to leave, several offers came and I was deciding between 2. So, as of now, I have tendered my resignation, turned down one offer and accpeted another. It feels so draining as there was so much to think about.

Career wise, I am not interested in rising up to the top of the ladder as my priorities are with my girls. All I need is a good stable job, pays well enough so I can shop at Baby Gap or Mothercare without feeling guilty, and a good work life balance so I have time for my family and a job which I can happily wake up to every morning.

So I guess I have made the right choice. There's no turning back now. Looks like I started 2008 with a big change, but for the better.

Wish me luck!!