Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harvynna is back!

After 2 ½ weeks, little Ms Harvynna is back home. We left her in Melaka after the Deeparaya holidays. She requested to stay on. When we left, she said’ I not going to KL. I staying with Nana and Nanima’ and seemed very contented on staying on.

She also needed a break, I think after all the routined daily activities of going to the babysitter in the morning, coming home and rushing off to the babysitter again, going through the traffic jam and the stress of living in KL. In Melaka, she had it going for her with daily trips to the playground, zoo, pasar malam, dinners. She has a more happening life than me!

The house was sooooo quiet without Harvynna and tidy. No books, toys and clothes all over the floor. But it just did not seem normal. Even my drive to and from the babysitter was so quiet as she was not there to talk to me, or sing our songs. Even Rowena missed her sister and cried the whole journey. Normally, she would look at Harvynna, listening to her conversation with me.

Now that she is back, everything is back to normal and she seems so grown up. Even her hair seems longer!! She has got even better at answering back. The other day, when we were in the room, she asked me if I wanted the air conditioning and I said ‘No’. Then later, I switched it on and she looked at me, ‘Just now you said you don’t want!!’ Today, on the way to work, we saw a dirty looking lorry and she said,’Yuckity yucks!’ I asked her who is Yuckity Yucks? And she said ‘daddy because he does not bathe properly’ like the elephant in the zoo.

Harvynna has got this bad habit of having 2 sweets everyday. I am trying to kick this habit off. So when she asked me for it yesterday, I said ‘No’. There are no more sweets in the house and I have no money to buy. Then she says, ‘Let me see your purse’ and of course I was caught red handed.

She’s really grown up now as she can reason with us and justify things well. Sigh! My little girl is growing up or as she says, 'I am mummy’s princess. Rowena is mummy’s cutie'. She got that right!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oops, Rowena fell from the bed

Oh no, poor Rowena fell from the bed on Saturday. We were both having our afternoon nap on my bed with pillows all around. As she moves quite a bit now, she moved and rolled and turned till she ended on the floor. I heard a loud thud on the floor and I looked down and there she was. OMG! She looked at me and started to cry. I immediately picked her up feeling so guilty and started rubbing her head. Luckily she was alright. The loud thud was because the side table hit against the picture on the floor. The image of Rowena on the floor still comes to my mind and I feel so bad. My poor baby.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6 month old Rowena

A little late, but nevertheless….

Rowena turned 6 months on 25 Oct. Can’t believe my baby is already 6 months. Carrying her with one hand is no longer an easy task. I went to visit my cousins’ baby girl last week (yes, another baby girl. Seems like everyone we know had or is having a girl) and when I look at those little babies in the nursery, I cant help but feel how big my Rowena has become.

Will be taking her for her jab this weekend, so I am not sure of her weight. Rowena has slowly started taking solids – more like semi solids last Saturday (28 October). We just introduced her to rice cereals. Not really in a hurry to introduce other stuff just yet.

As for her other milestones:

She can roll over from her tummy to her front.

Still trying to roll over from her back, though! Tried to encourage her by putting some colourful toys. She tried a couple of times, then got fed up and decided to look at me and smile instead.

Still no sign of her tooth despite the teething symptoms!!

Sits upright with support. We tried putting her in a high chair in Kuantan, but she fell to the side!!!

Loves to put everything in her mouth.

Loves to chew her books

Loves putting her foot in her mouth.

Loves to play peek a boo

LOVES attention. Coos and smiles back when given attention.

Seems to be a morning person. Is most active and talks most in the morning.

Is having major seperation anxiety. The moment we put her down, she starts to wail. It also could be due to the fact that she has been carried during the last 2 weeks as we were on holiday.

I don’t really get much of a chance to do things with her e.g. read to her, play games etc as I did with Harvynna as Harvynna would grab the book or toy. Just hope she will pick up things just by being around us.

Family trip to Kuantan

We had our first family trip during the Deeparaya holidays. We took a short break to Kuantan and Harvynna was really excited about it as we have been gearing her up for it, telling her about the beach, and swimming pool, the whole day with daddy, mummy and Rowena. She told everyone that ‘ I going beach, swimming, then Melaka for Deepavali’

The drive to Kuantan through the East Coast highway is really nice and took about 2.5 hours.We left KL about 11 in the morning as it took time to get everyone ready and pack. As usual, I just love to do everything last minute.

Harvynna was so excited that she refused to sleep in the car. When we reached the hotel, we just lazed around and went for a deep in the evening. Harvynna was so knackered that she fell asleep at 7.00pm on the way to dinner and slept thoughout dinner.

The next day, she spent the whole day in the pool with daddy while lazy mummy and Rowena sat under the shade. Harvynna is afraid of the sea as she kept screaming whenever the waves come near her. She did not like the sand either, as she thought it was dirty! There is a kids club in the hotel and we went there for an hour. She got to play with some blocks, and did sand art. I find sand art more tiring for the parent as you have to remove the sticker part by part. Yawn!

Overall, it was a holiday in every sense of the word for Harvynna as she got to swim the whole day, eat junk food, sleep with her parents, forget afternoon naps and just have fun!