Monday, February 13, 2006

Little Beautician!

Miss Harvynna is becoming a real little girl now. She loves to play hair stylist by combing and tying mummy's hair. She will say, 'Harvynna want to comb mummy hair' and she will insist on standing behind me and playing with my hair. Another thing she loves to do is rub lotion on my leg. Unfortunately, she has finished 2 bottles of lotion in a week, but my legs are now silky soft.

She will rub the lotion and proudly say, 'Harvynna put lotion mummy leg'. Sometimes, if daddy is lucky he will get a leg massage too.

The worst is when she puts powder on our legs and the powder flies all over the place and blocks my nose! Oh no!

It's nice to be pampered by her since I have been feeling really sick lately. The nausea, body ache and tiredness of the third trimester has really kicked in and have been feeling really lousy! By the time evening comes, I am ready to collapse.


mom2ashley said...

girl will be girls huh!?

jazzmint said...

wow, so nice, pamper mommy somemore she will start putting lipstick when she sees u do that :P

Baby Smooches said...

Harvynna is such a darling now. Has she tried taking out your clothes and make-up?