Thursday, September 21, 2006

My 2 girls

Taken on 9 sept
taken on 20 Aug
taken 23 Aug

Besides asking Rowena to jump into the crocodiles mouth, Harvynna is getting used to having Rowena around. Sometimes, she still gets very jealous especially when all attention is focused on Rowena. More so now, since Rowena is such a smiling baby and loves to squeal and 'talk' that we tend to focus attention on her and Harvynna feels it. Her faces goes all funny like she has been hurt.
Of course, when we cuddle Rowena, Harvynna tries to join in but ends up squashing her!! Whenever I give Rowena anything e.g. a toy, book or doll, Harvynna will immediately come to grab it and claim it is hers. After persuading her, she will give it to Rowena.
That's why I dont take Rowena for Harvynna Musikgarten classes as its Harvynna and mummy time. Everytime before the class, Harvynna will tell Rowena, 'next time when you are tall, you can come for my music class'. I think I will bring Rowena along once she can sit up as I found the Musikgarten classes really benefited Harvynna. The instructor says that the earlier you expose the child the better, so lets see!!


Jesslyn said...

Look like rivalry sibling ya! My elder will jeolous too at early stage but better lor; very headache when she cry for attention!

mom2ashley said...

where do you go for the musikgarten class? bangsar?

jazzmint said...

aiks...she about to squash the lil rowena in the 3rd pic.

HMom said...

Jesslyn - am experiencing that now when she wails for attention.

Mom2ashley - yes, Bangsar at Words kindergarden - its near Bangsar Shopping centre.

Jazzmint - haha, probably that was her intention!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Rowena is so cute & chubbier than before. I wanna cubit herlah. Lol. I guess sibling rivalry can arise because parents pay more attention to the younger one & seems to have less patience with the older kid, I'm speaking from my own experiencelah :)

Zara's Mama said...

OH boy.. sibling rivalry.. I'll have to prepare myself that too..

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