Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween! (belated)

It has been one hectic week and to top it all, I have been down with viral fever. Harvynna got it first, passed it to me, I passed it to Rowena and I still have it. Despite all that, we managed to squeeze a Halloween party at Kizsports Bangsar, attended Anil's 4th birthday party, scout around for Harvynna's school.

I really wanted to take Harvynna for a Halloween party as my SIL bought her a lovely witch costume from UK which she only wore once. So this year, I looked for the nearest decent party, and she was really really excited to wear the costume. It was a little tight but I squeezed her into it. hehe. It was well worth it - they had games, treasure hunt, story telling, and trick-or-treat which she enjoyed most. She came back with lots and lots of candies (which Rowena finished!!!) And to seal the deal, Harvynna won the best dressed costume (there were 3 winners), so it was worth the effort as I was so out of it. It is quite tiring for the accompanying adult.

Anil's party was good, but for the first time, they attended an all boys party. It was cars, trains, tracks, dinasours compared to princesses, barbie, pink and such!! So being the only 2 girls, they were a hit. But Harvynna started to get really naughty (acting like a boy)

Am still on a search for Harvynna's school. Have shortlisted a few. Its high time she goes to school. I think the boredom is making her naughtier. She told me she is fed up of going to Amama's (the babysitter's) house. And plus, we found out that in order for her to enter a private school in Standard One, she needs to sit for a test where she needs to be able to read, write in English and Bahasa Malaysia and do simple arithmetic. Gosh, I never heard of an entrace exam into primary school.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

Rina, that is so fun. What a splendid celebration for Halloween locally !!

(really doubt if my gal would be frightened by those faces if she ever get to attend one, hehe..)

huisia said...

woo..really a cool Halloween party!

chanelwong said...

She looks did a good job decorating her soo well...

Wow, to enter Private School need to go for exam? Have you found kindy for her?

jazzmint said...

wah.....her make up very thumbs up!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...looks like a fun halloween party. boy, which primary school are you planning to enrol Harvynna to? Govt school?