Wednesday, March 12, 2008


its been a while since I blogged but I think i better pen down some of the things Rowena says and does., before I forget. Now, that Harvynna is away in Melaka, Rowena is really the princess of the house and enjoys every single minute of it. She still looks pretty much like a baby but her face is filling out now and seems to have lost some weight. Her hands and legs are slimmer and longer. I think she needs to get into a size XL diaper anyway. Her bow legs have straightened out. Thank god for that. I think I need to get some Vitamin E cream to remove those old excema scars on her legs.

All the personal individual attention Rowena is ggeting now has really helped her development. She can string a number of words together in a very melodious way.

I keep telling her to sleep in her cot and she says, 'Nooooo, I wan sleep mummy beddddd' and thats where she ends up.

She loves the Spot the Dog book my aunty got her and insist I read her 'Pot Dog' book everyday. She has memorized the stories and reads it aloud with me with her cute pronounciation. Her other faviourite book is 'The Okay' book and also Harvynna's collection of Princess books, which she has proudly damaged now.

She is quite good with food and eats anything. If we ask her, where you want to go to eat, she will say 'Nathans (the stall near my house) - eat tii canai and mio tawik (milo tarik).

I cannot disappear from her sight or the 2o questions routine will start 'mummy, where you or mummy, where you went'.

I have been on medication the last week and she keeps reminding me 'mummy take medicine'. After I take it, she will say 'Rowie put back freezer' (the fridge is a freezer to her).

I wonder how she will react to see her sister this weekend as the attention will have to be divided again.


etceteramommy said...

She's growing into another chatterbox for sure. :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh she's real smart eh? can string a few words together :)

Malaika's mummy said...

so smart, can talk in sentence.