Friday, September 26, 2008

Time flies

Time has just slipped by. Its almost October and soon it will be Christmas. But I am glad all the busy, busy times have passed and we can all finally breathe. Things have slowed down a litte where work is concerned as all the major events for the year are over. We went to KK to celebrate My dad-in-laws 70th birthday,plus had a break and fun. We went to Pulau Manukan and it was beautiful. The girls enjoyed themselves in the sun and sea. Its the first time Harvynna actually enjoyed the beach. Normally, she stays away as she thinks the beach is dirty. Rowena enjoyed building sandcastles (or some what) but did not like the water much as it kept going into her mouth. 'I dont yike the water, so yucky, taste like poo poo'.

Harvynna has a long break next week due to the Raya break. It will be her final 2 months at the school as we are planning to withdraw her and send her elsewhere. Where? I still dont know (but have a few in mind) Several reasons why we plan to withdraw her from Beaconhouse is

1. they have increased the fees by 30% which we end up paying about RM700 a month (main reason)

2. their method of teaching is excellent but may not prepare the child into primary school - if you intend to go to some of the better schools, you need to come in prepared and should be able to read well as most of the other kids would come in with a headstart. I have been speaking to a few preschool principals, and I can see so many of them already preparing their kids for Primary 1. 5 year old kids can read books meant for 9 year olds etc. Harvynna can read at the level a 4 year old should, but after speaking to these principals, I feel so inadequate.

3. Beaconhouse has instilled a love for school with Harvynna, so she would be sad to leave her friends. She has made quite a few friends and they love to share stuff in school. She makes me pack her extra food so she can share with her friends. But she is very selective whom she shares with. Only those that share with her gets her share!

Looking around, finding the right school is really a challenge,there are some with a good system, but the facilities are pathetic or look run down, while others have excellent facilities, but the system is not very good and some are just far too expensive. I am not willing to pay RM1000 a month for a preschool education. So the hunt continues........

Also, I think I need to send Rowena to school as well. She has really started to believe that she goes to school. When I pick her up from school, she will tell me,'today i do painting in school, eat noodles and drink rowena, hee hee hee (ribena)'. Everynight, she will ask me' i bring my chocolate to my brokenhouse tomorrow ok. I share with my friends' or sometimes she tells me 'tomorrow I got gym, My gym on Monday and Friday'. Sounds funny, but is quite sad actually. Poor gal.


Mummy to QiQi said...

your girls so big liao!

etceteramommy said...

Looking for a good school is tough eh. I'm also at wits end.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, the girls are so tall now and pretty too :D wow, i didn't know beaconhouse is so expensive!!! i still haven't started to look around for a kindy for ashley. got a few around OUG.