Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rowena's BIG 3

Late again for this one. My baby Rowena turned 3 on the 25th of April. No longer a baby I guess, but she still acts like one and I am not complaining. She wanted a teddy bear cake as she claims that she is a teddy bear, so we got her one and it was was really nice.

Rowena is very different from Harvynna in most aspects, although she does copy everything Harvynna says and does. Now, she has started picking books and pretending to read them. She also wants to do activity books, but all she does is scribble on them. I dont mind as it makes her feel all grown up. She is not into princesses and stuff - she does not mind wearing anything as long as it looks presentable. She knows her colours now, but is not into learning alphabets and numbers, although she can count from 1-11. She would probably pick this up in school. Like Harvynna, she does not like to watch tv. She somehow knows how to occupy herself.

There is just something about Rowena that has a very soothing effect on me. She is extremely naughty, but the moment I look at her, everything seems ok. Cant pin point on what exactly, but it is just there. I think Harvynna has noticed that too, and feels hurt. There have been numerous occasions, when she says, 'Nobody cares about me' or 'You dont care about me'

My inlaws came down from KK to celebrate Rowena's birthday and lavished them with more gifts. We celebrated and cut the cake at Chillis. Rowena was very happy, as she got to cut her cake and everyone sang for her. So easy to please a 3 year old.

The photos I took came out really bad, need to steal some from my SIL camera.



Happy birthday to the girls!!! if I were you and being the lazy me, i would have celebrated them together at once. save time lar. hahaha. thank god i have one.

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rowena. My, her hair is so long now. She's such a pretty little princess...or teddy bear ;)

Irene said...

Birthday greetings to both girls.

Where has the time flown? I can't believe little R is already 3!!!!

etceteramommy said...

Hahahaha.. Rowena is a teddy bear? LOL.

The cake is absolutely nice. It looked surreal!!! Is it expensive? Where did you order it?

Happy Belated Birthday to Rowena, the teddy bear. :D

Big Pumpkin said...

Happy Birthday Rowena!!! You DO look like a little cuddly teddy bear!!!

Is that cake from Just Heavenly? I had a teddy bear cake from there once and it looked exactly like that!

Mummy to QiQi said...

tats really a beautiful cake!

BabyBooned said...

happy belated bday rowena! u guys look great in that photo!