Monday, October 03, 2011

Rowena's updates

Just looking through some previous postings and it seems like its all about Harvynna. Not that I am biased - just that there is a lot to update since she started Primary school. Rowena is still the happy go lucky girl with a mind of her own. There is no way I am able to control her as she does what she wants and does not care about the consequences. She is a survivor - this one.

Started her on Enopi classes since July as she needs someone to sit down with her and practice with her. She climbs all over my head so I cant do it with her. She is progressing slowly but surely. I dont push her, but it irritates me that she refuses to do her homework and ends up bullying the teachers in class. Now, i can see that she responds well with praise - when she gets the answers right, her face lights up and feels very proud of herself. So I guess I have to praise her all the time.

As for swimming, she is progressing not as fast as Harvynna as she still has a fear of water when it is a pool she is not familiar with. But she totally enjoys her swimming lessons.

In school, I am very happy with her reading progress. She is catching up fast and can read quite a few words. She tries to read books, the titles of movies on TV and feels very proud that she is doing well. Bravo.
So, I guess, I need not worry too much about her, if she wants to do something, she can - so I will just let her progress at her own pace. Its different with Harvynna where she naturally wants to excel at everything and is very competitive in nature. Rowena just wants to smell the roses and take things one step at a time. The 2 videos here describe her best!


chinnee ( said...

Gosh, Harynna looks exactly like u in the first pic!

Funny that our kids can have so different personalities eh, and what's more my twin boys!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh my, your Rowena sounds very much like my #2. I can't control her too. And she's the world's the no. 1 for a 6-YO 'dilly dallier'. I am very worried how she will survive in a Chinese primary school next year. Sigh...

Yaggya said...

My daughter, Ruhani was in a fit of laughter after seeing her old school friend Rowena and her antics. :)