Monday, April 10, 2006

Under the weather!

Haven’t been on the blogging scene for a while. Havent fully recovered. Still suffering from a bad cough. Not taking any medication for it, so depending on my own immunities to get better. Harvynna was also sick last week. Her throat infection spread to her ear but she’s fine now, though she still has runny nose occasionally. Poor thing!

I was on mc last Wednesday, so daddy had to send her to work. On the way, she started crying and complaining about the sun in her eyes. Daddy’s car is not V-Kooled unlike Mummy’s!! Then she started vomiting and said, ‘I want to go home’. Once she reached home, she told me:

Harvynna: Harvynna coughing, all wet. Harvynna crying.
Mummy: Mummy will take you to the doctor and everything will be alright.

Then she kept asking, I wan see doctor. I want see Dr now! I want take medicine!

She looked so lifeless in the car from exhaustion.

I too have been feeling extremely tired and out of breath. No mood to go shopping even. I got most of the essentials already. Bag is packed. Just waiting for the day!


Zara's Mama said...

Hope she's getting better already..

Wow.. you put up password verification.. then password moderations also? So well protected for your comments section?

HMom said...

Zara;s mama - decided to go maximum since my blog was spammed by some porn site and and kept receiving their advertisements! I think word verification is enough

jazzmint said...

poor girl, hope she's getting better now. weather been freaky lately in KL.