Friday, February 09, 2007

That’s what my lil heart stealer, Rowena does now. Whenever, she needs my attention, she will say, ‘ma……ma’ and reach out her arms. Haiyo, how to resist her like that. I think she knows that I love it when she does that as whenever I carry her, she will start her, ‘ma… again. Yey, so Rowena started calling me first instead of Daddy. Rowena’s actually quite independent as she can play and entertain herself AS LONG as I am still in sight! Then, when Harvynna whacks her, she will cry and crawl to me. That’s basically what happens everyday.

Harvynna is becoming a lil gangster and can defend herself quite well. We took her to the Bukit Jalil playground a couple of weeks back and as she was climbing up the slide, this boy (probably about 5 years old) pushed her. She got angry and shouted at him, ‘I have a big rotan at home. I am going to ask my mother to beat you very hard’. The boy ran to the other side and she followed him, ‘you watch out forever’. Hehe. – I think the boy was intimidated by her.

On Monday, I had an accident. This stupid guy knocked my car from behind. I was so pissed off and I got down to see what happened. The noise was so loud that I thought the back of my car was a gone case. Luckily, it was just the bumper, but it still cost about RM1000 plus to fix. Anyway, I told Harvynna to stay in the car and look after Rowena as Rowena started to cry when she heard the loud noise. I told her that the stupid man knocked mummy’s car. After it was settled, she asked me, ‘the stupid man knocked your car. I must beat him or he will knock your car again’ Up till today, she will ask me, if she needs to beat the man.

I Can really notice the differences between my 2 girls – Rowena is gentle and fragile. She will cry even at the slightest fall or knock. Harvynna, on the other hand is a real tough one and will stand up for her own right. Way to go, Girl!


baby-ryanlim said...

Oh dear.. I hope you did get the deserved compensation from the stupid man. :D

Ryan oso started calling Ma-ma-Ma and Bah-Bah-Bah few weeks ago (abt same time as Rowena)

Malaika's mummy said...

Hi, I believe yr left a comment on my blog. Malaika is am African name.

Harvynna is very violent wo, still want to beat the man. Cute! So young and already know how to protect herself and her family. Well done!

jazzmint said...

hahahha...i really cant help but laugh at what haryvnna said...she sounds like a grown up!!!

Vien said...

LOL! This Harvynna of yours is one spunky girl.

HMom said...

Baby Ryan-lim - yes, the stupid man was actually quite good amd admitted it as his fault. His insurance will be paying for the damage.

Malaika's mummy - welcome! welcome! Some of the African names are really quite exotic

Jazzmint - your lil Faythe is also really growing up - choosing her own clothes and stuff

Vien - And a fighter cock as well!

Nadia said...

Haha! Harvynna's so cute! Glad that Rowena has called out for you. Irfan's started calling for me a while back and now it's tatatatata (for papa) and ap-brrrrr (for apple).

huisia said...

Wow, bumper also cost RM1000??!!
Haryvnna acts very protective as she wants to beat the man..