Thursday, August 14, 2008

I had enough!

Gosh, its been more than a month since my last post. So much has happenned during this time. Firstly, I was sick for about 3 weeks, down with viral fever, took a dose of antibiotics that was too strong, ended up with mouth ulcers and a gum infection. The girls were sick at the same time, both down with mouth ulcers and high fever. I still had to go to work, despite being as sick as a dog as we had a major event last weekend, and I was working late everyday. So now, I feel so drained, tired and seriously need a break, till I found out we have to do another event in 5 weeks time. Great!

At the same time, I feel a bit pissed with some people. While talking to someone today, I told him ' Who needs enemies, when you have relatives!' They either impose themselves on you by telling you what to do, without offering any help whatsoever, or they pretend to be concerned about you, while slowly stabbing you in the back or sabotaging you. Thats another story altogether.

On to happier news, Harvynna went for her 2nd field trip today to the High 5 bread factory. She has been so excited about this for weeks. The last time they went on their field trip, they had lunch at McDonalds.

She is really shooting up - I suddenly notice her pants and dresses getting too short. More clothes for Rowena then! Rowena is the reverse, she does not seem to be growing tall. She lost so much of weight when she was sick, and seems to have got shorter as well.

Rowena is one big chatter box now, she sings many nursery rhymes and speaks as well (well, almost) as Harvynna. She loves to dance and make all kinds of facial expressions. She really seems to think that she goes to school, so when I ask her what do you learn in school, she will reply 'ABC, dance, songs, bubbles and 8,9,10)

Anyway, am off to another meeting now (story of my life!)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear...sorry to hear about your recent illness. good that you and the girls are better now. i agree with you - who needs enemies when they have relatives!!! we should ship all our relatives to an island far far away. LOL

The writer said...

Rowena geting shorter? haha... that's funny....

gosh, can imagine the stress sometimes with the kids driving you up the wall... but it's still fun to have them around.

ok, time for our catch-up time again soon.... more juicy stories?