Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beaconhouse's got talent

Last Saturday was Harvynna's school concert. It was the first concert for her, so naturally, we were all excited. Last year, the 4 year olds did not participate in the concert. The concert is a combination of the 4 preschools in KL, as well as the graduation ceremony. As it is a combination, I told Harvynna to request a 'BIG' role as they have to combine so many kids into one morning. Dont mean to be so kiasu, but the last thing you want is to see your kid right at the back amongst thousand other kids, holding a tree or something. So she made the request to her principal 'Teacher Helena, I want a big role for the concert. I want to be in front'

So she was selected to emcee the section introducing the 3 year olds. I think she did a great job - no stage fright and the lines came out flawlessly. She held the mic so close to her mouth to ensure the whole Wisma MBSA could hear her!!

Then she took part in the 'Off Schulwerk' performance where she played the recorder. This was one of those were she was like a drop in the ocean. Being the tallest girl in her school, she had to stand at the back!! The perfomance was good.

Then for the Grand Finale, all the kids came out to sing 'Kebemama'. Harvynna and 2 other kids led the performance by standing in front of the mic in front followed by Negaraku. I know all kids at that age sound alike, but i am sure that it was her voice filling the air. Towards the end, she was getting tired, and we could see her looking everywhere and scratching her head!!

The night before the concert, she told me that she was taking part in 3 events, followed by 'Are
you happy now?' Oops. hey, i just wanted the concert to be something to be remembered.

How did Rowena fair during the concert? She got bored after a while, but was excited to see her sister on stage plus she recognized some of Harvynna's friends on stage. She is looking forward to participate in next year's concert when she enrols in the school.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Bravo to Harvynna for a job well done! She is indeed a very talented and smart girl. How much does Beaconhouse charge per month?

Mummy to QiQi said...

Harvynna is really daring. My qq is as timid as the mouse, sigh...