Friday, November 18, 2011

Primary 1 completed

Phew! A huge sigh of relief as Harvynna has successfully completed Primary One. Today was the last day of school and she happily went to school to call it a year. It has been one busy, hectic, crazy year for me especially trying to combine school, all their activities and managing the household.

To expand on my previous post, I am elated that Harvynna did very well in her exam. She scored 100% for 5 out of 7 papers and came out 2nd in her class. I am so proud of her. Way to go, girl. It was tough, for me, at least as I prepared her for her exams, spent time doing revision with Rowena pleading for attention at the same time, and the laundry piled up sky high as I let laundry take a backseat to the exams. A lot of blood, sweat and tears on Harvynna's part especially for the Moral paper - which to me is a stupid paper, with the highest level of BM used. How on earth do they expect a standard one kids to understand that. She would burst into tears as she found it tough. But it paid off as was the only one who obtained 100 marks for that paper. But I must say, that I am really lucky where Harvynna is concerned, as she is a very dilligent girl. Every night, I would assign a couple of revision pages for her to complete after school while she is at the babysitters place and she would complete them on most days. She could easily not bother as I am not around to supervise, but she does it on her own initiative. It was a proud moment for me when she received her trophy on stage.

Now that her exams are over, she is busy catching up on her reading and I basically allow her to do what she wants (that was the promise I made her before her exams). She is growing up so fast to the point that I cant keep up sometimes.

Puteri Santubong and puteri Sejinjang
Rowena still has another 2 weeks of school. She had her annual concert last month, where she was puteri Santubong. She will be taking her taekwando exams next week, where she would obtain the orange belt. Rowena is clearly more of the active sort and prefers to enjoy life rather than conform to structure. One more year of kindergarten and she is off to Primary school.

Both of them started Odissi classes to instill a sense of dance and also for them to get in touch with their roots!
Puteri Santubong - captured

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