Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Highlights of 2011

H started wearing glasses

R turned 5

H turned 7

H School Action Song team emerged Champion for Zone Bangsar

Girls birthday bash at Fit for 2, Bangsar Villaga

An important milestone for H - starting Primary One

H performing at KLCC

H receiving her prize during the Annual School Prize Giving

H Attended Speech and Drama classes at KLPAC

The girls attended my cousin s's wedding in October

R was Puteri Santubong at her school concert


Family vacation to Krabi

H first school sports where she was the flag bearer

Family getaway to Cyberview during the Hari Raya break

H starred as Judge Ant at KLPAC's production of 'A Bugs Life'
Random highlights of the girls in 2011


BabyBooned said...

Ohmygosh time has passed too fast.havent been commenting but been reading silently. H is such an exceptionally bright girl, and R is such a big, pretty girl now. Ure doin an awesome job with them.

Health Freak Mommy said...

H is looking more and more like mummy now! And she's a very talented girl too! How time flies. Still remember our card-flashing days very vividly :)

QPT said...

Judge ant is looking so cute!!!

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