Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Music Time

Little diva Harvynna has been attending Musikgarten classes for a whole semester now! So small, already been introduced to the semester systems! I decided to send her as she showed a keen interest in music and could catch up with tunes very fast. She loves to sing and when we leave her on her own, she will be singing with her own words.

Among her creations are:

Rain Rain Come again
Little Aina wants to play

(from Rain Rain Go Away)

Baa Baa Back sheep
Have we we we wooool
Yes sir yes sir
3 bags full
One for the ma ter
One for the day
One for the naughty girl
Who lives down the lane

Anyway, back to the Musikgarten story, I felt that I prefer to send her to a music appreciation class rather than enrol her into a kindergarten. Lots of people have told us to start sending her to kindergarden as she gets to learn more things and socialize. I think the socializing part is taken care of as there are other kids at her babysitters house and she enjoys playing with them. The learning part….. well, I don’t really want to rush her and bore her as we teach her at home and the babysitter also plays lots of games with her and reads to her. She enjoys playing ‘big girl’ activities with the older 2 girls at the babysitter’s. I know of a few kids that started going to school from 1 plus and once they reached 4-5 years old, they started getting really bored and did not want to go to school.

Anyway, Musikgarten is a good place to learn to appreciate music. She goes to Words Kindergarten and Daycare for her classes once a week. The great part is that this is located in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar which is just 2 streets away from the babysitters place – so it is really convenient.

A group of us attended a Trial Class for Baby Musikgarten when Harvynna was 5 months old and I was not too keen on it, as the child does not do anything since they are too small although it is supposed to stimulate them. Personally, I found the class rather boring. I decided to wait till she was older as she will be able to participate in the activities. I can see her really enjoying her classes now. She loves the other kids and knows how to ‘suck up’ to the teacher! She is always sitting on the teachers lap and wanting to partner the teacher. The moment the teacher requests for the kids to get something, she will be the first to run and get it, pushing the other kids away (a bit of a bully)

The other day, they had to partner the other kids to dance and she just loved this cute little girl, Ling Lee and refused to let her go. She insisted on holding her hand for the rest of the class!

Harvynna loves the bouncing song, which is extremely difficult for me now with my big stomach. Luckily, she will happily sit on teachers lap for this. At home, she will use her doll and play the bouncing game with her! During the dance sequence, she will urge me, ‘Mummy gid up, dancing, come mummy!’ Poor thing, I will have to tell her, ‘Harvynna do, mummy watch!’ Lazy mummy.

She is more in tune for the rhythm sticks and bells. When she first joined, she will refuse to pass the resonator bars to the next person, but now she has learnt to share. Besides, the music education, the classes also instill other learning points for the kids.

She loves it so much that whenever its time to go back, she will refuse to leave and kick up a fuss. Quite embarrassing for me, though. The others will probably think I am abusing her at home as she refuses to go home L The teacher will have to switch off the lights for her to leave!

Come April, we will have to stop for 2 months for my maternity leave. I wonder if she will miss her classes.


Aunty Chandra said...

What a shame she has to stop for 2 months cause i think she's really enjoying it. Congrats you're on the right track not sending her to kindie at this age. The kindie's tend to teach them too much so much so when they go to std1 they're bored.Ira is in std1 now and she's already complaining of boredom.

jazzmint said...

haiyaa..gotta stop for 2 months!!! Maybe she can have her own class, with music at home...but only 1 student :P

shamila said...

I think it's such a good idea to expose her to music esp since she shows a keen interest. And there are other ways of picking up social skills besides attending kindie -family outings, holidays, at the babysitters' place, visiting her aunties & uncles ;-). The other day I saw a notice for Pre-school tuition and i stopped in my tracks. Oh My God...pre-school tuition. Those poor children...

Must get Harvynna to perform for us the next time we see her!

chanelwong said...

Envy that you have so much time to bring Harvynna with all the classes...It is such a joy ya..

Jeriel just learn from nanny's kids and at night, we just read some books...

He don't watch VCD...

Baby Smooches said...

Wow! Harvynna can sing so well, unlike her mummy. *wink wink*