Friday, May 19, 2006

A new baby and a toddler

Rowena turned 3 weeks old on Tuesday. How time flies. That also means only 1 week more of confinement for me. Finally, get to go out. I have been pretty good and following the confinement stuff. Its only 1 week more, anyway. Time really flew by this time, probably because Harvynna was around as well.

Rowena has been more wakeful now. She hardly sleeps in the day, and needs more attention compared to the earlier weeks. Am trying to be a smarter parent this time e.g. not picking her up as soon as she cries, so that she will not get used to the body warmth. Also, tend to leave her on her own more. That seems to backfire now, as she demands more attention and I am so exhausted and my back is killing me. Now I remember why many mothers abandon breastfeeding at this time as it is quite tiring. But I also remember that the hardest time is now and they will soon pass this phase. (keeping my fingers crossed) I think she is also going through a growth spurt now.

This morning, Rowena refused to sleep and was fussing the whole morning. I was so exhausted and really wanted her to take her afternoon nap. The thing with the pacifier is that it keeps popping out from her mouth and then she starts crying again. I could have sworn that I woke up about 1000 times last night just to push the pacifier in. Seems like I am hooked on the pacifier now as it helps to put her to sleep. I gave Rowena one big yell and immediately she closed her eyes and slept. Felt guilty after that!

Harvynna on the other hand is slowly showing her jealousy again. Sometimes, She will hug and kiss the sister,’I sayang Rowena’ or ‘Don’t cry Rowena’. At other times, she will smack Rowena’s head or squeeze her foot or pinch her. Today she told Rowena, ‘Why you bully mummy, Rowena?’ ‘Don’t cry,sleep’

Harvynna has really grown into a little girl since Rowena’s birth. She speaks very well now and behaves in a more grown up way. She craves for my attention at times but its hard dividing the attention especially when Rowena needs a lot of attention now.

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AsleyLee said...

Yell? Wow, seems like your newborn really make you crazy. Be patient, just like you said, this phase will pass soon.