Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rowena is 2 months old

Rowena turned 2 months last Sunday (25 June 2006). She is growing day by day and before I realize, she will be a toddler. Just like Harvynna, I can still remember when she was a little baby and now, she is an adorable 2 year old.

Unfortunately, Rowena caught the flu virus at 7 weeks as everyone in the house was down with the flu. Luckily, she got over it very fast (must be the breastfeeding that helped). Poor girl

Some of Rowena’s milestones at 2 months.
Length (at 5 weeks) – 57 cm
Weight (at 7 weeks) - 5 kg

First actual smile at 6 weeks ( 14 June 2006), most heartwarming milestone
Started cooing at 6 weeks (14 June 2006)
Tries to reach for her mobile in her cot.
Turns her head towards noises
Can follow an object in an arc
Gets excited when she sees her sister. (Probably recognizes her voice)
Her head is getting steadier and can hold her head up when lying on her stomach.

She sleeps for 4-6 hours at a stretch. Last night, she slept from 9 pm to 6 am and I got worried and kept going to her room to check on her.

Drinks 4-6ozs of milk every 3-4 hours. (Looks like she has an appetite as huge as her sister!)


Chocklitmom said...

Happy 2 months old Rowena! Good that she can sleep for long stretches now...mommy can rest more ya? :)

HMom said...

Chocklitmom - hopefully, this is her new routine since I am back to work

jazzmint said...

wow she got pretty huge appetite huh for a 2 month old!!!

Good that she can sleep 4-6 hours, u can get more rest :)

chanelwong said...

Glad to hear that Rowena recovered fast..Both Harvynna and Rowena are sleeping in a separate room from you?

Jesslyn said...

so good baby, can sleep thru the night at such early stage! You are lucky too!

HMom said...

Jazzmint - yes. Its tough for me to keep up my milk supply

Chanel - due to space constraint in my room, I have moved them to their own room.

Jesslyn - hope the arrangement lasts!

Zara's Mama said...

Oh.. Rowena doesn't sleep with you in the same room? Training her from young?

Good capturing of milestone.. so fast yeah? already 2 months old.

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