Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rowena is 4 months old today!

How time flies! Our little Rowena is now 4 months old. She’s getting bigger and bigger and quite heavy to carry. I ordered the baby sling to carry her around but have not really used it as havent mastered the art of it yet. It came with a demo CD and looks so simple, but I am not so good at following instructions.

Rowena takes 7 ozs of breast milk every 3-4 hours plus a bottle of 5 ozs formula everyday. For local clothes, she uses size 6-12months or 12-18 months and international brands she can get into 3-6 months (not for long) but more comfortable with 9-12 months. She’s going to be just like Harvynna. Bought Harvynna a t-shirt from mothercare for 3-4 years and it was too tight!!
I am into dressing them alike – buying them similar clothings. I thought they would look cute but my friends who have sisters say that they hated it when their parents did that to them!!

Some of Rowena’s milestones:

Able to sit up straight if propped

Raise head 90 degrees when placed on stomach

Be able to roll from back to one side (and stays there – too heavy to roll back I think!!)

Try to reach objects with hands (may commonly overshoot)

Play with rattle when it's placed in the hands and keeps hitting her head with it!

Be able to place objects in mouth and chews on it like its super delicious

Have beginning eye-hand coordination

She seems to be laughing (by her facial expression) but without sound. Hmm strange!

Begin to show memory - gets extremely excited when she sees me or hears her favourite rhyme. For now it is 'Round and round the garden' and 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'

Demands attention by fussing - pulling everything around her e.g. the cot bumper, pillow and bolster over her head, then starts whimpering and whining

Easily distracted – when feeding, she will stop to look around at whats happening around her

Loves to play with her feet – holds on to her feet and finds it amusing


AsleyLee said...

If i have 2, i'll dress them in same clothes too...

jazzmint said...

cute mah dress the same rite :). I even bought both of them samme pyjamas hahaha...

Chocklitmom said...

I also got a sling recently. hehe. Takes a while to master I think but really handy.

chanelwong said...

like cute and adorable

Zara's Mama said...

Rowena is getting along fine isn't she??

It's getting very hard to leave comments in blogs with beta version. The comments box takes too long to launch. :(

mom2ashley said...

wow..time flies...she's already 4 months???!

Baby Smooches said...

been a while since we last met. We should catch up soon before the kids grow way to fast!