Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My social butterflies

We took the girls out to ‘The Social’, Bangsar last Saturday. We have to take the girls especially Harvynna out or she will go wild with all her contained energy. So we met up with Brendan and Ameeta, who is now 36 weeks pregnant. The waiters at Social always seem to give a lot of attention to the girls. They kept coming over and playing with Rowena and she loved it!

Whenever, we meet up with Brendan and Ameeta, we always end up talking and Harvynna feels left out. She left us and sat with another group of people, just as a sign of protest. Plus, she insisted on going to the toilet at least 3 times that night.

I must say that Rowena was very well behaved. She sat happily in her high chair. As long as she has something to hold and put in her mouth, she can be quite contented. When the band started to play (the music was really loud – even I felt my ear drums bursting), she just drank her milk and dozed off to sleep. That’s when harvynna got jealous and practically tried to break Rowena’s neck. Gosh, that was scary – I had to get Ameeta to carry Rowena while I held Harvynna. Hmm – I think Ameeta’s baby did not like Rowena and started kicking away the moment Ameeta carried Rowena, or maybe it was the loud music.

Harvynna was very interested in the band especially the guitars. She sat on my lap with her legs on the table.

We left about 11 plus with both the girls fast asleep. ZZZZZZZZZ and had to be carried to the car.

I guess since we don’t have anyone to look after the girls, we tend to bring them wherever we go, which in turn, makes them more sociable and used to being out.

It's just a matter of weeks, before Brendan and Ameeta have their baby girl, and my girls will have another friend. Harvynna has already ear marked some of Rowena's shoes to pass to them.' This one must give to Aunty Ameeta's baby - too small for Rowena'. Unfortunately, Uncle Brendan recommends that a baby does not need shoes till they start walking so the feet will be free and not constrained. That sounds like a typical Australian thing or it might be his professional advise, after all he is a podiatrist.

taken - Xmas 06


Sasha said...

as long as the shoes is fitting or slightly bigger..i think its okay la.And the weight of the shoes also...dun buy so heavy ones.

baby-ryanlim said...

Envy you Rowena can be so contented on hi chair. My Ryan is like a monster everywhere.. :D