Friday, May 11, 2007

Baby stars

Checked out this site and saw the characteristics of my gals. Looking at it, its really quite true. The difference in their character is quite obvious. Every single characteristic of Harvynna really matches except for the part of being generous!!

Characteristics of young Taureans:

Strong & active
Determined & strong willed
Quiet & gentle
Late developers

Characteristics of young Ariens:

Strong & active
Determined & strong willed
Early developers
Affectionate & generous
Imaginative in play


mommy of 2 angels said...

for me ~ no matter what the stars say, i only the believe the best in each of them

Sasha said...

Jayden is Same with yr dotter ARIES!

huisia said...

i think little kids just not so generous sometimes la..

The New Parent said...

Hi--very cute post. I've found that as they are encouraged to be generous and we show them how, they become more so.

Happy Mother's Day!