Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rowena's growing up

Rowena is starting to babble and ‘talk’ more now. She was always the quiet one (probably overshadowed by boisterous Harvynna), but now she is starting to make her presence felt.

Words she says:

A-ma : meaning mummy (Harvynna tries to correct her – It’s Mummyla, what ama, ama?)

De-de: meaning daddy

Bebe: meaning baby

Bava: meaning Barney

Wowo: not sure what she is referring to. Though she can look at daddy and say ‘wowo’!

There: as in there!! She loves playing peek-a-boo and says’there’ when she appears

And other phrases I am still trying to figure out e.g.

She does this cute, ‘gaje gaje gaje.

I think she understands quite a bit like if she sees me carrying any clothes, she will lift up her t-shirt and tug at her pants indicating she wants to be changed. And it I take off her clothes, she will walk straight to the bathroom.

Her favourite pastime is digging through the dustbins. Her dad is convinced that she is a future DBKL or Alam Flora employee! If you can’t find her, just go to the kitchen and you will find her going through the dustbin. She will be very excited if she finds something like a coffee satchet or empty milk carton.

She loves music and taps her hands on her legs when there are any familiar songs. Its kind of strange as she seems to know some of the rhythms and songs Harvynna learnt at the Musikgarten classes. Hmm, she probably absorbed some of that while in my tummy

I am glad Rowena is catching up fast as I feel kind of guilty that she was not given much attention and stimulation like Harvynna did at that age. Harvynna had all the flash cards, books read to her daily, and one to one attention, poor Rowena only had secondary attention.

I must say that Rowena has a very loving character and is always smiling.


Nadia said...

Yay for Rowena! Clever girl!!! :)

Is she walking on her own already? Irfan's such a scaredy-cat! :P

shern's mom said...

hey, your angels are gorgeous. wow their eyes sparkles. ::too pretty::
thanks for visitin my blog. you have a pretty cool mommy's blog.

huisia said... to play with cute la..LOL!

allthingspurple said...

Hi, HMom, my sentiment exactly !!!

I have this constant feeling that i have somewhat deprived my younger one of attention and like you, was so relieved when she started showing that she has a mind of her own despite constantly overshadowed by her boisterious chieh-chieh. LOL

jazzmint said...

alamak, dustbins!!! LOL, maybe the stuff there are really good for exploring :P.

i feel the same as u too, having the 2nd one and they are like somehow being left out

HMom said...

Nadia - yes, she's walking on her own but not 100 % stable - still falls down here and there. Sure, Irfan will be soon and you have to chase after him

Shern;s mum - thanks for the compliments and welcome to my blog

Hui Sia - worried she will pick up some germs

All things purple & Jazzmint - now I dont feel so bad. I really felt that Rowena has been deprived of attention. Now I know its quite normal

Sasha said...

hahah yr girl can speak chinese la. wowo is doggie!

shooi said...

Dustbins!!! That must be quite worrisome for you because u'll have to make sure tat u wash her hands when she's thru playing ... hehe