Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After one week......

...........of school, the girls have adapted themselves very well. The school already started 'lessons' last week, but will start the actual schedules this week. All the outsourced teachers will also start this week.

Am pleased to note that Rowena's teacher mentioned that Rowena picks up things very fast and is quite attentive in class and also follows instructions well. I am relieved coz, unlike Harvynna, who started kindy knowing how to read and write, Rowena went in - zero and untamed!! As she was not interested, I did not push her and let her be as I knew eventually she would be interested. I did notice that when it is someone else giving her instructions, she would follow happily - just like her Musikgarten classes. The only thing is she cannot wait for her turn. I know what it is like - if she wants something, she can not wait and screams and whines till she gets it.

Speaking of Musikgarten, will probably stop those classes in April (once she turns 4) as she already does music in school and I could do with the break!!

Harvynna goes down to check on her sister - most of the time, if she sees Rowena busy with her work, she would leave and go back to her class. Now, its quite funny to hear them comparing what they learnt in school. Rowena gets really irritated when Harvynna sings the songs Rowena learnt.

Its quite funny to see Rowena transform into an angel once she reaches school. She will be the typical monster at home and in the car, but the moment we reach school, she becomes so innocent and sweet.haha

Her new best friend is a girl called Kyra. She does not like the boys and does not mix with them!!

The other thing is the moment she started school, she is totally off diapers. She was diaper free in the day but wears them at night to sleep. Somehow, she decided to grow up when she started school and does not wear diapers at all now. Yay to her. She sleeps in her own room the whole night, unlike Harvynna who still ends up in our room.

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

well done Rowena. Just noticed you send your kids to Beaconhouse? My niece is in Primary 1 there.