Monday, November 28, 2005

Kidsportz Bangsar

Decided to take Harvynna to Kidsportz on Friday Evening since they poor girl needed a place to run around. Besides, felt guilty as have been scolding her a lot lately. Her terrible 2s are setting in and sometimes feel like I am losing it.

Anyway, took her to Kidsportz. Costs Rm9.99 for kids below 2. I was a little dissapointed initially, as there was not much things for children below 3. In fact, for all children as compared to Megakidz or Kidsportz 1 Utama. Just that this place is so much more convenient as parking is easier and less people. The main items was the bouncy castle, a small little slide (the Little Tikes one) as well as a pool of balls. Luckily it managed to occupy her time for 1 hour plus! She was so exhausted and zzzzzz all the way back in the car

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Baby Smooches said...

Poor, Harvynna. Mummy bullying you is it? See? Mummy guilty, that's why took you to Kidzsports lor...